UFC 203: CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall and full card results


By Jason Powell

The following live updates on the CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall fight at UFC 203 will be updated with anything relevant leading up to the fight and, of course, during the actual fight itself. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

-While previewing the fights, color commentator Joe Rogan raved about Mickey Gall, saying he’s very good and a strong prospect. Footage aired of CM Punk arriving at the building earlier in the day. Punk wore a suit and smiled confidently. A separate shot showed Gall arriving in workout clothing.

-Jessica Andrade defeated Joanne Calderwood via submission in round one.

-Jimmie Rivera defeated Urijah Faber via unanimous decision in a Bantamweight fight. The real story of the fight was the jacked up referee… well, at least it was in my house.

-Punk and Gall were shown warming up in their respective locker rooms, so it appears their fight is up next. UFC play-by-play voice Mike Goldberg said Punk has been smiles all week. A video package aired on both men with Punk saying he’s going to lay it all on the line. Punk said he respects everyone who has ever stepped foot into the cage and before he’s done everyone will respect him as well.

-Gall made his entrance to Toni Basil’s “Mickey” song. Punk entered to Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality.” I’d say the band wishing him well via Twitter was a pretty strong clue. “F— yeah,” Punk said to his team as they walked backstage. Punk smiled and slapped hands as he headed to the octagon. Rogan said he has not idea what to expect. He said taking a first-time ever fight in UFC at age 37 is just crazy.

-CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall: Gall immediately took Punk down with a double leg and then threw punches at Punk against the cage. Punk eventually rolled onto his knees and kept his arm in to block Gall’s attempt to choke him out. Gall gave up the rear naked choke attempt and threw more punches. Gall went for the hold again and it was blocked, so he fired away with more punches. Punk was cut. Gall applied the rear naked choke again and this time Punk tapped out.

Mickey Gall defeated CM Punk via first-round submission.

After the fight, Punk spoke with Gall and then raised his hand as they walked around the octagon, according to Rogan. Punk was bloodied and bruised afterward.

Powell’s POV: Punk looked like he was expecting Gall to stand and throw with him. Gall teased throwing a right and instead took Punk down. Once that happened, it was all Gall. Punk never landed a blow, which is a shame.

Rogan interviewed Gall afterward. Gall said there’s a lot of hate online and asked people to end the hate. Gall said he’s not a gimmick and isn’t going anywhere. He said he wants a fight with Sage Northcutt.

Rogan interviewed Punk and started by saying he’s a brave man and everyone should respect that. Rogan said Punk chose the hard road. Punk said that in life you go big or you go home. He said it was a mountain and he didn’t get to the summit, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up and go home. “I will be back believe it or not,” Punk said. He added that it was the most fun he’s ever had and called it the second greatest night of his life behind only his wedding night. He told kids to believe in themselves and said the true failure in life is never trying at all.

Powell’s POV: Punk came off well. He was incredibly gracious in defeat. He may not have won anyone over in terms of proving himself as a fighter given how the fight went, but he delivered a good message and has been highly respectful of the sport leading up to the fight. He says he’s not finished and I hope UFC officials feel the same way. I’d be surprised if he didn’t get a certain number of fights guaranteed when he signed with the company, but that’s just a guess.

-Fabricio Werdum defeated Travis Browne via unanimous decision. Werdum landed a great flying kick. It was not an exciting fight and the fans let them know it. There was an incident afterward with the cornermen and cooler heads eventually prevailed.

-Stipe Miocic defeated Alistair Overeem to retain the UFC Championship via first round knockout. Overeem rocked Miocic with a big right hand early. Miocic looked a bit wobbly when he stood up, but Overeem ran away so that he could get turned around. They traded some big blows and eventually Miocic got Overeem on the mat and fired off punches to the head until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

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