3/3 TNA Impact Wrestling TV taping spoilers: Full results of upcoming television shows (spoilers)

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TNA Impact Wrestling TV Taping
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Ed Grsic

1. ODB beat Rebel. Earl was the referee and ended up smooching both! The Impact Zone was LOUD.

Spud was the ring announcer agin. Jeremy Borash and “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero were at the announce desk. JB announced that the title was vacated and given back to Lashley. Huh?

Alberto El Patron came out to a loud response. He said he loves it here where he can be who he wants and say what he wants. He said he beat the champ last night but if it wasn’t for some bullshit referee, he’d be YOUR champion. He called out Lashley, if he has the cojones, but EC3 came out. EC3 said he and Alberto should fight to become the No. 1 contender. Alberto said he wanted Lashley and was promised a rematch. As Alberto prepared, EC3 went on a stupid rant about being “loco” & no “cojones.” Alberto said he’s here for the champ, not the bitch. This led to a brawl where both men were separated by officials and the match is on for later in the show. Josh Mathews returned for commentary, unfortunately.

2. Trevor Lee (Gregory Shane Helms) beat Suicide, Andrew Everett, and Braxton Sutter (w/Allie) to retain the X Division Title. A good match with everyone hitting big spots. Laurel came through the crowd to argue with Allie, which distracted Sutter, who was pinned by Lee. After the match, Sienna came out to warn Allie, saying all Romeo and Juliet stories don’t have happy endings.

Bruce Prichard came out and announced that in two weeks, there’ll be a four-way to crown new tag champs. Decay came out said they “rescued the titles from time and want their titles.” Reno Scum was out next, then Garza and Laredo want the titles too. This led to a fight with the three times with Decay clearing the ring. Then the new LAX return: Homicide, Konnan, Angel Ortiz, Mike Dratzik, & Angel Rose. They took out Decay. LAX is also in the tag tournament.

3. Davey Richards (w/Angelina) beat Suicide. Davey got the win with the Shining Wizard, Helms’s old finisher.

4. Mahabali Shera, Laredo Kid, and Garza Jr. beat Bokara, Fallah Bah, and Abraham Envious. The dreaded Shera shuffle is back. Shera got the win for his team with the Sky High.

5. Reno Scum beat Decay. Rosemary entered the ring to spray green mist but she accidentally got Crazy Steve, leading to Scum pulling off the upset.

6. LAX defeated James Storm and Bram (w/Kingston). LAX is back-after a near six year absence, according to JB. LAX pinned Storm for another upset; some curious booking here.

Xplosion match: Angelina Love (w/Davey Richards) beat MJ. Josh left the announce desk for this match. Angelina got the win, though a good effort from MJ.

Josh comes back & teases throwing out a shirt to the crowd but did not.

7. Lashley defeated Jake Holmes to retain the Impact Wrestling Championship. Lashley just toyed with Holmes, including picking him up from a Dominator before DESTROYING HIM with a spear. The crowd was all over Josh afterwards and chanted “YOU SUCK!” and “FIRE JOSH!” Beautiful.

JB’s “big return” is next and it was Karen Jarrett. Yep, that’s right. She’s dyed her hair blonde and surprisingly got a huge face reaction and a loud “Welcome Back” chant. Unbelievable. Karen said she’s glad to be back, then EC3 comes out to endorse her? Yikes. Josh interrupted and said he and his wife Madyson Rayne are one of the best things in Impact, and these fans were too cheap to pay to go NXT. He got in Karen’s face was slapped. After Karen and Ethan leave, Josh remained in the ring. Rayne came out to ask if he was okay. She got a mic to say she can’t believe he told us smelly Impact fans that they were married. They both went to the back.

8. Rosemary beat Santana Garrett. Rosemary won with her finisher.

One Night Only match: Laurel Van Ness beat Rachel Ellering. The Pope was by himself to call this match. Good long match, but Rachel had Laurel pinned twice but referee Earl clearly stopped counting. I’m not sure if Laurel didn’t hear the count properly, but it clearly looked awkward. Van Ness eventually won with her Curb Stomp.

8. Alberto Del Patron beat EC3. Josh and JB returned for the main event. A slow-paced match with Ethan holding his left arm throughout. Alberto scored the clean win with the Cross Arm Breaker tap out. After the match, Alberto said the match isn’t going to end like this and called EC3 to get in the ring. He said that this one of the best matches of his career, then asked EC3 to shake his hand, which Ethan eventually and reluctantly did. EC3 left, still favoring his left arm. Alberto thanked the fans to end the night.

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