ROH Supercard of Honor results: Robinson’s review of Eddie Kingston vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH Championship, Athena vs. Hikaru Shida for the ROH Women’s Title, first ROH Women’s TV Champ crowned

By Sam Robinson, Contributor (@altaine)

Ring of Honor “Supercard of Honor”
Streamed live April 5, 2024 on HonorClub
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Liacouras Center

ROH Supercard of Honor Zero Hour Pre-Show

*Unless otherwise noted, all matches started and ended with the Code of Honor handshake…

We started the show with the broadcast team of Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman at ringside welcoming us to the show. There was a halfway decent looking crowd, which has not a staple of ROH lately. Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer…

1. “The Premier Athletes” Josh Woods, Ari Daivari, and Tony Nese (w/Mark Sterling) vs. Tony Deppen Adam Priest and Rhett Titus. They went with the old ROH camera set up with the hard cam pointed at the stage. Woods and Titus worked some headlock takeovers to start. They continued some chain wrestling in a feeling out process. Titus eventually threw an arm drag but missed a second, and Woods kicked his arm. Nese came in and continued the arm work, but Titus came back and tagged out to Deppen. Nese worked over Deppen in the corner with forearms. Deppen hit a dropkick and tried to get the quiet crowd fired up.

Daivari tagged in and Prime Athletes worked over Deppen in the corner and hit a double clothesline on Deppen. Deppen tagged out to Priest, and he came in and got hit by a blind tag and a double team move from Nese and Daivari. Daivari hit a reverse DDT to get a two count on Priest. Priest tagged out to Titus who knocked Woods off the apron and hit his ripcord belly to belly on Daivari for a broken up nearfall. Woods hit a belly to belly on Titus. Premier Athletes hit a TKO cutter combo on Priest to send him to the outside. Woods rolled up Nese and got a two count.

Titus hit a wonky looking airplane spin of some sorts and got a two count. Nese pushed Titus and Deppen into each other. Woods German suplexed Titus and then hit a jawbreaker suplex combo on Priest. Action spilled to ringside and Deppen and Daivari fought at ringside. Premiere athletes passed Deppen up into the ring where Woods hit a powerbomb and then Daivari and Nese came off opposing corners with top rope fist drops for the pinfall victory

“The Premier Athletes” Josh Woods, Ari Daivari, and Tony Nese defeated Tony Deppen Adam Priest and Rhett Titus by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Perfectly fine TV match that showcased the “repackaged” Premier Athletes. There’s nothing really new to the act other than they are a trio now. The former ROH stars still looked good and could go.

Recap videos aired on the Dalton Castle and Johnny TV feud, and the ROH Women’s TV Championship tournament final match between Queen Aminata and Billie Starkz…

2. The Beast Mortos (f/k/a Black Taurus) vs. Blake Christian. The Code of honor was waved off since Mortos just growled at Christian and the ref. Christian grabbed an arm bar and forced a handshake. Mortos and Chrsitian traded near falls off of leg trips and then traded flying head scissors flip outs to a standstill. Christian hit a head scissors and Mortos went to ringside but came right back in. Christian hit a wheelbarrow and then a splash and went up top for a flying uppercut for a two count.

Mortos came back with a combo of strikes in the corner and a powerslam for a two count. Mortos slapped Christian to the mat and growled again. Mortos slapped Christian in the face so hard it echoed through the arena. Mortos locked in a bear hug but Christian fought out but ran right into a discus clothesline that got Mortos a two count. Christian hit a handstand tornado DDT and the men went out to the apron where Christian hit a spear. Christian then hit a flip dive onto Mortos on the outside.

Back in the ring he hit a top rope elbow and got a two count. Mortos fought out of a fireman’s carry and hit a bulldog and crucifix driver and a pop up samoan drop for a two count. Christian fought back with a slap and slid out of a corner splash and hit a fireman’s carry driver and then men fought to the ramp. Christian tried an Asai moonsault, but got caught, but he slid out and hit a tornado DDT on the ramp. Back in the ring, Christian hit a springboard 450 for a two count. Christian went up top but Mortos followed him. Mortos hit a gorilla press slam from the top and then a pump handle piledriver for the three count.

The Beast Mortos defeated Blake Christian by pinfall

After the match Komander and Alex Abrahantes came out on the stage and clapped for Mortos and his victory in a manner that seemed like a challenge…

Robinson’s Ruminations: That was a crazy lucha match that the crowd energized. Very fun candy match.

A video recapped The Infantry vs. Undisputed Kingdom feud with interspersed promos from The Infantry, and another aired on the ROH TV Championship feud between Lee Johnson and Kyle Fletcher…

Caprice Coleman interviewed Kyle Fletcher about his upcoming match. Fletcher said he’s also undefeated in ROH. Coleman said Johnson has something to prove and Fletcher agreed and said that Johnson isn’t on his level…

3. “SAP” Angelico and Serpentico vs. “Maria’s Baby Boys” Griff Garrison and Cole Karter (w/ Maria Bennett-Kanellis). Maria still had the green mask of Serpentico on their entrance. Garrison and Karter jumped SAP as they finished their entrance. Serpentico dumped Karter to ringside and hit a double team backbreaker combo on Garrison. Serpentico dove onto the Baby Boys at ringside and posed with the crowd on the barricade. All four men fought at ringside slamming each other into barricades. Maria taunted Serpentico with his mask and that allowed the Baby Boys to take over and throw Serpentico into the ring.

The Baby Boys hit some tandem strikes that got Garrison a two count on Serpentico. Garrison put on the mask as he worked over Serpentico and Maria took it back. Serpentico tried a sunset flip but the Baby Boys tagged out. Serpentico tried to fight out but got hit with a spinebuster from Karter for a two count. Maria told Baby Boys to take the mask off Serpentico and Karter was able to rip it a bit at the eye hole. Garrison soaked up some boos as he and Garrison hit quick tags. Both Baby Boys got dumped to ringside and Serpentico got the hot tag. Angelico came in with clotheslines and a step up clothesline off the back of Karter.

Angelico hit a series of kicks and a high knee and then his rewind kick for a two count. Angelico hit a flatliner and Serpentico hit a top rope swan dive for a broken up nearfall. Baby Boys hit a fireman’s carry big boot combo but it knocked Angelico out of the ring. Serpentico hit a double flatliner. Maria tried to come in with a chair and the ref caught her and threw her out. Maria threatened to stay but eventually put the mask on the ramp. Angelico tried to grab it but he got tripped by Garrison. In the ring, Serpentico and Karter traded rollup nearfalls, but then Garrison grabbed the black mask off Serpentico’s face and Karter rolled up Serpentico for the three count.

Griff Garrison and Cole Karter defeated “SAP” Angelico and Serpentico by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: It’s interesting to see the heels go over in what I assume was the end of the feud, though because another mask was stolen I’m not so sure this one is over just yet. These two teams work very well together so I wouldn’t be opposed to more. This match was a very fine tag match, and the Baby Boys continue to grow in confidence and chemistry.

There was a rundown of Johsi stars who would work the upcoming six-woman tag. Riccaboni did an Excalibur speed reading impression, so it was hard to follow…

A video aired on the Hikaru Shida vs. Athena feud with clips from the last time Shida beat Athena in Shimmer…

4. Mariah May vs. Momo Kohgo. May is still in Rocker Toni Storm mode. There was no Code of Honor as both women waved it away. May hit a snapmare and mocked Kohgo’s entrance mannerisms. Kohgo hit a corner springboard crossbody and a basement dropkick. Kohgo whiffed on a 619 attempt and May stretched her in the ropes and then drop kicked Kohgo in the back for a two count. May hit a spinning sidewalk slam and a shotgun dropkick for a two count. May hit a twisting slam to get a two count. Kohgo came back with a dropkick and fired up. Kohgo hit a springboard dropkick and then hit her 619 for a two count.

May put Kohgo on the top rope and slapped her in the face. May hit the handstand hurracanra off the top, and then hit a top rope shotgun dropkick for a two count. Kohgo fought back with some forearms to the chest, but May fired back with one to the face that dropped Kohgo. May caught a springboard attempt but Kohgo fought out and hit a mule kick to the face. Kohgo hit a satellite DDT for a two count. Kohgo called for the end but May hit a headbutt and Kohgo fired back with a superkick, but May hit a nasty looking Saito suplex. May hit a running knee lift to the chin and got the three count.

Maria May defeated Momo Kohgo by pinfall.

After the match May tried to help Kohgo up, but Kohgo tried to fight back, and May dropped her with a kick.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fun joshi match. Both women worked a very fun hard style.

There was a recap of the ROH Championship feud between Eddie Kingston and Mark Briscoe. There was a Jay Briscoe promo interspersed that gave me goosebumps…

ROH Supercard of Honor Main Card

A video package highlighted the main events, then shifted to some shots of old ROH followed by shots of the new ROH stars. “This is Philadelphia, This is ROH, This is Home”…

Nigel McGuinness made his entrance to a really nice ovation to join Riccaboni and Coleman on commentary…

1. Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson for the ROH World TV Championship. Fletcher came out with face and chest paint. The men soaked up the ovation from the crowd for the first “real” match. Johnson offered the handshake and Fletcher kicked it away. Fletcher hit a waist lock slam and told Johnson to bring it. Fletcher ran through Johnson with a shoulder block and posed. Johnson hit his big dropkick and worked over Fletcher with chops in the corner. Fletcher came back with a swing out side slam. Fletcher returned the chops in the corner and the crowd chanted “one more time”, but when Fletcher tried, Johnson turned it around and hit some more chops, but then Fletcher put Johnson down with a running elbow. Johnson got a rollup two count.

Johnson turned up the speed and hit some chops and then dumped Fletcher to ringside. Johnson hit a flip dive onto Fletcher at ringside. Fletcher suplexed Johnson over the barricade and he fell into the crowd. Fletcher set up a chair and told a cameraman to “watch this” and hit a running cannonball over the barricade and posed in the crowd. Back in the ring, Fletcher hit a double underhook back suplex for a two count. Johnson fought back with some punches and chops and a neckbreaker. Johnson kipped up and got a crowd reaction! Johnson hit a leg trip and a standing moonsault for a two count. The men traded waist lock switches, but Fletcher grabbed a facelock and hit a suplex. Fletcher ignored some “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chants. Johnson hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Fletcher hit a superkick and went up top and Johnson cut him off and followed.

Fletcher hit a super scoop slam for a great two count. Johnson hit a huracanrana driver for a two count and then he hit some superkicks. Johnson went up top but Fletcher kicked his legs out from him and Johnson fell into the corner. Fletcher hit a nasty running kick and a brainbuster for another great nearfall. Fletcher hit a sitout last ride powerbomb and only got a two count. Fletcher was exasperated and both men fell over. There was a crowd chant but I couldn’t make it out. Johnson couldn’t stand but asked for more as Fletcher kicked him in the chest. Johnson caught a kick and then threw a forearm and Fletcher responded with one that knocked him down. Johnson went to the apron to recover and Fletcher followed. Fletcher tried for his tombstone but Johnson reversed it and hit his Big Shot Drop on the apron and both men spilled to ringside.

Both men got back in the ring at 19 and went nose to nose and threw punches at each other. Johnson ducked a kick and hit a superkick, but Fletcher threw back with a German suplex. Johnson hit a Poison Rana but Fletcher hit his tombstone and got a surprise two count. We got a small “Shotty” chant. Fletcher put Johnson on the top turnbuckle but Johnson fought him off and Johnson hit a super destroyer from the top and then went for a frog splash from the top and it was ugly and he went and hit another one and only got a two count. “This is awesome” chanted the crowd. Johnson fired up and the crowd let their chant go to cheer for him. Fletcher lawn darted Johnson into the turnbuckle and hit another running kick in the corner. Fletcher put Johnson on the top and hit a corner brainbuster to get the pinfall victory.

Kyle Fletcher defeated Lee Johnson by pinfall to retain the ROH World TV Championship.

Fletcher offered a handshake and Johnson accepted…

Robinson’s Ruminations: Fletcher is incredible. Johnson held his own and actually started to get over with the crowd. He took a ton of punishment and showed heart. He may get all the way over just yet. That was a big time main event match with all kinds of big moves and big nearfalls. Very good stuff.

A video package spotlighted the Joshi stars in the six-woman tag match. I still got almost none of it, Riccaboni was going 1000 words a minute…

2. Mina Shirakawa, Maika and Mei Seira vs. Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano and AZM in a Stardom Trios match. Seira and AZM went to a stalemate with some dropkicks and kip ups. AZM used a knee from the apron to get an advantage and the heels choked Seira in the corner. Nakano hit some kicks and stomps and got a two count on Seira. Seira tried to fight back with forearms but Nakano stuffed them all. Seira hit a superkick and a neckbreaker and made a tag to Maika. Maika hit some shoulder blocks but the heels tried to double team but Maika hit a suplex on both of them.

Nakano did a Matrix reversal and got a two count rollup out of it. Nakano hit a knee to the face and that got her another two count. AZM hit a shotgun dropkick off the middle rope and got a two count. AZM locked in a rings of Saturn but Maika powered out. The heels triple teamed Maika and AZM locked in a fujiwara armbar but it was broken up. AZM went up top and missed a double stomp. All three faces hit big moves on AZM but it only got Maika a tow count. AZM hit a suplex on Maika. Maika hit a standing fall away slam but AZM came right back with a forearm for a double down. Shirakawa and Kamitani tagged in and traded missed kicks for a bit before Shirakawa got one in and started working on the knee.

Kamitani eventually hit a spinwheel kick, and the heels all hit kicks on Shirakawa. Kamitani hit a northern lights with a bridge and got a two count. Shirakawa hit a leaping kick off the turnbuckle for a two count. Maika came in and she and Shirakawa hit a double team move. Shirakawa hit a spinning electric chair slam and then locked in a figure four on Kamatani that AZM broke up. Nakano dove onto a pile at ringside. Back in the ring, Kamatani hit a springboard crossbody for a two count. Kamatani hit a rolling Saito suplex with bridge for a two count on Shirakawa.

Shirakawa fought back with a discus forearm. Shirakawa hit a backfist for a two count. Kamatani hit a huracanrana rollup for a nearfall. Shriakawa fought back with a rollup and that brought everyone in for a breakup. Maika hit a double clothesline on two heels. The non-legal four fought back down to ringside. Kamatani hit a huge mafia kick, but Shirakawa came right back with a kick of her own for a two count. Shriakawa hit a spinning reverse DDT style move to get the pinfall on Kamatani.

Mina Shirakawa, Maika and Mei Seira defeated Saya Kamitani, Tam Nakano and AZM by pinfall.

After the match as the faces celebrated, Maria May came to the ring and went face to face with Shriakawa and hugged her. Maria offered all the faces champagne glasses and shook up a bottle and poured some for everyone. They toasted and May’s music hit to end the segment…

Robinson’s Ruminations: I sure hope I kept all those names straight. Fun trios match. Joshi wrestlers can go, but there was lots of standing around on the outside that the cameras tried their best to hide.

A video package aired on the Undisputed Kingdom and Infantry feud…

3. “Undisputed Kingdom” Mike Bennett and Matt Taven vs. “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo (w/ Trish Adora) for the ROH Tag Team Titles. The Kingdom jumped The Infantry before the bell and the ref yelled at them to no avail. Kingdom dumped Bravo to ringside and the bell rang. Dean got a rollup on Bennett but Taven broke it up. Taven hit a middle rope drop kick on Dean and got a two count. Kingdom worked over Dean in the corner, and he fired up and traded chops with Bennett. Dean hit a scoop slam and a big elbow drop for a two count. Bravo tagged in and hit a running big boot and Dean hit a running elbow. Bravo jumped on Taven at ringside and Dean flip dove onto both Kingdom members at ringside.

Infantry tried a double back body drop but everyone spilled to the ramp and Taven hit a jumping clothesline on the ramp. Taven hung Bravo out to dry on the barricade. Dean back body dropped Bennett on the ramp as Taven set up a table and the ref wasn’t even counting. Bennett hit a rolling forearm and Kingdom hit a spike piledriver on the ramp. Bravo climbed onto the apron and tried to rouse Dean but then he got thrown into the ring. Kingdom hit the pop up forearm and Bennett got a two count. Bennett hung Bravo in the tree of woe and drop kicked him in the face and got a two count. Bravo fought out of a suplex and got a cradle for a two count, but Taven came right back with a clothesline.

Bennett tagged in and got a two count for nothing. Kingdom worked over Bravo in the corner with quick tags and stomps. Trish tried to fire up Bravo at ringside and he dumped Taven to ringside and used the ropes like a zip line and then low bridged Bennett to the floor too. Bravo hit an enzuigiri on Taven and got the hot tag. Dean fought off both Kingdom members with punches and clotheslines. Dean hit a butterfly backbreaker on Bennett for a two count. Bravo tagged in and hit a jawbreaker and Dean hit a German and Bravo flipped over for a stack pin that got a two count. Infantry went for Boot Camp but Taven tripped Bravo. Bennett hit a DVD and Taven hit Just the Tip and that only got them a two count. Kingdom hit the Proton Pack but Bravo broke up the cover. Bravo hit the Carlie Crossover but Taven hit a superkick and it was a double down. Trish at ringside kept firing up the crowd.

Everyone traded superkicks until Infantry hit a neckbreaker combo and then hit Boot Camp on Taven for a broken up nearfall. Bennett hit a forearm on Bravo and Infantry retreated up the ramp. Bennett set up to powerbomb Dean through the table on the floor but Bravo broke it up with a superkick. Infantry hit a combo move similar to Magic Killer on the ramp. Taven hit Climax on Dean on the ramp. Bravo slammed Taven’s head into the stairs and the table repeatedly. Bravo fired up and hit a splash on Taven through the table. In the ring, Dean went up top and hit a splash on Dean, but the ref was on the floor checking on Taven and Bravo. Wardlow came out of the crowd and turned Dean inside out with a clothesline. The ref slid in the ring and counted the three count as Bennett covered Dean.

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett defeated “The Infantry” Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fun tag match that was pay-per-view caliber. The Infantry were really on fire at the end of that match and had the crowd in the palm of their hands, but the screwy finish really took the wind out of the sails of the crowd.

A video package aired on the ROH Women’s TV Championship feud…

4. Queen Aminanta vs. Billie Starkz in the finals of a tournament to become the first ROH Women’s TV Champion. The crowd was divided in their cheers at the top as the women soaked it in. Aminata got wrist control and used a leg trip to ground Starkz briefly. Starkz hit a sunset flip and got a one count and then kicked Aminata in the face for another one count. Aminata got a cradle for a one count. Aminata hit a suplex. Aminata hit a nasty looking running kick and looked right into the camera. At ringside, the women traded chops at the barricade.

Back in the ring, Aminata locked in a camel clutch but Starkz stood up and Aminaita transitioned into a Rings of Saturn with her legs. That got rolled over into a nearfall and Aminata hit another suplex. Amainata missed a hip attack in the corner and Strakz hit a clothesline for a two count. Starkz missed her corner rewind kick and Aminata hit a German suplex and running knee and got a two count. The crowd had a dueling chant as Aminata paintbrush Starkz with her feet. Aminata hit a see-saw flatliner. Starkz fell out of an air raid crash attempt and got an ugly two count. Starkz hit a backbreaker clothesline combo for a two count. Aminata got a backslide for a two count. Starkz hit a knee to the face and a twisting ushigoroshi for a two count. Starkz put Aminanta on her shoulders but then they traded rollup nearfalls. Starkz tried a suplex but Aminata countered with a roll of the dice for a two count.

Aminata missed a kick and Starkz hit a spin kick of her own, but Aminata hit a clothesline for the double down. The dueling chant got louder this time! The women traded forearms and chops in the middle of the ring. Starkz missed a kick in the corner and Aminata kicked Starkz’ leg out. Aminata hit a drop toe hold and went for the big running kick again but Starkz moved. Starkz hit a suicide dive onto Aminata at ringside. Starkz put Aminata on the apron and went to the turnbuckle. Starkz missed a swan dive onto the apron as Aminata moved.

Aminata hit a stomp/leg drop kind of thing onto Starkz at ringside, ugly looking. Aminata hit a German suplex at ringside. Back in the ring, Aminata hit a swan dive from the top rope but Starkz kicked out at one! Aminata slapped her and then hit a running air raid crash for a two count. Aminata hit a hip attack in the corner and then a running boot to the face. Aminata pulled Starkz up to the top turnbuckle and they fought on the top. Starkz knocked Aminata into the ring and tried her swan dive but Aminata got the knees up.

Starkz grabbed the ref and had the ringside doc come in and check on her. The camera cut to the announcers briefly before cutting back to the ring as the staff put a neck brace on Starkz. They kept the cameras off Starkz and on the announcers and Aminata. The staff had Starkz sit up as Aminata looked on, upset. The staff got Starkz to her feet and Aminata held the ropes open for them. Starkz grabbed Aminata and hit a German suplex and then locked in a sleeper until Aminata faded out for the ref stoppage.

Billie Starkz defeated Queen Aminata to become the first ROH Women’s TV Champion.

After the match, Starkz pondered an after the match beatdown, but she just headed up the ramp…

Robinson’s Ruminations: I’m not a fan of the finish. Using an injury angle is pretty dirty, but that played into the heel demeanor of the new champion. I’m not willing to give it a total pass, but I kind of understand. The match before that was a very good hard hitting affair.

There was a backstage interview with Action Andretti and “Top Flight” Dante Martin and Darius Martin. Lexi asked Dante about his broken leg from last year. Dante said he’s worked his ass off to get back to the ring with his brothers. Dante said they are no strangers to struggling. Darius said they always get back up and overcome. Darius said the road to the titles is hard, but it’s going to be a great moment when they win and they are just taking off…

Bullet Club Gold made their entrance and White mocked Casters “Yo Listen” and told the crowd “Gunns up”. White said they are the best trio ever and were going to defend their championships. White offered up an open challenge to the back. Lance Archer made his entrance with Alex Zayne. Archer introduced his tag partner and called themselves Monster Sauce. Archer called out their partner Minoru Suzuki…

5. “Bullet Club Gold” Jay White, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn vs. Minoru Suzuki and “Monster Sauce” Lance Archer and Alex Zayne for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles. White asked why Suzuki is following him and Suzuki called him a young boy. White threw a gun at Suzuki and Suzuki grabbed it for a hold. “Murder Grandpa” chanted the crowd as Suzuki did some arm stretches. White chopped Suzuki and the crowd chanted “You fucked up”. Suzuki locked in a sleeper but The Gunns pulled White to ringside. White tagged out to Austin, “Ass Boys” chanted the crowd, and so did Suzuki much to Austin’s chagrin. Austin chopped Suzuki to no avail and then switched to forearms which Suzuki ate too.

Suzuki dropped Austin with one forearm. Colten tagged in and so did Archer. Archer just ate some chops from Colten and threw him with a belly to belly by his neck. Colten worked over Archer in the corner for a moment and hit a splash and poked Archer in the eye and kicked him in the knee. Archer threw a huge suplex and tagged in Zayne, who threw a leapfrog dropkick over Archer! Austin got the knee up on the apron but he ate an elbow for it. Austin tagged in and worked over Zayne in the corner. “Ass Boys” and Austin covered his ears. Austin hit some southpaw punches and got a two count. White tagged in and chopped Zayne down and did it again in the corner. White hit a float over suplex for a two count on Zayne.

White stood on the head of Zayne on the rope. White got a two count on a lateral press. White locked in a chin lock and the ref had to hold Suzuki back. Suzuki grabbed a chair as Zayne fought out of the chinlock. Colten tagged in and stomped on Zayne. Austin tagged in and The Gunns hit some double team strikes as the ref was distracted by Suzuki’s chair and Colten got a visual pinfall on Zayne.

Zayne fought off both Gunns and tagged out to Archer who cleared house and ate Austin punches. Archer hit a black hole slam on Austin and then a crossbody block on Colten. Archer and Zayne hit some tag team offense on The Gunns in the corner. Archer hit a chokeslam moonsault with Zayne on Austin and got a broken up nearfall. Suzuki threw White into the barricade. Archer went for his finisher but Austin fought out. Austin hit a flipping face slam on Archer for a double down.

White and Suzuki tagged in and Suzuki chopped the crap out of White’s face until the ref had to pull him off. White chopped Susuki again and he ate it. Suzuki put all three Bullet Club members down withe forearms. Suzuki hit a running PK as the crowd chanted for him and he got a two count with a cocky cover. Suzuki worked some joint holds and white thumbed him in the eye. Suzuki grabbed his sleeper and White fought out for and hit a leg whip, but Zayne had tagged in and blasted White with a clothesline.

Zayne put White up top and hit a running Frankensteiner. Zayne hit a slam move on White and got a two count. Zayne went up top and rolled through the 45o but White hit him with a high angle uranagi. Suzuki locked in the sleeper on White again, but The Gunns grabbed him and threw him into the barricade. Archer choke slammed White but The Gunns hit 310 to Yuma on Archer. Zayne hit a crossbody on The Gunns and then walked right into Bladerunner for the pinfall.

“Bullet Club Gold” Jay White, Austin Gunn, and Colten Gunn defeated Minoru Suzuki and “Monster Sauce” Lance Archer and Alex Zayne to retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles.

After the match, White grabbed the mic and said they are the greatest trio and then said their catchphrase. “The Acclaimed” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn attacked Bullet Club Gold from behind. White escaped behind some security to get away from Billy Gunn. White was able to hit Bladerunner on Bowens and get The Gunns out of Dodge.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A very fun, crazy six-man match. Suzuki is always a treat. Monster Sauce is heck of a team. Alex Zayne showed some stuff here tonight. The post match attack was fine, but I just wish they’d get to the unification already. That said, I don’t know that they do, because Riccaboni said twice that the newly designed ROH Six-Man belts are beautiful.

A video package aired on the Dalton Castle/Johnny TV feud…

6. Johnny TV (w/Taya Valkyrie) vs. Dalton Castle in a Fight Without Honor. Castle made his entrance with six Rent-a-Boys. Castle seemed fired up finally. Castle was way over with the crowd here. The men started with some light shoving while smirking while the crowd did the “Yay Boo” chants. Castle threw a right hand, and TV followed with a leg kick. Castle tried Bangarang but TV escaped and went outside. Castle chased TV around the ring, and TV stomped the hand of Castle and tried to throw some water at Castle but missed.

Back in the ring, Castle hit a clothesline and a DDT. Castle worked a gator roll and threw some elbows at a prone TV. TV threw Castle out of the ring, but Castle pulled TV out too. TV threw Castle into a chair at ringside and hit a knee. Castle accidentally fell into Taya. Castle hit a swirling huracanrana on the floor. Castle asked Coleman if he was TV ready and the announcers agreed. Taya held the feet of Castle and TV hit a disaster kick. At ringside TV continued the assault with kicks and knees. TV and Taya made out for a bit. Castle missed a clothesline and hit the post. Back in the ring, TV hit Moonlight Drive and got a two count.

TV kicked Castle all over the ring. Castle reversed an irish whip into the corner but took too long and hit his knee on the turnbuckle and fell to ringside. TV grabbed a table out from under the ring, and set it up at ringside. TV kept up the assault with even more kicks at ringside while Taya continued to dig under the ring. Castle and TV fought over a chair but TV got handed a kendo stick and TV laid in some shots with the kendo. TV hit some more kendo shots in the ring as Taya screamed “More”. TV hit a White Russian leg sweep and got a two count. TV tried to choke Castle with the kendo but Castle fought out and grabbed the kendo. Castle swung and missed with it as TV retreated up the ramp. TV did some parkour off the ropes but Castle grabbed him with a suplex. Castle hit another suplex and then lit up TV with kendo stick shots.

Castle tried to put the kendo in his trunks but it didn’t work. Taya threw powder in the eyes of Castle and then blasted him with a leaf blower and he fell all over the announce crew. Castle tried his swivel huracanrana but TV saw it coming and powerbombed Castle through the table at ringside. TV hit Starship Pain in the ring, but Castle kicked out at two. TV put Castle in a chair and used a kendo stick to twist the chair for a sick sound as the stick broke and TV got a two count out of it. TV stacked up chairs on Castle and went for Starship Pain again. Castle emerged from the pile and hit TV with a kendo in the back. Castle threw elbows at the back of TV who was hanging on the ropes. Castle hit a high knee and a German suplex and TV retreated to ringside.

Castle called for a Boy and one pranced to the ring, and Castle threw all six at TV. TV had the unfortunate task of catching all these green schmucks. The sixth boy just kind of fell down onto the apron. A seventh Boy, Cartwheel Boy appeared and hit his Cartwheel dive onto TV on the outside. Another Boy walked down the ramp but he was wearing a t-shirt and sneakers. TV took back over with his kicks and The Boys pulled Castle out of the way of Starship Pain and TV dove onto the whole pile.

The eigth Boy was actor Paul Walter Hauser, who hit TV with a Sky High and pulled off his shirt to show another shirt. The Boys carried Taya away as TV cried “Don’t leave”. Castle and Hauser stroked each other’s faces and then they dumped tacks onto the mat. “You sick Boy” chanted the crowd. Castle hit Bangarang onto the tacks and got the three count.

Dalton Castle defeated Johnny TV in a Fight Without Honor by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: That was pretty painful to watch down the stretch as they were setting things up and TV was just throwing kicks to zero crowd reaction. The end was fine and it seems like TV avoided most of the tacks in his exposed skin. I’m glad this feud is over.

A video package ran down the feud between Athean and Hikaru Shida…

7. Athena vs. Hikaru Shida for the ROH Women’s Championship. Athena was painted red and glittery from head to toe. Weird. Athena bailed to ringside early and slapped her head to signify she was doubting herself. Athena fired herself up and got back in the ring. The women traded arm work and then traded headlock takeovers. Shida hit a shoulder block and cartwheeled out of a head-scissors attempt. Athena rolled up Shida but Shida rolled through and tried a kick but missed. Athena went back to ringside looking contemplative again.

Athena got back in the ring and offered a handshake. The fans had a dueling chant as Athena tried to use the handshake to get a punch in but Shida held onto the wrist and threw some short clotheslines. Shida hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shida ran Athena’s head into the turnbuckle and got the ten punches from the wrong side of the ropes. Athena tripped Shida and locked her leg in the turnbuckle and kicked and stomped on it. Athena worked on the knee with kicks and knee drops. Athena hit a cannonball knee drop on Shida. Shida tried to fight back by putting her boot up but Athena grabbed it and dropped on it. Athena hit an Alabama Slam and locked in an ankle lock. Shide fought out and tried for a knee but she hit the ropes with it.

Shida hit some forearms and then a fireman’s carry backbreaker. Shida hit a running forearm and a suplex for a two count. Shida hit a running knee in the corner and Athea came back with a handspring elbow. The women fought to ringside and Shida hit a high knee and her other leg gave out for a double down. Athena hit her head on the announce desk hard. Shida threw Athena into the ring and got a two count nearfall. Shida hit her Question Mark kick but it was weak. Athena fought back with forearms. Shida fought with forearms too but Athena kicked out Shida’s knee. Athena hit a Saito suplex and then a wheelbarrow suplex for a two count. Athena was working through her playbook in her mind as she sat up from that cover.

Athena went up for O-Face but Shida held onto it and went for Katana but Athena blocked and Athean locked in another ankle lock with a leg grapevine. “Shida” chanted the crowd as Shida made it to the ropes, and Athena took her whole five count. Shida went to the ramp and Athena tried to suicide dive at her but Shida hit her with a knee. Athena ran Shida into the post. Shida hit something like Strong Zero on the ramp. Back in the ring, Shida hit Meteora off the top and got a two count. “This is awesome” chanted the crowd as Atheana fought her way up, but Shida put her down with a knee lift. Athena hit a corner springboard codebreaker and then a dominator backstabber for a one count! Athena did a double arm swing, but Shida countered right into a falcon arrow for a one count and a double down.

Shida hit a running huracanrana but Athena rolled through and hit a powerbomb. Athena tried to dump Shida to ringside with a powerbomb but Shida pulled her outside, but Athena held on and hit a sit out powerbomb on the floor. Athena put Shida in the ring and went to the top and hit O-Face but Shida kicked out at two because of a weak cover. “Shida” chanted the crowd. Athena went to the top again, but Shida grabbed her ankle and climbed up too. Shida hit a fireman’s carry backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle and then hit her Katana kick for a two count. Shida collapsed and pulled her knee pad down. Dueling chants as Athena caught a running knee strike. Shida hit a German suplex and a clothesline. Athena ducked a Katana and blasted Shida with her big forearm. Athena hit O-Face from the top and got the pinfall.

Athena defeated Hikaru Shida by pinfall to retain the ROH Women’s Championship.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Another great match. That was a war. I’m almost ready to believe Athena will be “forever champ” because who the hell is left for her to fight in ROH? They keep pulling women down for her to fight (First Nyla Rose, now Shida).

They announced more Collision matches along with matches for Wednesday’s Dynamite…

A video package set up the main event…

9. Eddie Kingston vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH Championship. Briscoe came out to some Lynyrd Skynyrd music and hugged his family at ringside. This match received in-ring introductions. “Man Up”chanted the crowd as the wrestlers locked up. The men exchanged hammerlocks as “Dem Boys” rang out briefly. Briscoe held onto a headlock for a bit and then hit a shoulder block. Eddie ducked a punch and hit a Saito suplex. Eddie stuck his boot in Briscoe’s face and hit a running boot. Briscoe blocked a strike and hit redneck kung fu.

Briscoe hit a running boot to the face and then his spicy drop kick. Briscoe hit a rolling suicide dive and hugged more of his family. Briscoe put a chair in the ring and set it up for a triple jump, but Eddie cut him off and chokeslammed Briscoe into the open chair as the announcers told us it was legal because it was already set up. There was a long pause as Briscoe gathered himself at ringside, but Eddie blasted Briscoe with a clothesline and then slammed his head into the announce table. Briscoe came up bloody and Eddie smeared the blood on himself. “Eddie” chanted the crowd as Briscoe got in the ring and told Eddie to bring it. The men traded chops until Eddie punched the bloody skull of Briscoe. “Man Up” chanted the crowd as the ref checked on Briscoe.

Eddie dug his fingers into the cut and Briscoe was a mess. Eddie hit his rapid fire chops but Briscoe fired right back with chops of his own. Eddie hit a double underhook suplex. “Man Up” rang out again as Eddie dug his fingers into the wound again. Briscoe fought back with more chops but Eddie hit a big clothesline. Eddie said something to someone in the crowd that made the crowd go “Oooohhh”. Eddie dumped Briscoe to ringside and tried to dive on him, but Briscoe cut him off and bit his face. Briscoe hit a dropkick into Eddie who was seated in the corner chair and then broke the count. Briscoe hit a vertical suplex on the floor and then hit a cactus jack elbow. Eddie threw Briscoe into the post and broke the count.

Back in the ring Eddie hit an elbow drop and got a two count. Eddie punched at the head wound as the crowd chanted “Lets go Eddie”. Eddie hung Briscoe in the tree of woe but Briscoe pulled himself out and Eddie basement dropkicked him in the face anyway, and Eddie got a two count off of it. Eddie hit some knee lifts but Brisoce hit a clothesline. The men traded chops and forearms in the middle of the ring until Briscoe hit redneck kung fu and a spinning elbow. Briscoe hit a kick in the corner and tried to throw Eddie into the buckle but Eddie was slow going in. Briscoe hit a fisherman’s buster for a two count. Eddie rolled to ringside and Briscoe hit a running blockbuster. Back in the ring, Briscoe went to the top rope and missed Froggy-Bow, but rolled through and hit a DVD and went back up top.

Briscoe hit Froggy-Bow but only got a two count. Eddie hit a t-bone supelx but Briscoe popped right back up and then they traded Uranagi’s and T-bones for a bit. They hit double clotheslines and got another double down as “both these guys” rang out from the crowd. On the apron, the men traded chops until Eddie hit some headbutts and a T-bone suplex to the floor. “Holy Shit” the crowd chanted, rightly. “Man Up” rang out again and Eddie made it in at 15 and Briscoe fell down at 17 but slid it at 19 to the delight of the crowd. The men traded punches and chops on their knees and continued it as they rose to their feet. Briscoe fired up and lit Eddie up with some chops and hit a huge clothesline.

Briscoe went for the Jay Driller but Eddie reversed into a dragon suplex and hit a back fist for a two count! “Man Up” the crowd said to will Briscoe to his feet. Eddie missed a sliding elbow and Briscoe hit a rolling elbow. Jay got a rollup tow count, and Eddie missed a back fist and Briscoe rolled him up for another two count. Eddie hit a back fist and Briscoe hit an enzuigiri. Briscoe hit a Cutthroat Driver for a two count. Briscoe pointed up and called for the Jay Driller and hit it for the pinfall and the streamers flew!

Mark Briscoe defeated Eddie Kingston by pinfall to become ROH World Champion.

After the match Papa Briscoe hit the ring for a hug and then a bunch of the locker room emptied to hold Briscoe on their shoulders. Briscoe made everyone give Eddie some room to pull himself up. Briscoe and Eddie hugged and Eddie rolled out of the ring as the celebration continued. The show went off the air with The Kingdom holding up Briscoe on their shoulders.

Robinson’s Ruminations: Another war, and this one was a bloody affair. I could have done without the blood in what was supposed to be a fight with honor, but Briscoe is gonna Briscoe I assume. The match was good but not quite as good as the Athena/Shida match, mostly because it got a little slow at the end, but it’s the difference of like a quarter star if I gave those out.

The whole show was fun and packed with lots of very good to great wrestling. Sadly, it will probably be overlooked this weekend because of WrestleMania and all of the other independent cards going on too. I will be back with my ROH Supercard of Honor audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons).


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