2/28 Moore’s WWE Talking Smack Recap: Renee Young and Daniel Bryan react to Randy Orton’s arson on the Wyatt Family shed, Natalya demands a title match, American Alpha, stalkers, and shower buddies, Bryan gets hyped for The Big Hog facing John Cena

By John Moore

WWE Talking Smack
Aired February 28, 2017 on the WWE Network

-Renee Young and Daniel Bryan checked in on the Talking Smack set. Bryan’s face showed shock as he talked about Randy Orton burning down the Wyatt “Compound”. Renee tried to dig Bryan a bit as to who the true number one contender was. Bryan said there was a lot to evaluate like the fire incident as well as accusations. Renee said this was something everyone expected, where the Viper will do his own thing.

-Bryan brought up how he joined the Wyatt Family for two weeks but did not consider arson to turn against the Wyatt Family. Renee said that’s simple since, Bryan is different than Orton. Renee said we’ve seen many iterations of Orton with the many stories and factions he has been a part of. Renee said with what Randy’s doing now, she’s going to have her eyes glued to the TV for the WrestleMania “main event”. Bryan simply said “no comment”.

-Natalya was the first guest. Renee wanted to know why Natalya targeted Alexa Bliss. Natalya said it was just girl talk. Natalya said Alexa was like a dirty kitten in a litter box while Natalya is like a Persian, like 2 Paws. Natalya said she was trying to remind Alexa not to get too ahead of herself and that she’s on to her.

-Renee congratulated Natalya on last week’s falls count anywhere match. Natalya said it was one of the most intense fights of her career and she’s so proud of her own performance by beating Nikki Bella with honor and integrity along with everything she stands for as a human being. Bryan asked Natalya what she was talking about since Maryse hit Nikki with a steel pole. Natalya said Maryse was nowhere in sight when her hand was raised. Natalya also said that Natalya was the better Canadian. Natalya brought up the honor and integrity thing again and said this has earned her a Championship match.

-Renee acted confused as to why that victory correlated to a title shot. Natalya said since Smackdown Live has evolved, she hasn’t had a one-on-one title match. Natalya mocked Alexa’s praise for Mickie James in starting the Women’s revolution but she said Mickie hasn’t accomplished what her family has accomplished. Natalya talked about the Harts and said she couldn’t go over all of the great things. Natalya said she could only do that with her own show. Natalya said she was looking forward for an opportunity at a championship match to remind Alexa who was the real face of the women’s division.

-Renee wondered if Natalya felt disrespected. Natalya said she was wrestling royalty. She said she also deserves to have her cake and eat it too. Natalya said she’s going to be women’s champion. Renee wished Natalya well to end the interview. Natalya left talking about wanting her own show.

-Renee asked Bryan what’s her deal? Bryan said he’s not in control of his own life. Renee said Bryan should at least be in control of the show. Bryan said it’s tough to explain things to some people on the roster. Bryan complained about AJ Styles’ theme saying “you don’t want none” and how it was a double negative. Bryan comically yelled that everyone is saying ridiculous things. Renee said Natalya might have a point based on her accomplishments. Bryan said that didn’t make sense since she’s taking credit for a victory where Maryse hit Nikki with a steal pipe thing. Renee said she only agrees in general. Bryan said that Renee just likes to see all kinds of matches. Bryan said to listen, because things are getting ridiculous around here.

-American Alpha, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, were the next guests. Gable said this was home for him being around his family. Gable talked about winning his high school state wrestling championship both as an individual and team in this building. Gable said he’s been waiting so long to come back to Minnesota, but what he really wanted to do was smash some Usos in front of his home crowd. Jason Jordan brought up twitter on his smartphone of the Usos stalking them with pictures.

-Gable wanted to know if the Usos were gangsters or stalkers? Jordan said Alpha wasn’t hiding anything. Renee said this stalker thing was concerning. Bryan wanted to know if American Alpha was afraid that the Usos might post some inappropriate photos on the internet. Gable said Jordan knows about stalkers due to his bod photos on Instagram. Renee said Jordan was stalkable. Bryan said that Jordan needs to cut up a little more and he said he has been “porking until the rumble and cutting until Mania” in order to start the cutting process. Jordan translated what pork and cut meant.

-Gable requested that Bryan do something to start an encounter with the Usos. Bryan said he would put in a good word. Bryan then comically pantomimed what he thought “putting in a good word” looked like to the camera. Renee wished Alpha well on their way out. Bryan gave them the advice to make sure no one is in the shower with them when they shower. Renee said Alpha should use the buddy system which Gable connected to the shower comment. Renee told them to grow up. This caused Bryan to crack up.

-Bryan continued to crack up as he brought up Renee possibly recommending that American Alpha become “buddies in the shower”. Bryan said that could mean that they wash each other’s backs or something.

-Renee quickly transitioned to the MizTV segment and said that Nikki Bella was thug-nasty. Bryan wanted to see Nikki saying “I’m going to break you [bitch]”. Bryan spoke to the camera where the children were watching and said they don’t support that language. Renee said that’s not true since Bryan just used the language. Bryan just held back laughter and shifted his eyes comically.

-Renee brought up Nikki Bella and John Cena vs. Carmella and James Ellsworth. Bryan roared about THE BIG HOG! Renee said this was a huge opportunity for James Ellsworth to get in the ring against John Cena. Bryan said what was more interesting was Cena teaming up with Nikki for the first time ever and how this was something Nikki wanted for a long time.

-Bryan said what was better was The Big Hog vs. Cena. Bryan said he had no prediction. Renee said he should because he used to be tight with Ellsworth due to their ride along episode. Bryan said he was a supporter of “The Big Hog”. Bryan said he has been leading the big hog dance in the locker room. Bryan said this should be a fun match on the other side with Nikki’s feud with Carmella.

-Renee wondered if Carmella would give Ellsworth new ring gear. This caused Bryan to comically gasp and rub his hands together in anticipation. Bryan said he hoped it was bedazzled. Renee wanted to see the chain. Bryan wanted Ellsworth to do the moonwalk.

-Renee transitioned to talking about Luke Harper vs. AJ Styles. Bryan said every week he’s more impressed with Luke Harper’s intensity and ability to walk through thing. Bryan said that Harper was a big man who can fly. Bryan compared their topes and said that Harper’s tope caused AJ to fly horizontally.

-Suddenly Shane McMahon appeared and tried to pull Bryan aside a bit in regards to AJ Styles. AJ walked in and said he wanted to make sure that he was heading to the WrestleMania main event. Styles said jumped through every hoop and that Shane shouldn’t have restarted the match. Styles said the referee should do his job. Styles said Shane should make the right decision. Shane tried to cut in but Styles continued to rant and told Shane that he was wrestling Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. Styles walked off. Shane and Bryan soon left after leaving Renee to go over next week’s advertised match as well as closing the show.

John’s Thoughts: One of the problems with Talking Smack is the small roster of Smackdown. We get a lot of people shining but a few people don’t really benefit due to their natural limitations on the microphone. Those particular ones tonight were Natalya and Jason Jordan. Bryan and Renee are always fun and provide so much personality and natural comedy on the show. Bryan pivots from joke to joke with such fluidity. He’s also a bit of a shark, because when he smells blood in the form of a rib on someone, he goes after it hard. He did that with Alexa Bliss when she was late in discovering that the Patriots won the Super Bowl and he did similar things tonight such as when Renee told American Alpha to become shower buddies.

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