Neville reportedly wants out of WWE deal

Neville (Benjamin Satterley) did not appear at Monday’s Raw despite reports of him walking out of WWE that night. However, Mike Johnson of reports that Neville has been pushing for his release from the company. Neville did not appear at the weekend live events or at Monday’s Raw, but he remains listed on the WWE roster page as of this update.

Powell’s POV: Neville was the bright spot of the cruiserweight division for quite some time. I have noted in the past that I would prefer to see him return to the heavyweight division and be featured as a strong U.S. or Intercontinental Champion because his heel work in the cruiserweight division was outstanding. One of the reasons that Mike Johnson listed for Neville’s frustration is that his WrestleMania match with Austin Aries was excluded from the event’s DVD release. It was one of the best matches of the night and it was a strange call to leave the match off both for the wrestlers and also for fans who deserve to have the entire show on the DVD. I reached out to WWE for comment on Neville’s status and have not received an official response as of this update. If that changes, I will obviously update the story.

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  1. Yeah,was disappointed too that it’s not on the dvd. Apparently,all three Kick Off matches are on the Blu-ray. Although,from what I was told,they cut out the entrances.

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