Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy appear at Survivor premiere party, Jonny Fairplay and Conrad Thompson launch “Survivor” podcast

-Matt Hardy and Reby Hardy made a surprise appearance at Jonny Fairplay’s Survivor premiere party at Reboot Arcade Bar in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Wednesday. The couple mingled with fans and played video games.

-In related news, Fairplay and “Something to Wrestle With” and “What Happened When” podcast co-host Conrad Thompson launched the new weekly “Survival of the Fairest” podcast that can be heard at

Powell’s POV: My inside sources tell me that Conrad wanted Survivor contestant Yau-Man, who once kicked Fairplay’s ass, but he ended up settling for Fairplay as the co-host. I feel Conrad’s pain, as I’ve had the same issue with the Dot Net Weekly audio show.

The new edition of the Pro Wrestling Boom Podcast with Jason Powell and guest Mister Saint Laurent, who offers passionate words about what MLW delivers that pro wrestling has been missing, addresses criticism of MLW's contracts, straying from the path that his family paved for him, discusses the MLW Saturday Night SuperFight pay-per-view event that will be held on November 2 in Chicago, and more (62:44)...

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