Disabled veteran has a rough WWE Royal Rumble experience

Dot Net reader Jeff Sarver, SGT, USA (Retired) sent the following report on his Royal Rumble experience.

-The Alamodome allowed the WWE to utilize the Disable Parking Lot next to the arena making it exclusive to talent only, not the disabled veterans (such as myself) or other handicapped individuals. However, this was not relayed to the SAPD, who directed us to the lot. The young lady working that entrance, though she was only following instructions, was quite rude and borderline hostile about us not being allowed to park in the Disabled Parking Lot, telling me that she doesn’t have to explain why we couldn’t park there, and PD (who directed us into the area) would be more than happy to remove us. We eventually found parking about five blocks away.

-There were hundreds of fans who lost their paid seats on the non-hard camera side because of it being tarped off. We were finally moved into obstructed view seats just as the John Cena vs. AJ Styles match started, but missed all the other matches as we were corralled into the breezeway while the Alamodome and WWE sorted out tickets. Those who attempted to stand in the corridors into the arena to watch the show while waiting on replacement tickets were told they were not allowed to do so and moved back into the breezeway.

Overall, a very disappointing night.

Powell’s POV: Wow, that’s a rough night. And while I’m always happy to help get the word out or to offer frustrated fans a forum, fans such as Jeff who encounter major issues would be wise to reach out to WWE directly with the hope that the company will be willing to make it up in some way. I’ve also heard from fans about some ridiculously long lines and waits to enter the building. It doesn’t seem to be as bad as WrestleMania 33 at AT&T Stadium, but for some reason the Texas fans attending the major events can’t seem to catch a break lately.


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