Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: John Cena talks about his outside commitments and America, Sami Zayn on his issues with Mike and Maria Kanellis, The Usos discuss their feud against New Day

By John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired July 11, 2017 on the WWE Network

-Renee Young and Shane McMahon checked in from the WWE Talking Smack set. Shane was a bit more energetic than usual and he and Renee did their signature drumroll. Shane hyped up the upcoming guests on this episode which were John Cena, the Usos, and Sami Zayn

-Shane compared tans with Renee. Renee talked about getting a spray tan while Shane was out surfing getting a real tan. Shane educated Renee on “Hanging Ten” which means hanging ten toes at the end of a surfboard. Renee thought it meant “hangtime”.

-Renee and Shane were excited for the Punjabi Prison Match. Renee talked about the last PPM happening ten years ago.

-The Usos were the first guests on the show. Jey joked that Shane was as dark as them. Shane complemented the Usos on the Rap Battle. Renee was confused as to why Wale’s shoe fell off. Jimmy said Wale was a size 5 wearing a size 6. Shane said he thought the Usos won the rap battle by his opinion.

-Shane transitioned to talking about the physical war. Jey complained that New Day always has a three on one advantage. Jey said they will overcome at Battleground. Jey said they were the best and hottest thing on smackdown. Jey said they also can get cold as a polar bear’s finger nail.

-Renee said New Day has some momentum heading into Battleground. The Usos joked back at Renee for forgetting which Uso was married to Naomi. Renee said she wishes she were an Uso because of how cool they are.

-Renee asked the Usos if they are concerned of the singles loss leading to a potential loss on Battleground. The Usos said they were tag team specialists so they will easily win tag team battles.

-Renee wanted to hear more rap battles in WWE.

-Renee then asked the Usos of things happening in “the Uso world”. Shane wanted to know about the “Down since Day One-Ish” saying. Jimmy asked Shane what Shane think it means. Jimmy said it was just the grind since day one. Renee was distracted by Jimmy’s bling. Shane said even though the Usos have ice they haven’t cooled off.

-Renee wanted to know if the Usos have any plans for belt designs similar to how Naomi added lights to her belt. Jey talked about “little sis” keeping the women’s division on lock. Jimmy said he’s a bit jealous that his belt doesn’t glow. Renee closed out the interview with Shane mocking Renee for rushing people off set.

-Renee talked about the upcoming Baron Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match at Battleground. Renee wanted to know about the feeling behind being called afraid. Shane said it was all about holding your own ground, simple as that.

-Renee recommended Shinsuke’s instagram that shows him training in boxing and martial arts. Shane gave Corbin credit for being a former professional boxer. Shane said Corbin’s advantage is with his size he has higher knockout potential. Shane said Nakamura’s strength is being unpredictable.

-Sami Zayn was the next guest. Sami sold the vase shot by icing his neck. Sami acted annoyed at the whole situation. Sami said he’s known Maria and Mike for a while but the whole cute love thing is something different. Sami said they are acting like high school teenagers.

-Sami said he apologized for interrupting them even though he was just doing his daily job by entering the ring. Sami said the WWE production truck played his theme so he just followed his cue. Renee pointed out that Sami interrupted them the next week. Sami talked about the importance of stretching before matches. Sami said he even told Mike and Maria that he likes the message of love. Sami said he doesn’t have to keep apologizing since they are starting to interfere in his life.

-Sami said the only thing he’s going to “love” right now is he’ll love kicking Mike Kennelis’ ass. Sami said he has no problem with Mike taking Maria’s last name or their PDA stuff since it’s 2017. Sami said the problem comes in when there is physicality against him like smashing a vase in Sami’s head. Sami said he’s done with the power of love but he’s not done with the Huey Lewis Power of Love theme (the Back to the Future theme). Sami said you can’t take that Power of Love away from him. Renee ended the interview after more discussion on the song.

John’s Thoughts:
“Don’t need money, don’t need fame. Don’t need a credit card to ride this train. It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes. But it might just save your life. That’s the power of love.” You can’t take that Power of Love from me too. I love Back to the Future!

-Renee hyped up the Women’s five way elimination match at Battleground for number one contendership.

-John Cena was the last guest on the show. Cena said he loves Talking Smack on Talking Smack.

-Renee asked Cena about where he’s been. Cena said it’s not about where you’ve been but about where you’re going.

-Shane initiated discussion about the Flag Match. Cena said it’s not your regular match. Cena said it’s unorthodox. Shane said he hasn’t been in one. Cena said Shane has been about every type of match

-Cena said there is no pinfall or submission. You have to grab the patriotic flag to become victor. Cena said he’s not worried about facing Rusev in a regular match. Cena said the name of the PPV is Battleground and in Philadelphia, the site of America’s birth. Cena said he’s not only fighting for himself. Cena said he doesn’t think Rusev has a lot of Bulgarians in the building.

-Cena said some Americans in the building will like him and some will not like him. Cena said he’s fighting for the glory of America in the city that America started. Cena said he has nothing against Bulgaria but he doesn’t want to let America down.

-Shane talked about Cena having zero ring rust. Cena said Shane doesn’t have ring rust when he returns. Cena said he and Shane are cut from the same cloth.

-Cena said he’s aware of the sunset in the horizon. Cena said it’s not like he can’t hang anymore but every day is a day closer to the end, so he’s going to make the most of his time left.

-Renee asked Cena about coming back on the 4th of July and walking into the Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks chants. Cena joked about thinking they were saying Cena Shucks like the sea shells. Renee couldn’t hold it together without cracking up. Cena then talked about wanting to benefit the company. Cena talked about having a tough balancing act with his outside commitment. Cena talked about working Smackdown after a Sydney, Australia trip where he was doing PR for WWE. Cena said the only time he’s not on TV is when other people outside don’t allow him.

-Renee wanted to know if Cena had any announcements. Cena kept it vague. Shane transitioned back to the flag match.

-Cena took a sip of Shane’s Talking Smack mug and joked about expecting alcohol and only getting 7Up. Shane joked that it was moonshine. This fun banter closed out Talking Smack.

John’s Thoughts: It’s a shame that Daniel Bryan can’t appear on every episode, but we should all understand that he’s a family man and a new father and isn’t working a full-time schedule. Shane McMahon was better on this edition than usual, but he doesn’t add much, though where he shines is in being straight forward. John Cena was okay in his return to Talking Smack but he was mostly in preacher mode.


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