9/23 ROH TV taping in Las Vegas: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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Ring of Honor TV taping
Las Vegas, Nevada at Sam’s Town Live
Report by Dot Net reader Cody Masters

Dark Match: Shaheem Ali beat two random wrestlers. One of the wrestlers came out eating lemons and there was also a zombie guy.

Colt Cabana gets huge pop and Art of Wrestling chant when he came out for commentary.

Episode One

Jay Briscoe was out for a promo and said that people want to know why he turned on Bully Ray. Immediately enter Tommy Dreamer. Tommy got big pop and cut a super heartfelt promo about Bully Ray’s Mom dying and past injuries, showcasing his toughness. Jay left the ring without saying anything.

1. ROH TV Champion Kenny King beat Josh Woods. King got a huge pop. After the match, King announced that he would fight anyone. That’s when Shane Taylor, Chuck Taylor, Punishment Martinez, and Mark Briscoe came out to make their presence felt as potential opponents, which set up a four-way No. 1 contenders match for the TV Title for later in the show. I talked to Shane Taylor earlier in the day and he was super bummed he wasn’t on the pay-per-view, so it was great to see him come out. Chuck Taylor got a solid pop too. Both nights he is clearly a bug fan favorite.

The Young Bucks really did have to leave their autograph signing to come out and then went immediately back.

2. Kushida fought Scorpio Sky to a no-contest. “The Addiction” Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian interfered for the no-contest. Kushida’s Mother was sitting next to me. Really cool to see how excited she got when he came out. Scorpio Sky got huge noise in Wrestlecircus, but no one really reacted here. I tried to start up his chant, but nothing. The Addiction got legit heat.

There was Bullet Club Promo/Being The Elite filming with the Bucks and their Dad, Brandie and Shane Taylor. Matt starts promo with a “Hey Yo.” The Bucks and Hangman left, but Shane Taylor stayed outside the ring watching. Cody got his lucrative contract and officially signed with ROH. Cody wants to defend title, even without wrestling gear. He said he would fight the second most popular wrestler in ROH and the new #1 contender… Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger gets big chants. Cody wanted him to kiss ring, but he would not. Cody slapped him. He fake threw his tie to crowd but threw it to Taylor instead.

3. ROH Champion Cody pinned Cheeseburger. Pretty solid back and forth. Cody had the pin and lifted the shoulder. Cody won with a variation of the Texas Cloverleaf. After match, Shane handed Cody back his ring and then picked up Cheeseburger and carried him to the back. I’m not sure what the purpose of Shane Taylor’s presence was. Ring holder? He just stood and watched the match.

Bully Ray came out to no music for a promote. He said he has to apologize for not having music and wearing sunglasses and speaking very slowly. He said that is what his doctor told him because of a bad shot to the head. He said he can’t have loud music and bright lights because of all the head trauma he has experienced. Bully said he appreciates the crowds respect and relationship. He wanted to yell and scream and tell Jay he will get his revenge, but he doesn’t know if he ever will be able to. For the first time in career, he has to contemplate retirement and he really doesn’t have a choice. He has to put his family first this time. He can’t put the wrestling family first anymore. Bully thanked the crowd and said he would see them down the road. Enter Mark Briscoe – no music. Mark hugged Bully and walked him up the ramp.

4. The Kingdom defeated The Motor City Machine Guns and Jonathan Grisham. The MCMG played up heel like tendencies last night during Bucks chants, but tonight they were total babyfaces. Matt Taven talked to camera before match about a “conspiracy.” I find it odd to have Motor City not in a legit tag match after how much they built up the win last night. Matt Taven got pin on Chris Sabin. Totally chaotic match. Lots of big spots.

Episode Two

1. Marty Scurll beat Jay White. Marty got a huge pop. Jay showed no signs of fatigue after last night’s brutal match with Martinez. Marty won after a low blow and small package. Great match. High energy. The crowd was really in to it.

2. Will Ferrara and Rhett Titus beat The Tempura Boyz. A repeat of last night’s dark match, sans all the Fear and Loathing theatrics, but they were still wearing the attire. Rhett and Ferrara dropped a lot of the borderline comedic internal strife that they laid on thick in their last match. This was a straight forward match. F&R get the win via clean pinfall.

3. Mark Briscoe defeated Shane Taylor, Chuck Taylor, and Punishment Martinez in a four corner survival to become No. 1 contender to the ROH TV Title. There was an immediate “Chucky T” chant. Lots of focus on Taylor and Martinez squaring off with one another. Awesome overhead belly to belly on Martinez by Briscoe. Briscoe pinned Taylor. Solid match. Martinez did a great over the top rope spot. Jay Briscoe came out and got in Mark’s face, yelling at him for forgetting about the tag team. I will seen in the front row background chanting “Why Jay, Why?”

WOH Taping: Kelly Klein beat a local. Kelly Klein and Scarlett Bordeaux cut a Stardom promo about being a tag team.

Episode Three

The Kingdom comes out holding conspiracy signs and saying they deserved the three man tag title shot.

1. Jonathan Gresham beat TK O’Ryan by DQ. Kingdom members intervened and that brought out the MCMG to help Gresham and led to a three on three standoff. The ref kicks everyone out of the ring. The Kingdom came back out. Gresham won by DQ. MCMG came back out. Kingdom retreated. It should be noted, The Kingdom are f’n great. These guys work the crowd so well and have really developed great characters and heel work. Whiney and conniving. During intermission they took over the merchandise table and yelled about the conspiracy against them and made fun of all the “Melvin” Bullet Club followers. They were hustlin’. I bought a shirt. They sold everything.

Cody promo. Now that he is a company man he says he wants to defend the title to a hot young upstart and called out Scorpio Sky. Interesting side note – these two main evented Wrestlecircus at their August show for the ROH Title.

2. Cody defeated Scorpio Sky to retain the ROH Title. No Shane Taylor this time. Cody put the ring in his tights. The “Yes” chants started back up. Cody raked the eyes and won with same cloverleaf rendition.

The Addiction delivered a promo. Kaz called out all the stupid marks. Says a year ago they got cheered and now they get booed. We are all spoiled, entitled children. They are living, breathing legends and demand respect. Kushida interrupted.

3. Kushida and Jay Lethal defeated Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. There was a fun little staredown between Daniels and Lethal before the match. Daniels grabs the mic and said they’ll take the count out and that they refuse to entertain the fans. They started to walk out and Kushida flew over the top rope to take them out. The match officially got going. Lots of dancing taunts by Kushida. Addiction works the heel angles great. Lots of missed ques and sneaky hits and chokes. The crowd really let’s them have it. Kushida makes Daniels tap for the win. Kaz interactacted with the crowd a lot. Lots of “Shut Ups,” “You think you’re smart cause to read the internet” and “I hate your guts.” He’s having fun. Kushida’s Mother was still at ringside. Really cool to watch her see her son win. She was all smiles.

They weren’t really calling out episodes by this point and it was moving a lot faster. They are probably cutting in a lot of backstage promos.

Episode Four

1. Silas Young, Beer City Bruiser, and Minoru Suzuki defeated Young Bucks and Hangman Page. The Young Bucks entrance is insane. The chants. The cheers. The streamers. All of it. Suzuki yelled “shut up” at the crowd. Hard hitting. Suzuki locked in submission to submission between all three BC members. Lots of double and triple teaming by Silas, Bruiser, and Suzuki. They worked that side of the match really well and kept Matt Jackson grounded and in their corner for like 10 minutes. Page took the tag and did a killer dropkick off Bruiser into a moonsault on Silas. Bruiser did a frogsplash off top rope on Hangman. Bullet Club got the win over Bruiser. After match Silas and Beer turned on Suzuki. Suzuki fought back until security came out. Suzuki fought off security and stood alone in ring. Suzuki silenced the crowd and yelled, “I’ll be back.” He then attacked the ref and then exited.

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