Seth Rollins on how close he came to missing WrestleMania due to a knee injury, discusses his first WWE Studios film role

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News regarding the WWE Studios film Armed Response and was asked about being in his first feature film. “Yeah, this is the first one,” Rollins said. “It was cool. Honestly, it was a good experience. I had no idea what it was going to be like going in. I had no preconceptions or anything like that. I was going in with an open mind and it was a lot different than what I’m used to doing live shows all the time. It was super-interesting and a fun experience, a learning experience for me.”

Rollins also addressed how close he came to missing WrestleMania due to his knee injury. “I went to Birmingham the following day, I thought it was the same injury,” he recalled. “I thought I was going to be out another six months. Once we got the MRI, the possibility was going to be to make it back by WrestleMania was just a matter of if the ‘powers that be’ in WWE were going to be OK with me working at a certain level. But I knew my knee would be healthy, especially in a brace. It was just about me packing my bags and moving down to Birmingham and rehabbing and making sure it was as strong as it could be going into WrestleMania.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: Rollins also spoke about rehabbing the injury while filming the movie and his big fight scene with Anne Heche. Yes, really. The film also stars Wesley Snipes and Rollins clearly had a good time interacting with the Blade star.



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