Moore’s Lucha Underground Hit List: Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo brawl, Fenix and Melissa Santos’s sudden romance, Fenix vs. Prince Puma, reaction camera


By John Moore

Lucha Underground Hits

Fenix vs. Prince Puma: I’m a bit shocked that Puma and Fenix haven’t wrestled since the beginning of season 1 in a singles match. Here’s hoping we can get a few more from these two (if they are still with the company come the end of season 3). Fenix is great when working from behind and once he mounts his comeback he’s extremely credible. He not only utilizes high flying lucha libre but he also throws innovative kicks and strikes. Puma hasn’t had a bad match yet in Lucha Underground and as I said in my written review, he’s a video game character in reality. There was one detractor from this match and I’ll get into it in the Miss section.

Pentagon Dark vs. Mil Muertes: I settled with giving this one a minor Hit with match quality. It was odd seeing Mil Muertes sell, but I get the reasoning behind it in that they are trying to protect him in the loss. They did this in the prior match with Fenix by having the distraction finish. Even though it was odd, Mil did a decent job at selling the rib and Pentagon looks cunning for attacking it.

Show Closing Brawl: The Mundo promo was starting to drag but things really picked up once the roster cleared and we got an old school roster brawl in the middle of the ring. This would have been better placed as hype for Aztec Warfare (and not Mundo and Rey for some reason) but it did a good job keeping stories alive and it probably left the crowd going home happy.

Lucha Underground Misses

Fenix and Melissa Santos: I can’t help but think that this is a demotion for Fenix who is the most over natural babyface in Lucha Underground. He had a great rivalry going on with Mil Muertes, which included an intriguing love triangle. He also had a hot budding feud with the newly heel Drago. It was turning on Fenix that garnered Drago so much heat. Now he’s in some sort of strange teen horror drama. This also shoots Mellissa’s credibility in the foot. Melissa is a really good ring announcer. I’m not saying that she’d make a bad valet, but why was it necessary to take Fenix out of hot feuds to put Melissa Santos into the storylines?

Camera Cuts: This has become a really annoying trend the past few weeks. They did it with Melissa Santos and Dario Cueto in this episode. In the past they’ve done it with Famous B, Jack Evans, and Brenda. I remember from Season 1, they didn’t do this with Konnan and they still don’t do it excessively with Catrina. Catrina’s tripping interference was made more effective because they didn’t cut to her face every thirty seconds. What bugs me is that there’s a great match happening in the ring and they cut to the faces of whoever’s at ringside to get their reaction. They already show up on the hard camera in most cases and we can see how they sell so I also see it as an insult to the intelligence of the viewer.


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