Jim Ross comments on the WWE Cruiserweight Division, Paige and WWE, CM Punk and UFC

paige1WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on the WWE Cruiserweight Division: “WWE did a terrific job in launching the development some new, athletically talented stars during their presentation of the Cruiserweight Classic. There is absolutely no reason that these new talents can’t ‘get over’ if they continue to work on improving their game, further developing in ring psychology and are creatively supported to allow them to do what they do best and that is seemingly inside the ring, bell to bell at this time. The Cruiserweights who can add strong verbal skills to their game will be the one’s who will most likely ascend up the cards and be in line for the most earnings. These talents will be valuable additions to Monday Night Raw and their ever challenging, three hour format.

Powell’s POV: The key for WWE is to establish the personas of the individuals and treat the division as being every bit as important as the heavyweight division. I’m sure they will be tempted to book a bunch of high flying six-man spot fests, but I really hope they take the time to introduce the wrestlers and make it more about their personalities than high spots.

Ross on Paige and WWE: “Good to hear that Paige is returning to work at WWE as she’s one of my favorite women athletes in WWE. She’s grown up in the wrestling biz and has many organic instincts that can’t be easily taught. I hope that she can make her way back and get back to the business of what she came to America to do. She’s young and it would be so unfortunate if she had to go elsewhere to work in the biz as WWE offers her much more money and exposure than any one else IMO. I highly recommend to Paige that she get back in the saddle in WWE and show the other women how it’s done and push them to their limits.”

Powell’s POV: The time away from WWE could do Paige some good in terms of her character. She turned so many times and I started to feel like we’d seen her do it all. Here’s hoping that the company puts the out of the ring issues aside and positions her as a star right out of the gate rather than punishing her creatively. After all, WWE officials would be punishing themselves by not getting the most out of her. Here’s hoping they can put aside their differences and make some money.

Ross on CM Punk and UFC: “Because of the success that CM Punk brought to UFC 203 and, more importantly, the PPV buys, I don’t find it creatively impossible to to see Punk continue training, and be utilized by UFC in another fight, and/or other TV opportunities as he has an audience that will seemingly support his new, MMA endeavors. There is likely additional, new monies in Punk even after his loss as his ‘story’ can easily be continued on TV. If the UFC faithful could find a way to embrace Punk to some degree, the UFC might discover that they have a potentially, excellent broadcaster on their hands.”

Powell’s POV: If Punk fights again in UFC, the company would be wise to include him on a FOX broadcast. I just don’t know how much of a pay-per-view draw his next fight will be given how lopsided his first fight was. Then again, Punk has a gift of gab that he didn’t utilize the first time around. I suspect he is too respectful of the sport to do it, but a heelish Punk could get under the skin of MMA fans.

Other topics include JR hoping to hold a one-man show in Toronto during Survivor Series weekend, TJ Perkins and the cruiserweight division, ROH Champion to appear on The Ross Report podcast.

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