Powell’s TNA Impact Hit List: Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title, Nic Nemeth, Mike Bailey, and Trent Seven vs. Steve Maclin and The Rascalz, Ace Austin vs. Frankie Kazarian

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

TNA Impact Hits

Mustafa Ali vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title: A quality match with a clever finish. They told a story with Sabin blowing off the referee and attempting to hit Ali with the title belt only to have Ali sidestep him and then roll him up and use the ropes for leverage. They showed that Sabin’s anger got the best of him, yet he didn’t actually look bad for getting himself disqualified. Rather, they put the heat on Ali for stealing the pin.

Nic Nemeth, Mike Bailey, and Trent Seven vs. Steve Maclin, Trey Miguel, and Zachary Wentz: TNA is going overboard with six-man tag team match main events. This was the third six-man match to close Impact over the last four weeks. Fortunately, this one did not involve The System, so it actually felt fresh. I’m not sure how much was accomplished by the babyface team beating Maclin after his partners walked out on him, but the live crowd enjoyed the final sequence. And then came the obligatory run-in by The System. I’m obviously not a fan of the faction, but TNA has certainly shown commitment to featuring them as the top heel group.

Josh Alexander promo: It was admittedly a little concerning to hear a babyface start a promo by asking the fans if they know what makes him special, but Alexander made it work. Alexander did a good job of setting the table for his eventual rubber match with Hammerstone. The match that followed with Oleg Prudius was a quick and decisive win for Alexander, as it should have been.

Crazzy Steve and PCO: Steve continues his string of feuding with TNA’s aging veterans, but this one is an upgrade. That said, I still can’t believe the company had new title belts made and didn’t use that opportunity to scrap the awful Digital Media Championship name.

Alan Angels’ Sound Check talkshow with Ash By Elegance: I was happy to see Angels get his own talkshow, but I’m not a fan of the way he acts like a loser. While it makes for an entertaining segment, it seemingly keeps him in an undercard spot as a wrestler. On the bright side, the segment worked for Ash in terms of giving her a different platform to showcase her arrogant character.

Joe Hendry vs. AJ Francis: I can’t say that I care about the feud, but the match was fine and I’m happy that we’re finally getting a new version of Rich Swann.

TNA Impact Misses

Mike Bailey and Trent Seven teaming: Bailey is an amazing wrestler who belongs in the world championship mix, not wasting his time in a throwaway tag team with Seven. One can only hope that this is will be a short-lived alliance.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Ace Austin: A Hit worthy match from a quality standpoint and I’m enjoying Kazarian’s heel run. But I really must question the logic of TNA focusing so heavily on their 40-something year-old veterans at the expense of building around younger wrestlers such as Austin and Chris Bey. Hell, they even had to be saved by Eric Young from a one-on-two post match attack. Granted, I don’t know where things stand between the company and Austin from a contractual standpoint, which could obviously change my opinion. But it’s an issue with TNA as a whole and I’m not sure why they seem so reluctant to build around younger talent.


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