Vince McMahon discusses WrestleMania and why he’s not surprised it has become a huge event, the WWE talent roster, his own work ethic

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon spoke with and was asked whether he ever imagined WrestleMania would reach its current level. “I grew up with no barriers, which can be a bad thing and a good thing,” McMahon said. “It served me well in somewhat of a unique childhood. When people ask me about the success of the organization, I never did not think that it would get here. But it’s all logical, there’s nothing magical behind this. It’s all based on good, solid business logic. And a work ethic, lot of luck in there, too. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world, and without a doubt, I am. From a personal standpoint, business standpoint, spiritual standpoint, all of it. So with no ceilings, again, I never thought it wouldn’t be here today.”

McMahon was also asked to comment on the company’s talent roster. “Our guys and gals are so passionate about what they do,” he said. “They’re very eager to learn. … Hogan used to call it Titan Training because we used to be known as Titan Sports many, many years ago. You’re taught respect. When one of our talent walks in here, he’s going to look you in the eye, and he’s going to shake your hand. He’s going to be cordial, and it’s the way you want to be treated. My grandmother used to say, ‘Treat people the way that you want to be treated.’ That’s what we try to do. By the way, that’s the first time I’ve quoted my grandmother in an interview. She was awesome. She was 60 years old. A kite went up in the tree one time. And 60 years old back then, was 60 years old. She wouldn’t let me go near it. She climbed the tree. Awesome lady.” Read the full interview at

Powell’s POV: A straight forward interview with not showing any cards when it comes to talent. He was also asked whether there was anyone he felt a wrestler could jump to the main event picture for WrestleMania, and he said he didn’t know and wouldn’t say even if he did because it would ruin the surprise. He also balked when he was asked whether he misses appearing on television. McMahon also addressed his work ethic and whether he sees himself slowing down, his early game plan to grow the business, and how he beat his competition. By the way, would McMahon have felt comfortable mentioning Hulk Hogan’s name a year ago at this time?


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