Mick Foley on making Hell in a Cell the focus of his upcoming tour, whether modern WWE HIAC matches interest him

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News and discussed the decision to make the legendary Hell in a Cell match the focus of his upcoming one-man show tour. “At many of the shows, I would talk about the Cell and I found that it was really meaningful and really popular,” Foley said. “So, instead of taking the tack that I’ll never talk about that again, I thought, ‘Why not really celebrate it and make it the centerpiece of a new show?’ I’m looking forward to that.”

Foley also said he keeps a close eye on each Hell in a Cell match. “It’s really interesting to see people, how creative they get in trying to find new ways to utilize that structure and I think it’s always a high point of the WWE calendar,” he said. “Even when people leave disappointed, which is almost inevitably going to be the case on some level, they’re still looking forward to that next year. There’s still a magic to the name.” Read the full interview at RealMickFoley.com.

Powell’s POV: Foley is doing a 20-show tour and tickets go on sale tomorrow (December 1). I attended a Foley one-man show a few years back and had a great time, so I’m sure these shows will be a blast. For ticket information, visit SportingNews.com. Meanwhile, Foley also discussed his dramatic weight loss and whether he’s now too thin to play Santa Claus, working with Stephanie McMahon during his most recent run on Raw, and more.

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