5/25 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Magnus vs. EC3 vs. James Storm to become number one contender to the Impact Championship, Eddie and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love, Scott Steiner returns

By John Moore

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped April 23 in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios

The opening video focused on last week’s Ultimate X title match where Low Ki ended up on top. They replayed Low Ki giving the chair a haymaker several times, which was the story of the match. Low Ki said the X Division was special and he helped create it. Ki said if you want to survive in his X Division, you have to go through him. Next was some clips where Magnus and Bruce Prichard had continual arguments. This led to Magnus interfering in a match and Prichard booking James Storm vs. EC3 vs. Magnus to become number one contender to the Impact World Championship (Because Prichard claimed that he had no main event for Slammiversary). In that promo, Prichard told EC3 to find his balls which caused EC3 to slam Prichard on the ground.

The opening Owl video played. The “Something to Wrestle With” gif was on the video wall which means Bruce Prichard was making his entrance. Tyrus accompanied Prichard to the ring. Jeremy Borash and D’Angelo Dinero were on commentary. Borash assumed that Prichard hired Tyrus as protection after EC3 shoved him last week. Prichard called himself “and official with Impact Wrestling” and he hired Tyrus as personal protection after what happened last week. Tyrus comically wore a checkered sweater vest. Prichard said physical violence on Impact management is not taken lightly. Prichard said EC3 will be dealt with. Prichard said in this new era he was going to talk about the Impact Heavyweight Championship. Prichard introduced “Mr.” Bobby Lashley.

Borash pointed out that there was a log jam at the top of the card with EC3, Magnus, El Patron, and many others are targeting Lashley’s championship. Lashley said he was the most dominant wrestler in the wrestling business. Lashley said he doesn’t care about popularity; he only cares about sheer dominance. Lashley said he doesn’t care about a bunch of nobodies fighting for a chance at the world heavyweight title. Lashley said he’s the man to beat who can’t be beaten; the franchise player. Lashley demanded that Prichard tell him who he can beat up at Slammiversary.

Ethan Carter III made his entrance to the ring as he made a mocking strut. EC3 said he was looking forward to Prichard’s employee review and hopes Prichard can write without a strong hand to use. EC3 moved on to Lashley who wanted no jokes from Ethan. EC3 said “Hello Lashley” and Lashley responded with a “Hello Ethan”. EC3 said he had a spoiler alert, which was he was becoming number one contender, going to slammiversary, and becoming an E-C-3 Time Champion. Some new generic music played. Magnus was making his entrance. Magnus started talking by calling Bobby Lashley “Robert”. Lashley cut him off to make sure he said “Bobby”. Magnus called everyone else a ham sandwich. Magnus said the difference with him is Lashley has never faced him.

Magnus called EC3 “She-C-3” (ughhhhh…). A few fans gave him a comical boo (and I would too!). Magnus asked EC3 to do everyone a favor and just shut his mouth for two minutes. Magnus said he has come to fight a crusade against the reign of terror against the Prichard regime. Magnus said that regime cost him a golden ticket to Slammiverary, his beloved Global Force Championship. Magnus said he was becoming number one contender tonight so he can once again become world champion.

James Storm made his entrance next. Storm said if anyone should be facing Lashley for the World Heavyweight Title it should be James Storm. Lashley tried to shut Storm up. Storm retorted by saying he didn’t know Lashley has a big ass body only to have an itty bitty head. EC3 told Lashley and Tyrus to get out of the ring and said Prichard can do whatever he wants because he was going to beat the hell out of Magnus and EC3. Prichard stood in the middle and said that the three in the ring have a triple threat match to who will face Lashley at Slammiversary. Prichard said he was taking things one step further and making the match No-Disqualification. Prichard said if any of the wrestlers touch each other before the match there won’t be a match and they were going to be suspended indefinitely. EC3 took advantage of this to taunt everyone. Lashley just laughed against the ropes… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was ten minutes of talking just to get to the no-DQ stipulation. Where that segment also hurts the head, is the convolution of this main event picture. So there is no GFW-Impact title merger? According to Prichard, no! According to Magnus, maybe? Magnus also didn’t do himself any favors by dropping a dud as far as a promo was concerned. That “She-C-3” line was comically bad. I know Storm is the clear cut babyface, but Prichard is coming off as a prick in Impact (even though he come off so much better on his podcast). So when Magnus and EC3 set their sights on putting Prichard in their place, I can’t help but side with EC3 and Mags. I can’t be alone in that sentiment especially after he hired a heavy in Tyrus.

EC3 was interviewed backstage. He said the triple threat was named after him because of the triple part. EC3 said Magnus can call him EC-Cheese or a Ham Sandwich, but he’s about to eat Magnus’ lunch, nom-nom-nom-nom-nom. EC3 said he was going to wash that lunch down with an ice cold beer. A bottle of beer perhaps. EC3 said he loved crashing the bottle over Storm’s head because it was a signification of the real EC3 to stand up. EC3 said the ticket to become an E-C-3 Time champion is just like it says in his theme song, “my only destiny”.

Jeremy Borash hyped the main event triple threat. JB hyped Eddie and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love in a mixed tag. Jeremy Borash said (in a sarcastic tone) that Josh Mathews was going to reveal his tag team partner on this show…

KM and Sienna came out to the ring. KM is using Samoa Joe’s theme music for some reason (sans the Godzilla part). Kongo Kong was out next with Laurel Van Ness. He’s from “Parts Unknown”. JB said he would call them beauty and the beast but Laurel didn’t look like a beauty. Mahabali Shera came out next as he did his dance on the ramp. He does have better theme music at least. Jeremy Borash said Impact Wrestling will be the first American wrestling company to originate it’s broadcast from the country of India. JB said in two weeks, Impact was airing from Mumbai, India. Braxton Sutter and Allie came out next. Allie was in her ring gear and she still doesn’t speak on a microphone…

1. KM and Kongo Kong (w/Sienna and Laurel Van Ness) vs. Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera (w/Allie). Kong started off the match against Sutter. Sienna contained Laurel on the outside. JB called Kong and Laurel “two unique trainwrecks for two completely different reasons”. Sutter tried to use his speed to dodge Kong. Sutter managed to stagger Kong with chops and strikes. Sutter tagged in Shera who tried the only other hold he knows on Kong, the Body Slam. Shera couldn’t lift up the monster who body slammed Shera to the ground. KM tagged himself in which angered Kong.

KM tried to rush Kong to his corner which allowed Shera to recover and hit the only hold he knows, the body slam, on KM. Laurel Van Ness made advances to Shera which distracted him and allowed KM to dominate Shera with boots. Kong tagged in and slapped Shera in the corner. Shera was sent to the ground with a headbutt. KM tagged himself back in as he hit a suplex on Shera. Shera made his way back to his feet with a punch but KM put him back on the ground. KM tagged in Kong who continued to work on Shera. Kong locked in the nerve pinch on Shera. Dinero told us that Abdulla the Butcher made the move famous when he brought the move over from “The Congo”.

Shera tried to punch his way out but Kong dominated and hit a Belly to Belly. Kong hit Shera with a flip senton. KM tagged in and hit an elbow drop. Shera tried to hulk up, or Shera up. KM dominated as they cut to commercial. [C]

The heels were still dominating back from the break. Shera dodged a slingshot splash by KM as he made the hot tag to Braxton Sutter. Sutter and KM traded blows but Sutter gained the upper hand with a power slam. Sutter gave KM a pump kick and a jumping neckbreaker. KM tagged out at two. Shera tagged in but it didn’t help as Kongo Kong took both of them down with a clothesline. Kong was sent outside, on his feet, and he dragged along Sutter. Laurel Van Ness tried to force a kiss on Allie. Allie pulled Laurel down. KM took Shera down with a reverse bulldog. Laurel and Sienna stood parallel as they jogged to chase Allie around the ring.

All three women were in the ring. Allie took down Laurel and Sienna with a crossbody. Shera was pushed down by Kong. KM stole the pinfall victory with a rollup and a hand full of tights.

KM and Kongo Kong defeated Braxton Sutter and Mahabali Shera via pinfall in 7:14.

KM rolled out the ring but Sutter quickly pulled him inside. Shera and KM were tossed out. The four men brawled up the ramp. Allie was left alone with Sienna and Laurel. Jeremy Borash claimed Allie was trapped (even though Allie was the one who ran in the ring when no one was around, and Laurel and Sienna came from one half leaving room for her to escape. Only in TNA!). Sienna put the beatdown on Allie as Laurel made yelling noises.

Suddenly Decay’s theme played as Rosemary walked to the ring with skull facepaint. Rosemary walked to the ring like a zombie. Jeremy Borash said Rosemary was a champion “with no affiliation”. Sienna and Laurel encouraged Rosemary to beat up Allie as they held her down. The moment Sienna realized that Rosemary wasn’t on their side was the moment Rosemary spat green mist in her face. Rosemary hit Laurel Van Ness with the Red Wedding (a.k.a the F-5). Rosemary cleared the heels out of the ring. Skull face Rosemray heavily breathed and tilted her head towards Allie. Rosemary started to do the hand gestures that Crazzy Steve used to do where he would tilt his head out and shake his open hand to his opponents. Allie looked confused. Jeremy Borash made it clear that Rosemary has shown “no affiliation” as they cut to commercial.

John’s Thoughts: Shera still only knows how to clothesline and body slam, but at least he took a beating well. I’m surprised Shera was on the losing end with them heading to India soon. As for the other three, they all came out looking good. Sutter was protected as he has looked strong against Kong without making Kong look weak since Sutter had beaten Kong to the punch in most situations but hasn’t yet taken the monster off his feet. KM continues to exude character. He’s a chickenshit opportunist and a bully, and he makes the character to in-ring transition work very well. To be honest, at this point I would rather have KM in the position Magnus is in because KM is doing a better job doing that Character than Magnus.

The Global Force Tag Team Titles were at ringside which means it was tournament time for the vacant Global Force Tag Team Championships. Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara came out first wearing their own tag team titles (from a promotion that probably has more history than Global Force? I’m just guessing on that one). Wilcox and Mayweather, The Veterans of War came out next. Jeremy Borash recapped the Decay funeral segment where JB claimed Konnan was talking negatively about the United States of America.

John’s Thoughts: Well, to me Konnan was disrespecting a dumb fan who got a giant flagpole into Universal Studios, and was waving the American flag in disrespect to the Latino-Americans in the ring, key word Americans. I’m not a huge fan of how Impact is trying to make minorities out to be heels when they are fighting for ethnic diversity. This is completely different from Jinder Mahal, who cheats and flaunts his privilege. LAX act like babyfaces and are the coolest thing going on in Impact today. I’m not sure why Impact wants to alienate the ethnic minorities in their audience?

2. Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara vs. Mayweather and Wilcox. Wilcox started off the match against Mario Bokara. JB told us Mario was from Croatia. Wilcox quickly powered Bokara into his corner where the VOWs double teamed Bokara. Mayweather. Mayweather hit the falcon arrow on Bokara for the two count. Wilcox tagged in as the VOWs put the beating on Bokara. Bokara slipped out of a body slam and tried to make his way to his corner but Wilcox pushed him back to allow Wilcox to tag in Mayweather. Bahh broke up a pin attempt.

JB used this moment to do a plug for ER and said you can only watch these reruns on POP. Bokara escaped Mayweather and tagged in Fallah Bahh. Bahh took a few shots from Mayweather but stood on his feet. Bahh grounded Mayweather with a Samoan Drop. Bahh hit a running splash on Mayweather. Bahh tagged in and body slammed his tag partner on Mayweather. Bokara held down Mayweather in an ankle lock as Bahh gave Mayweather a legdrop. Dinero told us that Bahh’s style was inspired by Yokosuna. Bahh gave Mayweather sumo palm strikes.

Mayweather dodged a shoulder tackle to tag in Wilcox who took the hot tag and dominated Bokara. Bokara made it to the top rope but was caught midair into a belly to belly. Bahh hit Wilcox with strikes but was tossed outside into a running dropkick by Mayweather. Wilcox and Mayweather hit the MOAB(whatever that means). Mayweather picked up the pinfall victory.

The Veterans of War defeated Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara via pinfall in 5:08 to advance in the GFW tag team tournament.

The VOWs received a respectful reaction. Borash said next week the VOWs will be facing LAX for the Global Force Wrestling Tag Team Championships. Backstage, Josh Mathews was walking to the stage area as he was shown putting on a suit. Josh Mathews didn’t like that his suit had an orange handkerchief in it. (I think that was a Taz joke, and if so, that cracked me up!)

John’s Thoughts: Aside from the possible xenophobic feud involving LAX, I do like the presentation of Veterans of War so far as American heroes. Fallah Bahh continues to look impressive for his team, but the only problem is his team always loses. Mayweather and Wilcox have solid power moves which are great in a tag team division filled with high flyers. Even though I don’t like how they are muddying the waters with the GFW straps, I do like seeing what LAX and VoWs can produce as long as they keep the xenophobia away. Will our Slammiversary match be VoWs vs. LAX in a unification match? Maybe.

Magnus was interviewed. Magnus talked about wanting to forget about the “oppression of Bruce Prichard” and his “reign of terror”. Magnus said triple threats suit the cerebral and he’s the most cerebral in the entire company. Magnus said he was going to become world champion at Slammiversary, again…

Jeremy Borash hyped a few of the upcoming matches. Josh Mathews came out with his entrance theme and twitter/angry-emoji video wall. Josh was in the ring and met by “Josh You Suck” chants. Josh Mathews recapped that JB and Joseph Park were going to face Josh Mathews and a partner at Slammiversary. Josh asked JB to join him in the ring. Once JB was in the ring, Josh said he has made a lot of mistakes and he’s trying to rectify them. Josh said he apologized to Mike Tenay for stealing his job. Josh said he unblocked and even followed WCW/Impact ring announcer Dave Penzer on twitter. Josh said he even made up with Shark Boy. Josh said he loves Jim Ross and Jim Ross in the greatest announcer of all time.

Josh said he’s now a vice president of the company and he has to conduct himself as such. Dinero said that was news to him as he dismissed that claim. The crowd chanted “waste of money” Josh said he, truly truly sorry as he feigned crying. Dinero said that would give Josh a BET award (huh?), sarcastically. Josh claimed he was jealous of JB for being a super hard worker. The crowd chanted “he’s a liar”. Josh said he’s sorry and put his hand out for a handshake. JB wasn’t buying it at first and teased shaking hands. Joseph Park’s theme played as he told JB to wait. The crowd chanted “be my lawyer!”, funny.

Park said as JB’s representative, he should not shake Josh’s hand. Park said Josh’s actions in the past few months have been egregious, slanderous, and self-defecating (? – I think he meant deprecating. Defecating means to take a dump). Park recapped Team Josh losing to Team JB. He also recapped Josh running his mouth and JB knocking Josh on his ass. Josh blew up and said he tried to do the right thing, but he didn’t mean anything in his apology. Josh said he will never say sorry to them. Josh called Park Tweedle-Dee and JB Tweedle-Dumbass. Josh said he should call this show every week alone. Josh said he should be the face of Fight Network, the Fantasy Sports Network, and calling the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, NCAA Championships. Josh said when he associates with Park and JB he’s giving them the rub on TV.

JB said Josh accepted this match and he wants to know who the tag partner. Josh said he won’t answer to JB or “That” (Park). Josh said Park looks like he is about to have a heart attack rather than wanting a fight. Park said it doesn’t matter who the partner because he wants to have a match right here right now. Park took off his suit. Josh agreed to a fight and called for a referee. A referee appeared.

3. Joseph Park (w/ Jeremy Borash) vs. Josh Mathews. The bell rang as the two men circled the ring. Joseph Park held up his dukes as music played. Scott Steiner entered the arena. Joseph Park acted like he just saw a ghost and JB made the biggest bug eyes you have ever seen. Park retreated to the crowd as JB waved him over. I’m just going to call this a no contest at this point.

Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews ends in an apparent no contest?

Scott Steiner walked through the crowd and beat up a (planted) fan. Park made his way back to ringside as Josh Mathews snuck up behind him with a low blow. Steiner met Park in the ring and locked in the Steiner Recliner. Jeremy Borash tried to make his way to the ring as Josh taunted and dared him to enter the ring with Steiner and Josh. Josh retreated to avoid Steiner and Mathews. Steiner walked to ringside to scare Mathews to the back. Josh called everyone idiots and he hyped up Josh and Steiner vs. Park and JB at Slammiversary. Dinero said Steiner has made an impact on Impact… [C]

John’s Thoughts: While a bit perplexing, that was a solid segment mostly due to the heel manager work by Mathews. Josh ended up cutting one of the strongest promos of his short in-ring career with the insincere apology leading to the over the top rant on how insincere his apology was. It was a bit odd and cartoony for the over-the-top scared reactions from JB and Park involving Steiner, but long time Impact viewers should remember that that was Park’s character in the past. So while odd to new viewers it fits into that old continuity to old viewers. As for Steiner, this was the spoiler I couldn’t wipe from my mind, but it worked to some extent because Steiner didn’t look bad in his leather jacket and attack on Park. Here’s hoping we hear a ranting Scott Steiner promo because Steiner promos are a guilty pleasure for me and some other viewers, I’m sure.

Mathews was now on commentary as he called JB and Joe Park slobs. They cut to a Moose video package. Moose said to him the Grand Championship was the number one title in Impact Wrestling. Moose said he’s been taking this title around the world to Mexico, Japan, and the UK where he defended. Moose compared the rounds system to the four quarters in a football game and said that works to his advantage. Moose talked about pacing himself out for several rounds. Moose said that made him a better wrestler. Moose said every week someone new attacks him from behind. Moose said he feels he is the number one champion and feels he should defend the Grand title to the best of his ability. Moose said he is planning to hold the title as long as possible.

McKenzie Mitchell asked Eli Drake how he could defend his “Despicable! Disgusting!” actions. Drake said the only Despicable and Disgusting is the ignorance towards Eli Drake. Drake said he may not walk or talk the way “they” want or he’s not one of their boys. Mitchell acted disgusted. Drake said when you back him into a corner, people got to get hurt. Moose was being held back by security at this point. Drake said this has nothing to do with Moose and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Moose said he will whoop Drake’s ass. Drake said he was winning the title next week and that wasn’t an insult that was just a fact of life. Drake and Moose brawled. Chris Adonis/Masters ran in for some reason and joined in on the brawl on Moose. Security separated them apart…

John’s Thoughts: Minus the McKenzie Mitchell overacting and random Chris Masters cameo, Moose and Drake came off well in the mic time they were given. Even though the Impact Grand Championship still needs footing, Moose did his best to associate it with football. Drake continues to shine in his limited mic spots, but is showing what Impact is missing out on by keeping him muted. Maybe he should also find a way for them to give Allie a microphone.

Davey Richards and Angelina Love made their way to the ring. Dave Penzer told us that Love was now being called Angelina Love-Richards. Josh Mathews mocked Dave Penzer. Josh also wondered where Rockstar Spud was who vowed to be here to confront Swoggle. Eddie and Alisha Edwards came out next. Eddie looked like his legs were okay. Before the bell, the two couples brawled on the outside. Eddie dominated Davey while Angelina dominated Alisha. The match started once Davey and Eddie made it to the ring.

4. Davey Richards and Angelina Love-Richards vs. Eddie and Alisha Edwards. Eddie and Davey traded strong style forearms. Davey dominated by mixing in some kicks and punches. Davey yelled “why won’t you stay down!” several times as he held Eddie’s head in his hands. Eddie tossed Davey to the outside and hit is signature Tope Suicida on Davey. Angelina ran in to eye rake Eddie to save Davey. Alisha hit Angelina and Eddie with a crossbody.[C]

Eddie had the advantage back from the break. Davey turned the tide and hit a basement dragon screw leg whip on Eddie. Eddie continued to work on the legs of Eddie and locked in the figure four. Angelina Love added leverage when the ref looked away. Eddie struggled to keep his shoulders off the mat to stop the accidental pinfall attempts. Eddie tried to “reverse the pressure” by rolling and he succeeded.

Davey Richards dominated with a high roundhouse. As Davey taunted the crowd, Eddie was able to clothesline Davey to allow him to reach Alisha. Angelina tripped Alisha off the apron. Eddie continued his onslaught. Josh Mathews used this moment to send sincere condolences for the victims of the Ariana Grande Concert bombing in Manchester.

Davey went for a double footstomp but Eddie dodged and used a belly to belly to send Davey into the turnbuckle. Alisha tagged in to send the women in where Alisha dominated with mounted punches. Dinero called this a “catfight”. Alisha went high risk but missed wildly with a splash. Angelina Love went for and missed a boot. Alisha earned the surprise win with a rollup.

Eddie and Alisha Edwards defeated Davey Richards and Angelina Love-Richards via pinfall in 6:06.

Eddie sold a leg injury as he and Alisha celebrated their win. Davey and Alisha put the boots to the Edwards’s. Davey Richards handcuffed Eddie Edwards to the bottom rope. Davey yelled “Why won’t you Die Eddie! Die! Die! Die! Die!” As he choked out Eddie. Eddie reached out to Alisha as the standing Davey and Angelina concocted an evil plan. Davey Richards brought a table into the ring and forced Davey to Watch Angelina power bomb Alisha through the table. Eddie cried while handcuffed as Davey and Angelina taunted him. The Richards couple made out in the middle of the ring. Josh said this was despicable and disgusting as Eddie was forced to watch his wife suffer…

Suddenly they cut to a Rockstar Spud phone video. He said he told us he would go against doctor’s orders and be back on Impact but he said that UK doctors told him it would only take one more week to get back to the man he used to be. He said Spud has one more week to plot revenge against Swoggle and be the best version of Rockstar Spud. Spud said he was going to be at the Impact Zone and Swoggle won’t see it coming. Supposedly Spud’s mom called him and Spud yelled “I’m trying to do an Interview! Kayfabe Mom!” several times. He then said he had to go… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Well, last week I saw Spud wrestling Nathan Cruz on a Progress show? Sorry… Kayfabe! Now on to the battle of the couples. This continues to be a really compelling feud with the heel couple adding a layer of violence and nastiness that we don’t see too much these days in wrestling. What helps is they are being violent without doing anything risky like chairshots to the head or blood, yet they are being downright nasty by forcing the husband to watch his wife get tortured or Davey choking out Eddie and yelling at him to “Die! Die!… Die!”. Hopefully they find a way to keep this feud running to Slammiversary and maybe they can since Eddie could use the time healing his legit injury and both he and Alisha can use that to sell the kayfabe beatdown.

Magnus made his entrance as Josh Mathews called him the first British born World Heavyweight Champion. Josh also questioned whether the winner of this match should bypass Alberto El Patron for a shot at Lashley’s title. EC3 and James Storm were out next. Josh Mathews hyped up the return of Impact Live Events for this summer. Josh and Dinero debated as to whether Alberto El Patron was the true number one contender. Dinero postulated that the GFW title was not a golden ticket to becoming number one contender.

5. Magnus vs. Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm in a triple threat match to become number one contender to the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Magnus cowered out early on to allow Storm and EC3 to brawl. Magnus tried to blindside Storm to no success. Storm went for the Thesz Press on EC3, but Magnus broke that up with an axe handle strike. Storm planted Magnus with the Sling Blade. EC3 retreated to ringside as Storm worked on Magnus. Josh Mathews hyped LAX vs Veterans of War for the Global Force Tag Team Championships as well as Low Ki vs. Andrew Everett in a singles match for the X Division Championship. Josh noted that the injured Sonjay Dutt will be on commentary and Sonjay would possibly like to challenge for the title in his homeland of India.

John’s Thoughts: Ugh. They still don’t know how to properly promote X Division championship matches weeks out, but even with the rushed build, I like that it’s a singles match involving the only two wrestlers in the X Division with well-defined identities. Baby steps I suppose.

Magnus cleared the ring of Storm and EC3. Storm caught Magnus with a shot to the gut. Storm hit EC3 in the head with a diet coke bottle. Storm also hit Magnus with the Diet Coke. EC3 tried to hit Storm with a water bottle but Storm took it and hit Carter with the water bottle. Storm feigned a water mist and gave Carter the low blow. Storm wore a “Make Impact Great” hat that a fan wore and wore it for a camera shot. Magnus and EC3 ended Storm’s rally by suplexing him on the ramp.[C]

EC3 and Magnus double teamed Storm back from the break. Magus threw chairs in the ring. Magnus hit Storm in the gut with a chair as EC3 held Storm in place. Magnus and EC3 were working together at this point. Magnus and EC3 shared a kendo stick to hit Storm with. Storm stopped on a dime with a baseball slide and took down EC3 but Magnus countered with a clothesline. Storm slipped away causing EC3 to accidentally hit Magnus in the leg. EC3 tried to cool down Magnus to show they were on the same side. EC3 held Storm in place and Magnus “accidentally” hit EC3 with the stick in the same fashion. Magnus pummeled EC3 with Kendo Stick strikes. Magnus and EC3 took each other down with clothesline to leave all three men lying on the ground.

Magnus rolled out of the ring to allow Storm and EC3 to fight it out. Storm dominated for the most part. Magnus tried to interject himself but Storm caused EC3 to DDT Magnus with a neckbreaker to EC3. Storm took down Magnus with chair shots to the gut and back and did the same to EC3. Storm placed a trash can in the thighs of Magnus and used a chair to spike the groin area. Storm was whipped and Storm skinned the cat into a TKO from EC3. EC3 missed a splash on Magnus. Magnus hit EC3 with a knee to the gut in the corner. Storm recovered and hit a rope hung DDT onto the outside apron.

Storm went for the Last Call on Magnus but Magnus recovered into the cloverleaf. EC3 broke that up with a chair to the back of Magnus. EC3 hit Magnus with a cutter to pick up a nearfall. Storm nailed EC3 with a codebreaker onto the steel chair. EC3 kicked out of Storm’s pin attempt. Magnus met Storm on the top rope. Magnus fell into the tree of Woe to allow EC3 up. Magnus hit an impressive modified Tower of Doom from the Tree of Woe. EC3 tried to Superplex Magnus but Magnus gave EC3 a front Suplex.

Storm sent EC3 into a chair setup in the corner and nailed him with a running neckbreaker. Magnus broke up the pin attempt with his finishing Elbow Drop. EC3 kicked out of the pin attempt which Dinero correctly attributed to Magnus hitting Storm with the bulk of the elbow drop. Magnus put Storm in the fireman carry but Storm slipped out. After an exchange, Storm hit Magnus with a Last Call out of nowhere. EC3 hit Storm with a tiger knee to the back and stole the clean pinfall victory over Magnus to become number one contender.

EC3 defeated Magnus and James Storm via pinfall in 15:21

EC3 celebrated for a bit and quickly bailed to ringside once Storm realized who won. Storm signaled to EC3 that he escaped by just a hair as EC3 celebrated up the ramp. This closed out Impact…

John’s Thoughts: This was a good match and all three men got to showcase some of their best moves in the ring. Bonus points to the commentary team for the past few weeks for avoiding any of the channel changing bickering that marred the early parts of the last two tapings. The early part of the match was standard stuff but the ending was well done with each man getting an advantage like a cycle. EC3 would have an advantage, then Storm, then Magnus, and back to EC3. This was also the best Magnus has looked since his return. Impact has had much better main events in the past few weeks, but this one was pretty good itself. Just not as strong as the last few weeks. I also wonder if they are truly going with EC3 in the Slammiversary main event with him being a heel. It would be tricky to get out of this because Bruce Prichard doesn’t come off as likable in the decisions he makes.

Impact still has oddball TNA style moments here and there, but for the most part the good parts stand above. As far as matches are concerned, we got two matches that progressed characters (the couples and the KM match). We also got two strong matches that progressed championship pictures (the GFW tag and Triple Threat main event). The only thing that may be a hit or miss for people is the Josh Mathews thing. It was a hit for me at least due to Josh’s solid mic work and because I forward to possible Steiner rants. Be sure to check out Jason Powell’s thoughts in his Hit List and members’ exclusive audio review later today.


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  1. Good show. My fave bits being Rosemary saving Allie (keen to see what’s next there) and the main event. My least fave bit is LAX as usual. I just don’t like them and my interest in the show dropps rapidly whenever they appear.

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