Powell’s TNA Impact Wrestling Hit List: EC3 vs. Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as special referee, Broken Matt and Brother Nero feuding with Decay, Allie wins the TNA Knockouts Championship


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TNA Impact Wrestling Hits

EC3 vs. Drew Galloway: The poolside chat did nothing in terms of making me look forward to seeing their match more than I was going in. We’re well aware of the story of EC3’s interference backfiring on Galloway three times. There was nothing left to say. And didn’t they use this same set for Mike Bennett and Maria a while back? Anyway, the match was entertaining and at least EC3 won so he didn’t look like so much of a dope for agreeing to put his title shot on the line. Aron Rex is a Miss right now. His introductory promo was solid, but I’m not all that excited about seeing him play the nice guy babyface. I was actually hoping he would turn on Galloway as opposed to Galloway attacking him. We know Galloway plays a strong babyface and he will be fine as a heel. Do we know if Rex can hang as a top babyface? It’s easy to say yes because the fans wanted him to be pushed harder than the was in WWE, but he still has to prove it.

Battle Royal: Okay, so it was just a typical battle royal and I didn’t like the logic of throwing some of the tag team wrestlers into the “open invitational” for a shot at the TNA Title. The positive was the finish with Mike Bennett eliminating his own muscle to win the match. TNA made a mistake when they introduced Moose as a heel, but it looks like they are moving quickly into the breakup that will turn him babyface. Lashley approaching Moose outside the building was an interesting twist and I’m curious to see where that leads.

Broken Matt and Brother Nero feuding with Decay: The feud between the most bizarre acts in wrestling got off to a solid start. The fans didn’t seem to know how to react to Broken Matt. Quite frankly, neither do I in that he and Jeff seemed to be working together now that Jeff is broken, yet Matt is still barking orders to Jeff. The fans were strongly behind Brother Nero to the point of yelling “obsolete” as he made his entrance. This feud helps Decay tremendously. They were a hot act that stalled because they didn’t have strong opponents to work with. A feud with the Hardys should help if this is as much about them as it is the Broken Ones. I can’t wait to see what madness Matt comes up with if they work Decay into something in Cameron. The match between Jeff and Abyss was kind of a mess, yet still must see in terms of not wanting to turn away whenever the captivating Broken Matt is onscreen.

TNA Impact Wrestling Misses

Allie: Maria’s ongoing abuse of assistant Allie is one of the small highlights of the show. Maria plays her part well, and the Allie character is fun. Unfortunately, the Impact Zone crowd just doesn’t seem to share my enthusiasm for the character. The entire match was built around Allie comedy antics and it just didn’t work for the crowd. There were some fans chanting her name after she won the title via fluke, but that seemed to be more of a reaction to seeing a title change than anything since the fans were never actually with her during the match. I really hope this is a turning point because her act is entertaining.

X Division: So how did Lashley winning the title benefit these guys or the title? DJ Z keeps talking about how he’s going to beat Lashely, as if that’s somehow going to justify all of this. The X Division wrestlers rarely work singles matches, they got together to stand up to Mike Bennett, and apparently they needed to appear in a talkshow segment together too.


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