New Texas Pro Wrestling “Gorgeous” results: Vetter’s review of Stephen Wolf vs. Hyan for the New Texas Pro Title, Danni Bee and Charity King vs. Jazmin Allure and VertVixen for the NWA Women’s Tag Titles

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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New Texas Pro Wrestling “Gorgeous”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
May 11, 2024 in Buda, Texas at Pinballz Kingdom

This is an outdoor show at some type of theme park — you can see rides in the background — and it appears they are on a patio with a roof for shade. The crowd is maybe 150-200. Google Maps shows me that Buda is located southwest of Austin, between Austin and San Antonio. The commentators pronounced it as “Byoo dah.”

1. Brick Savage defeated KC Kr’eme at 6:58. KC came out to make an “open challenge;” he is giving off “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero vibes. Again, Brick is a wide body and is similar to Bronson Reed, or a bit like Miro, and he’s much bigger than KC. They locked up and Brick sent him flying. The commentators talked about the “unreal size” of Brick Savage. KC grounded him early. Brick hit some LOUD chops at 4:00. Brick hit a pump-handle powerbomb for the pin. Decent match; Brick has a great look and size.

2. JJ Blake defeated Raychell Rose in an intergender match at 14:13. Raychelle has had a few AEW matches and she’s a good talent. JJ is a Black man of average size; he’s much bigger and visibly stronger than she is. He tried to hand her a bouquet of flowers! She responded by slapping him to kickstart the match. He put his foot on her head as she was on the mat, just holding her down. He flipped her in the air and she crashed stomach-first to the mat at 3:00, and the crowd booed him. This crowd, with a lot of kids, was fully behind Raychell.

He hit a running kick for a nearfall and kept her grounded. She hit some kicks; the young girls in the crowd are going nuts for any offense she can land. She applied a mid-ring Octopus submission hold at 8:30 and the crowd taunted JJ to tap out. She hit her “Off With his Head” running leg lariats to the back of the head three consecutive times, and he rolled to the floor to regroup. In the ring, she went for a top-rope crossbody block, but he caught her and hit a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall at 10:30.

Raychell hit a superkick as they fought on the ring apron. She snapped his neck across the top rope. She hit a modified Jay Driller out of the ropes for a believable nearfall, but he grabbed the ropes at 13:00. He grabbed the bouquet of roses again, and tried to offer them. He had a hammer hidden inside it and pulled it out. However, as the referee confiscated it, she hit a low blow uppercut! She got a nearfall. However, he hit a thumb to the eye and a uranage for the pin.

* Before she left the ring, “Teflon Jon” walked out, and they glared at each other as they walked past each other. Jon has a creepy Joe Gacy vibe going to him. He got in the ring and on the mic. He said the last time he saw Rose, she put him in a casket! He said it changed him, and he recognizes she is a champion, and she works hard to make every place she goes better off. She left. He took off a black shirt to reveal he was wearing a title belt, and he said he represents a promotion in San Antonio. It was a fiery babyface promo.

3. Father Oday defeated Shimbashi to retain the Texas Contender Series Title at 8:58. Shimbashi has Asian and Canadian roots and is billed “the Canadian Dragon;” I saw him on an Inspire AD show a few weeks ago. Oday is white, has long curly black hair and he has a messiah complex look to him. Standing switches and a feeling-out process to open. They brawled to the floor at 3:00. Oday was in control as they got back into the ring. Shimbashi fired up and hit some clotheslines at 5:00, then a German Suplex. Shimbashi hit a plancha to the floor on Oday and his minions at 8:30. The followers beat him up and tossed him back in the ring, where Oday hit an Angel’s Wings faceplant for the tainted victory. Okay match.

* It is getting darker and it doesn’t appear they have much for lighting. I’m not sure how well we’ll be able to see the final few matches!

4. Lil Evil defeated Robert Martyr to retain the Inspire AD Title at 14:37. Martyr just wrestled on the East Coast a day ago; I just don’t understand the logic of flying him in. Lil Evil makes me think of a smaller Hotstuff Hernandez. An intense lockup and mat reversals. Evil hit a dropkick at 3:00 and got a pop. Martyr hit a back suplex. They brawled to the floor, where Martyr accidentally chopped a pillar at 7:00. In the ring, Martyr took control of the offense, hitting a decapitating clothesline. Evil hit a Stundog Millionaire stunner and they were both down at 11:00.

They got up and traded forearm strikes. Evil hit a German Suplex for a nearfall. Evil dove through the ropes and barreled onto Martyr. Martyr hit a DDT onto an open chair at ringside. They got back in the ring, where Evil hit a spear for a believable nearfall at 13:30. They traded rollups. Martyr hit a piledriver for a believable nearfall. Martyr went for a sliding clotheslines, but Evil caught him, trapped both arms, rolled him up and scored the pin out of nowhere. Good match.

5. “The King Bees” Danni Bee and Charity King defeated Jazmin Allure and VertVixen to retain the NWA Women’s Tag Team Titles at 12:49. Vert lost her Defy Women’s Title about 24 hours earlier in Seattle. Allure was in sparkly red top and bottom, and of course she’s had multiple AEW TV matches. Bee and King are both Black women; Charity is a bit more heavyset. Bee had three title belts and King had two! Bee and Allure opened. Charity slammed teammate Bee onto Jazmin, then Charity hit a hard clothesline on Allure for a nearfall at 1:30. Vert tagged in and traded shoulder tackles with Charity, until Vert finally knocked her down.

Allure and Vixen worked over Bee in their corner. Charity kicked Allure in the back at 4:00, and that allowed the King Bees to take over. Charity hit a bodyslam. The heels collided into each other, and Vert got the hot tag at 7:30 and hit a side suplex on Bee, then a Helluva Kick. She hit a springboard spin kick for a nearfall on Bee. King hit a spinebuster on Allure and all four were down. They got up and traded blows. Vert hit a missile dropkick and got a neafall on King, and the crowd chanted “Player One!” at Vert. King hit a Mark Henry slam on Vert, but Allure made the save.

Vert hit a discus forearm. Allure hit an assisted stunner for a nearfall on Bee, but King made the save at 11:30. (The ref had to stop counting to allow King to break it up.) King grabbed a belt but the ref took it. Allure had a belt, so the ref took that one too. King hit Vert with a title belt, then she hit Allure with the belt, and she covered Jazmin for the tainted victory. Good match.

* “The sheriff” Kiefer Bartek came to the ring, and he’s apparently the promoter. “Hopefully he’s coming out to fire people!” the heel commentator said. He promoted a show on June 23 in Pasadena, Texas. Biss, the owner of Inspire AD, along with T-Ray, came to the ring. Biss got on the mic and welcomed New Texas Pro “to my town.” Biss then said “you should have stuck to your town; you know the rules.” This was bad local theater. Biss said he’ll be bringing his team on June 23.

6. Max Heights (w/Enrique) defeated Dustin Nguyen to become No. 1 contender for the Lone Star Title at 13:07. Dustin wears the old-school Kung Fu outfit. Heights is a cocky jerk in his white jacket and sunglasses. Dustin “played mind games” with his kung fu poses, looking like a 1970s B-movie. Max worked the left arm. Dustin fired up and Max rolled to the ring to regroup. Back in the ring, Max seized control of the offense. Max hit a dropkick for a nearfall at 7:00.

Dustin fired up and hit some clotheslines and back elbows. He hit a hard kick to the back of the head for a nearfall at 10:00. Max hit a D’Lo Sky High powerbomb for a nearfall. Dustin hit a Dragon Suplex, then a Dragon Sleeper. Enrique distracted the referee, who didn’t see Max tap out! Max hit a superkick to the back of the head, then a Mamba Splash for a believable nearfall at 12:30. Enrique distracted Dustin. It allowed Max to get a rollup, put his feet on the ropes for leverage, and score the tainted pin. Okay match.

7. Danny Orion defeated Isaac Morales, Jay Davis, Danny King, and Pac Ortega in a scramble at 13:22. I saw Orion and King on that recent Inspire AD show; I don’t think I know the others. Pac Ortega has a great physique and a big bushy head of hair on top, with his sides shaved, and he’s a cocky heel; his pink trunks look like from The Acclaimed collection. Morales has a red bandana and tassels on his pants. Davis is a big Black man in a black singlet; he appears to be a powerhouse. Orion has long, curly brown hair and he carried two title belts to the ring. All five brawled at the bell. Jay hit an impressive belly-to-belly suplex on one guy and a German Suplex on another. Davis got a door from under the ring.

King and Ortega began working over Orion, then they stomped on Jay Davis. Morales hit a double suplex at 5:30. Davis hit a leg-capture overhead suplex on Morales. Orion hit a springboard stunner on Davis. Pac hit a chairshot on Orion. A door bridge was set up in the ring, and three guys slammed through it at 9:00; I can’t say who got the worst of it. Suddenly all five were down. King hit a rolling Death Valley Driver on Davis. King was bleeding from under his mask; not sure how that happened.

We had some comedy spots of twisting each other’s nipples. Pac hit a Buckle Bomb on Orion. Pac hit a suplex on King, who was really bloody now. Morales tried to pin everyone. Davis applied an anklelock but Morales escaped. Morales applied a sleeper on Davis, but Davis reached the ropes at 13:00. Orion nailed a spin kick to Isaac’s face and scored the pin. A decent match and I need to see some of these guys in singles matches. Orion is clearly the most polished, but I was also impressed with Davis’ power moves.

8. Stephen Wolf (w/KC Kr’eme) defeated Hyan in an intergender match via DQ to retain the New Texas Pro Title at 15:33. These two are a real-life married couple; they don’t hide it so I’ll acknowledge it as it’s part of the storyline, and these are probably my favorite two workers on this show. The crowd taunted him with a “Hyan’s gonna kill you” chant. The heel commentator said that Hyan “has been sleeping on the couch and Wolf has been sleeping alone in their California king bed.” She hit some armdrags and a huracanrana anda dropkick at 1:00. He hit a powerbomb for a nearfall and stomped on her back. She tied him in an Octopus stretch hold. They traded chops at 5:00 and he hit a release suplex.

Hyan jumped on his back and applied a sleeper. She hit some clotheslines that leveled him, then a back suplex for a nearfall at 6:30. He nailed a forearm that dropped her. She hit a huracanrana, then an awkward Poison Rana at 8:30. She hit a spear for a nearfall. He hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip and a knee to her face. She hit some forearm strikes; Wolf kicked her damaged knee, then a doublestomp on her back, then a reverse suplex, dropping her stomach first for a nearfall at 10:30. He hit some loud chops. “Stephen, that is your wife!” a commentator shouted. The crowd chanted “F— you, Stephen!”

She flipped him to the mat. He missed a spear into the corner, and she hit five consecutive double-underhook suplexes. She hit a top-rope splash to the floor at 14:00 on KC Kr’eme. She then hit a top-rope missile dropkick, then “Beauty Sleep”/”Road To Valhalla” but the referee was pulled to the floor before she could get the pin. She hit him in the face with his title belt. A new referee came in and counted the win for her at 15:33! She celebrated with the title and the crowd went nuts. But wait, the original referee has disqualified her! Wolf retains via DQ! He headed backstage as the fans chanted “bullshit!”

* Hyan got on the mic and thanked the fans for coming. She was at the very first New Texas show, and this was their debut here. She said all he’ll ever be known as is “Hyan’s husband” and that got a pop.

Final Thoughts: A fun show. While I don’t like intergender matches, those two had fun with it. Some of her offense didn’t look believable; he really had to work to get over on that Poison Rana. But they are both really talented. Lil Evil-Martyr was really good for second place; I’m not denying Martyr is a decent talent, even though I don’t think he’s good enough to warrant flying him in to be on a show. King Bees vs. Allure & Vert Vixen takes third place. I see Brick Savage is set to debut in GCW soon, so hopefully that opens some doors for him, too.


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