Vince Russo recalls why Goldberg didn’t want to work as a heel, recalls Roddy Piper blaming him for Owen Hart’s death, raves about one WWE legend for not being political


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On Bill Goldberg: “One of the hardest people for me to work with, was Goldberg, and bro, the reason for the, the reason was he really believed in his gimmick. Okay. He really, he really believed he was Bill Goldberg. But bro, I came to understand because I questioned him on it. Like, you know, when I, when I wanted him to turn heel, He had an issue with it. Now think about it, John. I’m walking into a company where a guy was 174-0 as a babyface. How are you ever gonna top that? There’s nothing he could’ve done that would’ve went beyond the streak.

“So there comes a point where you’ve gotta start looking at this guy as a heal, okay? He did not want to turn. So I said to him, because I didn’t understand, Bill, I don’t understand, you play a heel in movies. Remember the Santa Claus movie was a he? You, you play Bill Goldberg as a heel in movies. This is a television show. I don’t understand. And here’s what he said to me, bro. And I got it. He said to me on this show, I’m Goldberg, I don’t have a character name. I am Goldberg. My name is Bill Goldberg. So when the kids see that, they see me, they see Goldberg, they don’t see Captain Kirk, they see me. Bill Goldberg. Bro, when he said that to me, I got it and I understood.”

On Roddy Piper: “Roddy Piper went on his Vince Russo killed Owen Hart Kick. Okay? And I remember Piper inviting me on his show and I said, yeah, absolutely no problem. Like, why would I have turned that down? Because I would want to ask Piper, You really think I killed Owen Hart? Like, do you with your heart and soul bro? Do you really, really believe that? Why would I avoid going on his show?”

On Owen Hart: “If there was any hesitation whatsoever that Owen would’ve told me about or had concerns about, or something wasn’t right in the rehearsal, or I really feel uncomfortable, I really feel, bro, it would’ve never happened. It wasn’t important to the show. The only reason that was there was because Sting’s riggers were there. That was the only reason. So like when somebody says, Vince, you don’t regret that, bro. Of course I regret the death of Owen heart, but the way that happened, was not something, you know, we wrote. We knew it was dangerous. We had to have this in the show. It was the complete opposite of that, bro. But, you know, people, people still wanna have their story about that.”

On Kurt Angle: “The nicest, easiest, honest… because bro, that has a lot to do with it. Like, I got a problem with politicians. I really got, so you have to not have a political bone in your body. Okay, bro. And, bro, there are very few wrestlers that don’t have a political bone in their body, but this guy did not have a political bone in his body, bro. I loved, loved, loved working with Kurt Angle. Absolutely loved it, loved him, would do anything in the world for this guy if he called me tomorrow. This was a stand up guy. Loved this freaking guy. I think that’s the guy, bro. You know, I liked working with a lot of people, but I loved working with Kurt, man.”

Other topics include Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Vader, and more.


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