Matt and Jeff Hardy contract talks with TNA Impact Wrestling fall apart


Contract talks between TNA Impact Wrestling and Matt and Jeff Hardy have reached an impasse. Sources indicate that the Hardys received new contracts from the company and were unhappy with the terms. Reby Hardy took to social media and expressed her frustration by threatening to melt the TNA Tag Title belts.

“I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am???” Reby wrote. “The disrespect never ends. F— it. Bout to melt these shits down and have me some new gold hoops that say MAXEL. Sigue.” Meanwhile, Matt simply mentioned that it will be an intriguing week for pro wrestling on his Twitter page. Jeff has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

Powell’s POV: The belief is that TNA wanted the Hardys to sign exclusive deals, which they apparently are not interested in doing. It’s logical from the perspective of the Hardys given the strong business they do on the independent scene. Meanwhile, TNA reportedly wanted a cut of the money the brothers were making independently. TNA was late sending contract offers to the Hardys and Drew Galloway, which is astonishing given the importance of those acts to the company. Reby’s comments suggest that the Hardys were hopeful of working out a new deal with TNA. After all, if they were planning to go elsewhere, then I doubt there would be this level of public frustration over the company’s offer. Matt made it no secret when I interviewed him in late 2016 that he wanted a seat at the creative table. One can only wonder how that played with the new creative regime that is taking over. Hardy also told me in the interview that he owns the rights to the Broken character and the Broken Universe, so the character will not die with his TNA run. It’s worth noting that while things appear to be bleak at the moment, there’s always a possibility that the two sides could reenter negotiations.


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  1. Good luck in WWE. They’ll give you long enough to sell a DVD and then cast you off. You’ll be back in TNA next year.

  2. The main thing is whether or not Vince will let them use the “Broken” gimmick assuming they return to WWE. I’m worried that if they do come back to WWE, they’ll just be a nostalgia act like the Dudleys because we all know how Vince is about gimmicks he didn’t create. Though I can’t imagine them not getting “Delete” chants even if they don’t return in their Broken characters, especially if they’re in a smarky city.

  3. Anthem is clueless. Giving air time to the Hardys when they weren’t certain of being signed. Jarrett putting his wife on the show? Why would I watch that donkey? Impact is done before they got started. No new talent signed. Old talent leaving. Yeah, lots to get excited about.

  4. Damn. I don’t want to have to watch WWE.

  5. i hate the WWE and always supported TNA but with DIXIE not in charge anymore ITS THE RIGHT DECISION FOR THE HARDY’S. TNA is probably going to go out of business anyway. Dixie was a cool person but anthem I WOULD NEVER TRUST esp. when they hired JEFF JARRETT WHO DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE A BUSINESS AND WHO LEFT TNA IMPACT BANKRUPT leaving DIXIE bankrupt. Their is no way TO TRUST A COMPANY WHO IS WILLING TO HIRE THE SAME PERSON THAT LEFT THE FORMER COMPANY BANKRUPT.

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