WWE Extreme Rules onsite report: The crowd reaction to Seth Rollins was unforgettable, crown taunts Roman Reigns, ring mat changed frequently, and other in-person observations


extremerules2016Dot Net reader Chris Murrell attended the WWE Extreme Rules event on Sunday in Newark, New Jersey and sent the following report.

I attended Extreme Rules on Sunday night and overall it was a solid pay-per-view. I would give it a B- at most. I would say that it was definitely a two and a half match show with Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles and the Intercontinental Title and Fatal Four-Way match being the solid two and the last 10 minutes of Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose being the half.

At different points during the Asylum match there were big chants of “this match sucks” and even some “we want refunds” sprinkled in between. When Ambrose grabbed the bucket and pulled the black bag out of it with thumbtacks, I can honestly say that that moment SINGLEHANDEDLY saved this match from being a dud. I give Ambrose and Jericho credit for trying, but this feud hasn’t really clicked from the start and hopefully they move on from each other.

New Day had New Jersey eating from the palm of their hands, especially after Xavier Woods “shoot my shot” line.

There isn’t really nothing to say about the four-way match. You knew the four guys were gonna put on one hell of a match and they exceeded my expectations and beyond. There were at least three or four rounds of “This is awesome” chants and at one point the whole arena was shaking from everybody stomping there feet after one near fall. This was match of the night.

I knew AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns had a chance to be match of the night and even though it wasn’t, it was pretty damn close. I will never understand why Roman gets as much heat as he does, and after being in the crowd I dare might say he has more heat then John Cena, it was absolutely crazy hearing the amount of boos he received, he even got booed during every video package they had him in during breaks. The match itself was a really good brawl, but for a match that was billed as extreme rules, there really was nothing extreme about it accept the numerous announce table/barricade spots. The crowd loved those spots, but of course after Roman hit them the crowd showered him with ‘You still suck” chants. Overall, I liked the match a lot, but as soon as Roman hit that spear for the three count I saw almost hundreds of fans leave for the aisle which leads to my observation.

The moment Seth Rollins hit the ring was by far the loudest pop I ever heard live. I have been to around 15-20 events and I will never forget that moment. I’m pretty sure the majority of the crowd that stayed had a feeling that Seth might make his return especially with reports that Seth was spotted around the area. As soon as Seth hit Roman with that Pedigree, it felt like those hundreds of people who left after the three count came rushing back into the arena.

Some random thoughts. I know WWE usually changes the ring mats after blood has been spilled or after a match has had weapons or table shards on it, but it felt like the ringside crew changed the mat after every match. Im assuming the reason is for health reasons but literally the mat was changed after every match.

I honestly can say I am way more excited for Raw tonight than I was before Extreme Rules started. I knew going in not to expect the world title to change hands, but with Rollins returning I’m excited to see where WWE decides to take this feud.

Biggest Cheers
Seth Rollins return (by far and not even close)
AJ Styles
Tie between Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and The Club

Biggest Boos
Roman Reigns (again not even close)
The Miz when he stole the victory
The Usos


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