ROH Supercard of Honor results: Vetter’s review of Eddie Kingston vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH Championship, Athena vs. Hikaru Shida for the ROH Women’s Title, first ROH Women’s TV Champ crowned

By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

Ring of Honor “Supercard of Honor”
Streamed live April 5, 2024 on HonorClub
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Liacouras Center

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman provided commentary. The venue looks full, but the hard camera is pointed at the stage, which I hate; I prefer to be able to see the reaction of the fans. Lighting and overall production are top-notch. We have an elevated ramp that goes directly into the ring, same height as the ring; that would matter in several matches.

ROH Supercard of Honor Zero Hour Pre-Show

1. “Premier Athletes” Tony Nese, Josh Woods, and Ari Daivari (w/”Smart” Mark Sterling) defeated Adam Priest, Tony Deppen, and Rhett Titus at 8:15. Ian reminded us that both Deppen and Titus are former ROH TV champions. Josh and Rhett opened with mat reversals, and Rhett hit a deep armdrag at 2:00. Nese entered and he kept Rhett tied up. Deppen tagged in and hit a dropkick on Nese. The PA worked over Nese in their corner. Priest entered at 4:00; Caprice compared him to Dynamite Kid and I always compare him to Jaime Noble.

Rhett hit a belly-to-belly suplex on Ari for a nearfall; Josh hit one on Rhett. Nese and Woods hit a team neckbreaker move. Rhett got a rollup on Nese for a nearfall. Rhett and Deppen were pushed into each other. Woods nailed a release German Suplex on Rhett, then an Exploder Suplex on Priest. Woods hit a standing powerbomb on Deppen. Ari and Nese hit top-rope elbow drops on Deppen for the pin. Good match. I really like the fresh repackaging of the Premier Athletes; when Khan purchased ROH, I always said Woods was one of the guys he needed to bring in.

* We went to a video package of the Johnny TV vs. Dalton Castle feud. We then flipped to a video package showing how Billie Starkz and Queen Aminata reached the finals of the women’s tournament.

2. “The Beast” Mortos defeated Blake Christian at 8:39. Mortos is formerly known as Black Taurus. It has been rumored for a while that Khan had signed Taurus to a deal, and likewise rumored he’d have to change his name. The mask is different — I’ll describe it as a demonic goat — but it’s clearly him; the gear neck-down is the same. Ian pronounced it “More-toce.” They traded huracanranas and both popped up to their feet. Blake hit a handspring-back-wheelbarrow, then a springboard flying forearm for a nearfall at 2:00. Mortos hit a powerslam for a nearfall. Blake did a Nigel-style headstand in the corner into a tornado DDT at 4:30. He nailed a spear on the ring apron, then a flip dive to the floor. He got a nearfall in the ring.

Mortos hit a pop-up Samoan Drop for a nearfall at 6:00. Blake got a rolling Death Valley Driver. He hit a tornado DDT onto the ramp, then a springboard 450 Splash. They fought on the top rope and Mortos slammed him to the mat. He then hit a flipping pump-handle piledriver for the pin. That was really good action from both men. Blake has been a heel for the past 16 or so months in Game Changer Wrestling, but he clearly should be a babyface. Alex Abrahantes and Komander appeared on the stage and politely applauded. Ian wondered if it was a challenge or welcoming him to their faction.

* Video packages aired showing Infantry vs. Kingdom feud, then setting up Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson. Then we saw a sit-down interview from earlier in the day, where Caprice talked to Fletcher. Fletcher said no one is more confident than he is.

3. Griff Garrison and Cole Karter (w/Maria Kanellis) defeated “SAP” Angelico and Serpentico at 8:31. Griff and Cole attacked before the bell. Angelico hit a backbreaker over his knee. Serpentico hit a dive to the floor. Maria taunted Serpentico with the mask they previously stole from him. The heels worked over Serpentico in their corner. Angelico entered at 5:30 and hit a series of kicks on Cole, then a Flatliner. Serpentico hit a Swanton Bomb. Griff hit a running boot to the side of Angelico’s head. Maria went to slide in a chair but the ref confiscated it and kicked her out. She left Serpentico’s old mask on the ramp. Griff tripped Angelico on the ramp! Griff yanked off Serpentico’s mask and the crowd reacted! Karter immediately rolled up Serpentico for the pin as Serpentico was hiding his face and protecting his identity.

* A video package for the Stardom stars, then highlights of the Athena-Hikaru Shida feud.

4. Mariah May defeated Momo Kohgo at 6:17. Mariah is still wearing Toni Storm’s red-and-black outfit. Ian pointed out the male referee comes from Stardom. May has a clear height and overall size advantage and she easily shoved Momo to the mat. Kohgo hit a second-rope crossbody block and a dropkick, but May avoided a 619. Ian noted how these two are familiar with each other. May hit a dropkick at 1:30 as Momo was tied in the ropes. Mariah hit a spinning side slam and a dropkick for a nearfall. She hit a bodyslam for a nearfall.

Momo hit a springboard dropkick, and this time she hit the 619 for a nearfall at 3:30. Mariah hit a huracanrana out of the corner, then a top-rope missile dropkick for a nearfall. Momo hit some forearm strikes to the chest; Mariah dropped her with just one forearm shot. Momo hit a tornado DDT for a nearfall at 5:30. Mariah hit a headbutt; Momo hit a superkick; Mariah hit a back suplex and was fired up. Mariah nailed a running knee to the jaw (it looked devastating!) for the pin. Really good match.

* The pre-show concluded with a look at the Mark Briscoe vs. Eddie Kingston match.

ROH Supercard of Honor Main Card

* Nigel McGuinness joined commentary and got a huge pop.

1. Kyle Fletcher defeated Lee Johnson to retain the ROH TV Title at 19:49. Kyle has the face paint of Jushin Liger, Ian says. He kicked away Lee’s handshake offer and was booed. Standing switches to open. Lee hit a dropkick at 2:00. Kyle hit a swinging side slam, then a hard back elbow that dropped Lee. Lee hit a flip dive to the floor at 5:30. Kyle dropped Lee’s neck across the guardrail. Kyle then leapt off a chair at ringside and hit a rolling cannonball onto Lee, who was standing on the other side of the guardrail! Awesome spot. In the ring, Kyle hit a butterfly powerbomb for a nearfall at 7:00. Lee fired back with a penalty kick and a standing moonsault for a nearfall.

Kyle hit a suplex. Lee nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall at 9:00. Lee hit a second-rope Michinoku Driver for a believable nearfall. Lee hit a huracanrana and a buzzsaw kick to the chin at 11:00. Kyle tripped Lee on the top rope, and Johnson crashed to the mat. Kyle nailed a brainbuster for a believable nearfall, then a sit-out powerbomb for another believable nearfall, and the crowd popped for each kickout. Kyle hit a Yes Kick to the chest and jawed at him. Kyle nailed a rolling elbow. Lee hit an inverted DDT on the ring apron at 14:30, and they both rolled to the floor, and the ref began counting both out. They both dove in at the 19-count.

They immediately traded forearm strikes. Lee hit a superkick. Kyle hit a half-nelson suplex. Lee hit a Poison Rana. Kyle hit a spin kick to the jaw and his leaping Tombstone Piledriver for a nearfall, and the crowd was shocked again at Lee’s kickout at 17:00. They fought on the ropes, and Lee hit a top-rope Canadian Destroyer! He hit a frogsplash, then a second one for a believable nearfall, and we got our first “this is awesome!” chant. Kyle lawn-darted Lee into the middle turnbuckle, then hit another spin kick to the face. Kyle then nailed the brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle for the pin. What an incredible match; easily the best match of Lee Johnson’s young career. That match will be tough to beat tonight.

2. Mina Shirakawa, Maika, and Mei Seira defeated Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano, and AZM at 14:25. I admittedly don’t know the Stardom roster well so I have to describe their gear, just to help me keep them straight. The crowd popped before they locked up. AZM (very blonde hair!) and Mei opened with quick reversals. Nakano (purple hair and outfit) entered and kept working over Mei (stars on shorts). Maika (red top and bottom; reddish hair) got a hot tag at 3:00 and she hit a double suplex. Tam hit a running knee to the side of Maika’s head for a nearfall. AZM hit a missile dropkick for a nearfall and she went to a Rings of Saturn on Maika. AZM hit a satellite head-scissors into a Fujiwara Armbar (just like Mistico) at 5:30.

AZM suplexed Maika. Mina tagged in at 7:00 and battled Saya (metallic yellow gear). Saya nailed a spin heel kick, and AZM’s team worked over Mina. Saya hit a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall at 8:30. Rina put Saya to the mat and she applied a Figure Four on Saya at 10:00. All six fought. AZM and Tam hit stereo spin kicks to the head. Tam hit a top-rope crossbody block to the floor on four women. Saya hit a springboard crossbody block on Mei for a nearfall in the ring, then a back suplex with a bridge for a believable nearfall. Mei hit a rolling forearm that dropped Saya. Mei nailed a spinning back fist for a believable nearfall.

Saya hit a huracanrana for a nearfall. Maika hit a double clothesline at 13:30. Mei hit an enzuigiri on Saya for a believable nearfall. Mei then hit a spinning powerbomb on Saya and scored the pin. I must give so much credit to the commentary team for filling me in on each of them and helping keep them all separate in my mind.

Mariah May stormed out of the back! She got in Mina’s face, but then they hugged! Mariah handed out glasses to Mina’s team and filled them with champagne, and the four of them drank together, then headed to the back. Interesting.

3. “The Kingdom” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett defeated “The Infantry” Carlie Bravo and Shawn Dean (w/Trish Adora) at 14:36. The Kingdom attacked from behind; the bell hasn’t rang. Taven kicked Bravo to the floor and the bell rang about 1:00 after first contact. The Kingdom immediately began chopping Dean in their corner. Dean has his left shoulder taped up. Dean hit a bodyslam and a flying elbow drop for a nearfall. Dean hit a flip dive to the floor at 3:00. Taven leapt over the top rope and clotheslined the Infantry on the entrance ramp. They all brawled on the ramp or floor. The Infantry hit a spike piledriver on Dean on the ramp at 5:30!

The Kingdom tossed Bravo into the ring and began working him over. Taven hit a hard clothesline. Dean finally got the hot tag at 8:30 and he hit a series of punches on Bennett and a short-arm clothesline on Taven. He hit a backbreaker over his knee on Bennett for a nearfall. Bravo hit a stunner. Bennett hit a Death Valley Driver and Taven hit his Just The Tip of the Knee for a nearfall. They hit a running team kick move on Dean for a nearfall at 10:30. Taven went for a Lionsault but Dean got his knees up and suddenly they are all down.

Carlie hit a Mafia Kick for a believable nearfall, but Bennett made the save. Bennett set up to powerbomb Dean off the ramp, but Bravo made the save. The Infantry hit a Magic Killer slam on Bennett on the ramp at 13:00. Bravo leapt off the stage and frogsplashed Taven, who was lying on a table, and they crashed through it. In the ring, Dean hit a frogplash on Bennett for a visual pin but we had no ref! Wardlow hopped in the ring and he clotheslined Dean. Bennett then covered Dean for the tainted victory.

4. Billie Starkz defeated Queen Aminata to win the ROH TV Title at 17:41. This is the finale of the 16-woman tournament. This crowd was HOT before they tied up. An extended feeling-out process to open. Aminata hit a running kick to the jaw as Starkz was lying on the bottom rope at 3:00 and that popped the crowd. Aminata tied her in a Camel Clutch, and she tied Billie’s arms behind her back. She hit a running knee to the jaw for a nearfall at 5:30, then a hard Flatliner. Billie slammed her to the mat for a nearfall, then a neckbreaker over her knee for a nearfall at 7:30. Aminata hit a snapmare driver and a clothesline and they were both down at 9:00.

They got up and traded chops and forearm strikes. Aminata missed a second kick against the ropes. Billie dove through the rope and barreled onto Aminata at 11:00. Billie missed a summersault and crashed hard on the ring apron. Aminata hit a doublestomp from the apron to the stomach as Billie was lying on the floor. Aminata hit a German Suplex on the floor. Ouch! In the ring, Aminata hit a Swanton Bomb, but Billie kicked out at one! Aminata hit an Air Raid Crash for a believable nearfall at 13:30. Aminata hit a buttbump in the corner and a hard kick to the face. Billie shouted the F-bomb at Aminata (well heard on camera).

Billie was flipped hard to the mat and began screaming in pain. Aminata backed away and let the medics work on Billie at 16:00, and they placed a neck brace on Billie. The medics helped Billie to her feet and Aminata held the ropes open. However, Billie hit a German Suplex, locked in a sleeper in the middle of the ring, and Aminata passed out! Ian was outraged at her trickery! Billie laughed and pulled the neckbrace off. Yes, we’ve seen this fake-out injury countless times in wrestling, but this was one of the better ones I’ve seen.

* Backstage, Lexi interviewed Top Flight and Action Andretti. Dante Martin noted he broke his leg at this event last year. They are excited to get their big match against FTR on Saturday.

Jay White and the Gunns walked to ringside. (Will he address how he was humiliated by a man literally twice his age on Wednesday?) They got a nice pop. Jay had a mic in one hand and his gold bat in the other. He mimicked Max Caster’s “yo!” phrases. He announced they are defending their six-man tag titles right now! “Everybody Die!” played and I assumed it was Lance Archer and the Righteous. Lance Archer and Alex Zayne came out first; Archer got on the mic and introduced Zayne. (I’m sure most of the Philly crowd knows Zayne.) Jay pointed out there are only two of them. Then, some VERY famiiar music played and the crowd went nuts as Archer’s Suzuki-Gunn teammate Minoru Suzuki came to the ring! (A neat surprise, but he did compete in the GCW Bloodsport event a day ago, so people did know he was in town.)

5. Jay White, Colten Gunn, and Austin Gunn defeated Minoru Suzuki and “Monster Sauce” Lance Archer and Alex Zayne for the ROH six-man tag titles at 15:16. I have noted this in other reviews recently, but Zayne has put on the right amount of size and feels like a heavyweight now, even if he’s not 220 pounds. Suzuki and White argued at each other and Minoru called him a “young boy” and he tied up his arms. The crowd immediately chanted “Murder Grandpa!” Nigel quipped, “the crowd is telling Jay White what to do!” That made me laugh. He slapped Minoru and the crowd chanted “you f—-ed up!” Suzuki went for the sleeper, but the Gunns pulled Jay to the floor at 1:30.

Austin entered; Suzuki called him “ass boy.” Austin tried some chops that didn’t work. Archer and Colten entered at 3:30. Archer suplexed Austin. Zayne hit a dropkick in the corner on Colten. Ian filled in the fans about MonsterSauce and that they are a top tag team in New Japan. Austin hit some punches on Zayne. Jay entered at 6:30 and hit some loud chops on Zayne, and he grounded Alex. Austin hit a clothesline for a nearfall at 8:30. Archer finally made the hot tag and he no-sold Austin’s punches, then he hit a Black Hole Slam, then a running crossbody block. Archer flipped Zayne onto each Gunn. Minoru and Jay White fought on the floor.

In the ring, Archer set up for Black Out, but Austin escaped at 11:00 and hit a bulldog and they were both down. Jay and Minoru tagged in for their teams and traded blows. Minoru dropped him with a forearm, then he dropped each Gunn. He hit a running Penalty Kick on Jay for a nearfall at 12:30. Jay gouged an eye. Minoru applied a sleeper but couldn’t hit the Gotch-Style piledriver. Jay hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip. Alex snapped off his jump-up Frankensteiner, then his swinging faceplant on Jay for a believable nearfall. Jay hit a swinging uranage on Zayne, but he couldn’t get the Blade Runner.  Archer chokeslammed White. The Gunns hit the 3:10 to Yuma X-Factor move. White nailed the Blade Runner on Zayne for the pin. I loved this match.

* Jay got on the mic and again proclaimed they are the best three-man team. The Acclaimed’s music played. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens jumped in the ring, but White hit Bowens with the Blade Runner. Billy Gunn was held back from getting his hands on Jay White.

* A longer video package played for the next match, and I felt like it really stressed that “The Boys are gone!”

6. Dalton Castle defeated Johnny TV (w/Taya Valkyrie) in a Fight Without Honor at 22:03. Ian said this is just the 15th Fight Without Honor in ROH’s 22-year history. A great entrance for Castle, who got a big pop with his new boys. Johnny stalled on the floor, so Dalton followed him to the floor and they brawled at ringside. Dalton hit a huracanrana at 4:30. Johnny and Taya passionately kissed and were booed. In the ring, Johnny hit a series of kicks. Nigel said he “would sign up for their OnlyFans.” Ian responded that “it wouldn’t be your first.” Back to the floor, where Johnny peppered him with kicks. Taya and Johnny each hit Dalton with kendo sticks at 9:00.

They got back in the ring with Johnny still hitting Dalton with the kendo stick, and he choked Dalton with it. Dalton finally hit a back suplex at 11:00, then another one. Dalton now got the kendo stick and hit Johnny with it. They went to the floor, where Taya threw powder in Dalton’s eyes! She got a leaf blower and used it on Dalton. Johnny powerbombed Dalton through a table on the floor at 13:30. In the ring, Johnny hit a Starship Pain split-legged moonsault for a nearfall. Johnny climbed the ropes but Dalton hit him with the kendo stick on the back at 16:00. Dalton hit a German Suplex, and Johnny rolled to the floor.

Dalton shouted “Bring me a boy!” A boy ran into the ring, and Dalton tossed him onto Johnny. The other boys ran in and he kept tossing them through the ropes onto Johnny. However, Johnny beat them up. This was all rather funny. Jack Cartwheel ran in (wearing a mask but clearly him) and hit a Sasuke Special to the floor. A heavyset boy walked to ringside and got in the ring. It’s actor Paul Walter Hauser! Johnny hit a top-rope corkscrew dive to the floor on all these boys. Back in the ring, Hauser hit a D’Lo Sky High on Johnny! He peeled off his shirt and showed off a shirt that has him and Matt Cardona’s faces on it. The Boys picked up Taya and carried her to the back.

In the ring, Hauser peeled off his mask and he declared that Dalton is “TV ready.” Hauser dumped a bag of thumbtacks in the ring. Hauser whipped Johnny toward Dalton, who picked up Johnny and hit the Bang-a-Rang face plant into the pile of thumbtacks for the pin! Hauser and Dalton celebrated together. That was really entertaining and my style of hardcore action; we had tables, ladders and kendo sticks and thumbtacks at the end, but no one bled, no glass, light tubes, gusset plates, or pizza cutters.

* A nice video package for the next match, with some footage from Shimmer women’s wrestling.

7. Athena defeated Hikaru Shida to retain the ROH Women’s Title at 22:31. Athena rolled to the floor to stall before locking up. No minions with her. They avoided each other’s big moves early and Athena rolled back to the floor at 2:30. In the ring, Shida hit a series of Rainmaker short-arm clotheslines, then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker over her knee. Athena tied Shida upside down in the corner and hit a series of quick kicks to the thigh at 5:00 and she kept Shida grounded. Athena switched to an anklelock, but Shida flipped Athena into the ropes at 7:30 to escape the hold. Shida hit a devastating backbreaker over her knee. She hit a running knee in the corner.

Athena fired back with a cartwheel-into-a-forearm strike in the corner, and they brawled back to the floor. Shida hit a knee strike and the back of Athena’s head hit the announcer’s table, and they were both down at 9:30. In the ring, they traded forearm strikes, and Shida hit some knee lifts to the gut. Athena hit a Saito Suplex, then a wheelbarrow German Suplex for a nearfall at 12:00. Athena went for her top-rope flying stunner but Shida blocked it. Athena went back to the anklelock. Shida hit a Trash Compactor piledriver along her back on the entrance ramp at 15:00. She then hit a Meteora double knees for a nearfall.

Athena swung her by her neck. Hikaru Shida hit a Falcon Arrow for a one-count and they were both down at 17:00. Athena hit a standing powerbomb. They went outside the ring, and Athena hit a powerbomb onto the floor! Athena hit her flying stunner for a nearfall but she made a cocky cover and only got a nearfall. Shida slammed Athena onto the top turnbuckle, then a Falcon Arrow and a Katana buzzsaw kick for a believable nearfall at 21:00. Shida hit a German Suplex and a hard clothesline. Athena nailed a Superkick, and she hit another “O-Face” flying stunner for the clean pin. That was really, really good. These two told quite a story.

* A video package for our main event, which obviously included a lot of Jay Briscoe footage.

8. Mark Briscoe defeated Eddie Kingston to win the ROH World Title at 24:11. An intense lockup and we have a “Man Up!” chant. Mark hit a shoulder tackle. Eddie hit a back suplex at 2:30. Briscoe hit a big boot and a baseball slide dropkick to the floor, then a flip dive through the ropes; he paused to hug one of the Briscoe clan in the front row. In the ring, he set up a chair, but Eddie chokeslammed him onto it at 4:30! They brawled back to the floor, and Eddie slammed Briscoe’s face on the announcers’ table, and Mark was bleeding from his forehead. They got back in the ring and traded chops. Eddie backed him into the corner and hit his rapid-fire chops at 7:30.

Eddie hit a double-underhook suplex. Mark’s face is now covered in blood. Eddie hit stiff kicks to the spine at 9:00. They brawled back to the floor, where Mark hit a running dropkick on Eddie, who was seated in a chair. Mark hit a suplex on the thin mat, then a ‘Cactus Elbow” off the apron to the floor. (Thanks for that one on the call, Ian!) In the ring, Eddie tied Mark in the Tree of Woe and hit a basement dropkick to the face at 12:00 for a  nearfall; the mat is getting pretty bloody. Good thing it’s the main event. Briscoe hit a clothesline and was fired up. They got up and traded more chops. Mark hit a thrust jab to the throat and a flying forearm.

Briscoe nailed a fisherman’s brainbuster for a nearfall at 14:30. He hit a running Blockbuster off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Briscoe hit a rolling Death Valley Driver, then the top-rope Froggy Bow elbow drop for a believable nearfall. Kingston hit a T-Bone suplex; Briscoe hit a uranage; Kingston hit a T-Bone and Briscoe hit a uranage. They hit simultaneous clotheslines and were both down at 17:00 and we got a “both these guys!” chant. They went to the apron and traded more chops. Eddie blocked a Jay Driller attempt. Eddie nailed a T-Bone Suplex from the apron to the floor, and the fans now chanted “holy shit!” as they were both down at 19:00. The crowd switched to “Man up!” and Nigel added, “as if it’s coming from the heavens.”

Eddie dove into the ring early; Mark fell at 16 but dove back in at the 19-count; this felt like a possible count-out. They traded forearm strikes while on their knees, then while standing, and you could hear Mark swear at Eddie. Mark hit some knife-edge chops to the throat and a hard clothesline but he couldn’t hit a Jay Driller. Eddie hit a suplex and a spinning back fist for a believable nearfall at 22:00 and the “man up!” chants returned. Mark nailed a rolling forearm, but he again couldn’t get the Jay Driller. Eddie missed a spinning back fist, but seconds later he hit one. Mark hit an enzuigiri. Mark hit a Cutthroat Driver/modified Samoan Drop. He nailed the Jay Driller for the clean pin, and was immediately covered in streamers from the crowd. Cool.

* Papa Briscoe ran in and hugged him. So did Jay Lethal., Tony Deppen, Leon St. Giovani, Chris Daniels, Dalton Castle, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven. Rhett Titus, and several of Mark’s kids, with some of them crying. That was cool. Kingston got to his feet and hugged Mark, too.

Final Thoughts: What a great show. Once again, the show over-performed, topping my expectations. The main event was magical and earns best match. I will go with Athena-Shida narrowly over that Fletcher-Lee Johnson match for third. But there were so many good matches here I hate to single out just the top three. I love that this ROH show included Blake Christian, Alex Zayne, Tony Deppen and Jack Cartwheel. These are the sort of guys that need to be on ROH an any given day they are free. (If Blake, for example, has a Saturday GCW show, bring him in on Wednesday and tape his match at Dynamite.)

This is ROH’s birthplace. We all know that. This would have been a time to bring in Paul London and Amazing Red, who both had matches there this weekend… even if it were just a cameo. Same thing with Homicide, the SAT, Low Ki or even Austin Aries. No, I’m not suggesting they have a match or sign a contract (although a legends deal for action figures would be cool!) Point being… I feel like this was a bit of a wasted opportunity to not honor the history and tradition of ROH. That aside, this was a really good show, and everyone stepped up.


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