GCW “Touch the Sky” results (2/23): Vetter’s review of Mance Warner vs. Allie Katch in a bullrope match, Blake Christian vs. Fuego Del Sol for the GCW Title, Los Macizos vs. Jacob Fatu and Zilla Fatu


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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GCW “Touch the Sky”
Streamed on TrillerTV+
February 23, 2024 in Dallas, Texas at Gilley’s

This is a fairly large bar or nightclub. Lighting is merely okay over the ring but it’s really dark over the fans. Attendance may be 400-500. Dave Prazak and Emil Jay provided commentary. Prazak said it’s their debut here. I saw MLW run from this venue before.

1. 1 Called Manders, Effy, and Sawyer Wreck defeated Jordan Cruz, Kari Wright, and Max Heights at 9:52. I’m a big fan of the muscular Cruz. I’ve seen Kari a few times, but I don’t think I’ve seen Max before; he’s white of average height and size, and he opened against Effy. Emil confirmed this is Max’s GCW debut. I always note that Effy is taller and bigger than you’d think, and he overpowered Max. Max hit a dropkick. Manders entered at 2:00, so the equally big Cruz tagged in, too, and they traded shoulder tackles and LOUD chops. Seriously these were LOUD. Kari is Black (think Kofi) and he hit a leaping kneestrike on Manders’ back. Sawyer entered for the first time and she hit repeated headbutts on Max.

Cruz’s team hit flip dives to the floor; Cruz needed to rewind and try again. In the ring, Manders hit a double suplex at 7:00. Effy made the hot tag and hit a double Blockbuster. Cruz hit a jumping knee to Effy’s jaw. Effy hit a spear on Cruz for a nearfall. Cruz hit a stunner on Sawyer, then another kneestrike to her jaw. Max hit an impressive frogsplash for a nearfall at 9:00. Manders hit a decapitating clothesline. Sawyer hit a double chokeslam. Effy hit a top-rope flying legdrop to pin Wright. That was entertaining.

2. Gringo Loco and “Los Vipers” Toxin and Latigo defeated Microman, Oni El Bendito, and Aramis at 14:31. Bendito always reminds me of (thinner) WCW-era La Parka, as he has a lot of size. Latigo opened and he’s in a black singlet, while Aramis is in black with green trim. Basic reversals early, and they traded a lot of rollups for nearfalls. Loco entered at 2:30 to help beat up Aramis. Aramis hit a cool satellite huracanrana Bendito entered and hit some quick armdrags on Loco and they had a standoff at 4:00. Microman tagged in to face Toxin, who has yellow-and-black gear today. Toxin dropped to his knees, but Microman hit some forearm strikes, then a headscissors takedown. He stomped on the feet of the heels.

Toxin and Latigo entered and stomped on Microman and were booed. Microman hit a head-scissors takedown on Loco. He hit a dive to the floor on Loco at 6:30. In the ring, Bendito and Aramis hit stereo 450 Splashes for nearfalls. Microman hit a Lungblower. Latigo hit a hard kick on Microman and he was booed. Loco hit a sit-out powerbomb on Aramis for a nearfall at 9:00. Latigo hit a punt kick to Bendito’s groin. The heels hit triple superkicks on Microman, who no-sold them. Loco hit a tombstone piledriver on Microman (his head was nowhere close the mat) but he still got a “you sick f—!” chant. Microman hit a tornado DDT on Toxin. Aramis hit an impressive top-rope moonsault to the floor.

Bendito hit his springboard corkscrew press to the floor at 11:00! In the ring, Microman got a rollup for a believable nearfall on Loco. Loco hit a suplex on Microman for a nearfall. Aramis leapt off Loco’s shoulders and got a huracarana (you can see how well these two work together.) Toxin hit a sit-out powerbomb on Aramis. Latigo hit a corkscrew senton on Bendito. Loco nailed a top-rope Spanish Fly on Bendito at 13:30. Toxin hit a corkscrew dive to the floor. Los Vipers tossed Aramis in the air, and Loco hit a moonsault on Aramis as he came down for the pin. The finish didn’t quite hit but this was really good.

* A backstage segment where Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander grilled Jimmy Lloyd, telling him he isn’t living up to his job as being a Broski.

3. Billie Starkz defeated Brohski Jimmy Lloyd in an intergender match at 6:05. Lloyd has a significant size/weight advantage. He pulled out a sheet of paper and read a prepared promo (“written by Matt Cardona”). He demanded to be shown some respect. Billie grabbed the paper and ripped it up, and they started to brawl to begin the match. She dove through the ropes. She hit a second and third dive. He slammed her head-first into one of the posts in the building. In the ring, she hit a Poison Rana for a nearfall at 2:30. He hit a legdrop in the ropes, sending her throat onto the ropes. He nailed a Facewash kick in the corner for a nearfall. She fired back with a spin kick to the head, then an (awkward-looking) Canadian Destroyer.

Billie went for a Swanton at 4:30 but he got his knees up, and he slammed her stomach-first for a nearfall. She hit a German Suplex for a nearfall, then a Dragon Suplex for a nearfall. Jimmy popped to his feet and hit a flying leg lariat for a nearfall. He grabbed his “title belt,” but she hit a spin kick, sending it into his head. She nailed the top-rope Swanton Bomb for the pin. Wow that was a lot of action for a match that short, but I expected her to win.

4. “The Bollywood Boyz” Harv Sihra and Girv Sihra defeated Alec Price and Cole Radrick at 10:27. A nice pop for the WWE stars, who danced to the ring. Prazak noted that Price reached the semifinals of the J-Cup tournament two weeks ago, losing to eventual winner Masha Slamovich. Radrick opened with Harv (he has the thinner face) with basic reversals. Price entered and hit his springboard crossbody block at 3:00. Price and Radrick applied double Sharpshooters, so the BB rolled to the floor. Harv got on the mic and called for a timeout. He then shouted at a fan, which instantly got the crowd to turn on them! Harv said fans don’t want to see them wrestle, they want to see them dance! They did their dance moves and told Price and Cole it is their turn; they started to dance but then the BB attacked them. Fun. I knew where it was going but still made me smile.

All four brawled on the floor; they got back in the ring at 8:00 with all four continuing to brawl. Cole hit his springboard stunner, and Price hit his Rebound Lariat, then his springboard Blockbuster. Price dove through the ropes onto the heels. Parrow suddenly appeared on the stage at 9:30 and the commentators agreed he had nothing to do with this match and shouldn’t be out here. The Sihras hit their Demolition-style top-rope elbow drop combo to pin Radrick. That wrapped up quickly, and Parrow never interfered; his mere presence was enough.

* Parrow grabbed Alec Price and chokeslammed him onto the ring apron and he left.

5. Jacob Fatu and Zilla Fatu defeated “Los Macizos” Ciclope and Miedo Extremo at 8:21. I’ve heard about Zilla for a while but saw him for the first time earlier this year and he looks like a football player; thick with a great physique. Several doors were set up in the ring before either team came out. Ciiclope speared Jacob Fatu through one of the doors during ring introductions! Emil didn’t even get to finish! Jacob dove over the top rope onto Los Macizos. All four brawled on the floor. In the ring, the Fatus hit a double elbow drop on Ciclope at 2:00. Zilla powerbombed Miedo through a door in the corner. Ciclope hit Jacob with a chairshot to the back.

Ciclope hit a basement dropkick on Zilla. Miedo hit a German Suplex on Jacob, and Los Macizos hit a flapjack on Jacob, dropping him through a door bridge. Zilla went for a Samoan Spike. Jacob threw a chair at Miedo’s head (I HATE that). Suddenly all four were down at 6:30. Ciclope hit a top-rope moonsault but he was a bit short so his legs came down on Zilla. Miedo set up a door bridge, and they hit a Doomsday Device on Jacob through a door bridge. Jacob popped up Miedo, and Zilla hit him with a flying Samoan Spike to the throat for the pin! That was fast and hard-hitting.

* A video package aired showing how the Mance Warner-Effy feud has slowly morphed into a Mance-Allie Katch feud.

6. Joey Janela defeated Sam Stackhouse at 15:22. Stackhouse is maybe 450 or so pounds but he was in a really entertaining tag match a couple weeks ago for GCW in Arizona. They locked up and Sam easily shoved him to the mat. Joey shifted gears and stomped on Sam’s feet. He tried a bearhug (he’s not trying to lift him, is he?) Sam mockingly acted like he was passing out from the bearhug, but then he easily hip-tossed Joey across the ring. They brawled to the floor, and Joey hit a top-rope crossbody block to the floor at 3:30. In the ring, Sam hit some LOUD chops. Joey hit a DDT. Joey hit some punches; Sam fired back with his own harder punches.

Joey jumped on Sam’s back at 6:30 and tried a sleeper hold. Sam hit a Stinger Splash, then another, then a third. They traded more punches and Sam seems legit winded. Joey tried to put Sam on his back, which seems like a terrible idea. Joey leapt off the ropes, but Sam caught him with a stunner and got a nearfall at 8:30. Sam set up a door bridge, but Joey caught him with a stunner. Joey was able to put Sam on his back and hit a Samoan Drop through the door bridge. (Still seems like a terrible idea!) Stackhouse hit a spin kick to the jaw at 11:30 and that popped the crowd. Joey hit a modified Canadian Destroyer that planted Sam’s head on the mat for a believable nearfall.

Sam dove at Joey, but Joey moved and Sam fell through the ropes and crashed through a door bridge on the floor at 13:00. Joey was able to roll the massive Sam back into the ring and he called for a brainbuster! However, Sam hit a bodyslam and a body splash for a believable nearfall. Sam peeled off his T-shirt to show off his flabby chest. He climbed the ropes as if going for a Vader Bomb, but Joey got underneath him and powerbombed him. Joey hit a top-rope doublestomp onto a chair on Sam’s chest for the pin. Decent action; my guess is Sam’s matches are best kept to the 6-9 minute window, before he gets too winded.

* A commercial aired for the GCW debut in Albuquerque, which is appropriating titled “Breaking GCW” with the logo looking like “Breaking Bad” (which was set in New Mexico.)

7. “Violence is Forever” Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini defeated “MonsterSauce” Alex Zayne and Lance Archer to retain the GCW Tag Team titles at 11:29. This is the GCW debut for the MonsterSauce team. A huge pop for Texas native Archer and we got a “F— him up, Archer!” chant. Zayne and Garrini opened, with Dominic hitting a shoulder tackle, then a loud chop! They traded chops. (Note that Zayne has put on size and muscle mass; it’s hard to believe just two years ago he still competed as a Junior in NJPW.) Ku grabbed Archer’s leg and hit a Dragonscrew Legwhip at 3:00. Ku hit a kneestrike to Zayne’s chest for a nearfall. Ku stomped on Zayne’s ankle and kept him grounded, and he applied a leglock.

Garrini hit a doublestomp; Archer tried to enter the ring but the ref stopped him, as ViF kept working over Alex. Archer finally got the hot tag at 8:00 and hit a suplex on Garrini, and he tossed Ku. Archer went to slam Alex onto Garrini, but Garrini applied a Triangle Choke on Alex! Ku hit a clothesline on Alex, and Garrini hit a running knee for a nearfall at 10:00. Garrini struck Archer in the back, which Lance no-sold and the fans gave Dominic a “you f—ed up!” chant. Ku hit a dropkick on Archer, then a baseball slide dropkick on Archer through the ropes. With Archer on the floor, ViF hit the Chasing the Dragon spin kick-and-brainbuster combo on Zayne for the pin.

* Ku got on the mic and said “another one down.” Garrini got on the mic and said they will have the best tag team title run in GCW history, “any time, any place.” This brought out the Bollywood Boyz! Dominic said their one win earlier in the show doesn’t qualify them for a title shot. Harv started to make a challenge for Spring Break. However, this brought out Los Macizos! They want a title shot, too! This brought out the Fatus, and they want a title match too! The Bollywood Boys suggested the four of them do it in a Punjabi Prison match! This will happen at Joey Janela’s Spring Break on Jan. 6 in Philadelphia over WrestleMania weekend.

8. John Wayne Murdoch defeated Pagano at 10:11. I don’t care for these death matches. I always compare Pagano’s style and willingness to brawl and bleed to Jon Moxley. Some barbed-wire boards were set up in the ring. Pagano has his left arm heavily taped. Pagano hit a flip dive throgh the ropes at 1:00. Pagano tried another flip dive, but Murdoch moved, and Pagano crashed through a barbed-wire board. Murdoch got a staple gun and used it on Pagano’s arm, stapling money to him. In the ring, Pagano hit a springboard dropkick, then another dive to the floor; there is still money stapled to his left shoulder. He raked Murdoch’s face in barbed wire.

Back in the ring, Pagano hit a Spanish Fly, sending Murdoch onto barbed wire at 6:00. Murdoch put a crown of barbed wire around Pagano’s forehead, then he grabbed Pagano in the groin at 8:00, earning a “you sick f—!” chant. Pagano hit a back suplex through a barbed-wire board in the corner. He hit him in the head with a chairshot. Murdoch stapled Pagano on his tongue and hit a brainbuster onto an open chair for the pin. Meh; just not for me. (Also, it is impossible to staple someone on the tonge if they don’t let you do it.)

9. Blake Christian defeated Fuego Del Sol to retain the GCW World Title at 26:45. Prazak noted this is the part of the country that Fuego calls home. No Shane Mercer in Blake’s corner tonight. Standing switches and a feeling-out process to open, and Blake twisted the left arm, and he kept him grounded; they are clearly going long, based on the pace early on. Blake dropped him with a shoulder tackle at 5:00. Fuego hit a huracanrana. Blake hit a baseball slide dropkick, then the Fosbury Flop to the floor at 8:00. Blake hit a bodyslam onto an elevated stage (where the hard camera was placed.) Back in the ring, Fuego hit an enzuigiri at 10:30. He went for a spear but Blake moved, and Fuego crashed shoulder-first into the corner.

They brawled more on the floor, with Blake in charge. Blake hit a DDT out of the ropes for a nearfall at 13:00; Emil wryly said “vintage Orton!” Fuego hit a top-rope Shooting Star Press to the floor on Blake at 15:00; Prazak said you don’t do a move like that unless a world title is at stake. In the ring, Fuego hit a Stomp on Blake’s head for a nearfall. Blake hit a handspring-back-spin kick and a snap suplex. Blake kipped up and hit an enzuigiri, then he dove through the ropes onto Fuego at 17:00. In the ring, Blake hit a top-rope elbow drop. Fuego hit a doublestomp to the chest as Blake was tied in the Tree of Woe! Fuego then hit a coast-to-coast dropkick for a nearfall at 19:00. Nice.

Blake hit a hard wind-up punch. He went for a handspring move but Fuego caught him with a dropkick. Fuego hit a top-rope corkscrew press for a nearfall. Blake nailed a superkick for a nearfall at 21:00, then a Springboard 450 Splash for a believable nearfall. Blake mounted him and hit some punches. Blake hit a spear on the ring apron, and he applied a Texas Cloverleaf on the ring apron! Blake got scissors from under the ring and he cut off a zip tie to remove turnbuckles in one corner. He tried to slingshot Fuego into the exposed turnbuckles, but Fuego avoided it, and he nailed a Tornado DDT for a nearfall at 24:00!

Blake accidentally crashed face-first into the exposed turnbuckle. Fuego hit a DDT for a nearfall, but Blake got a foot on the ropes to stop the count! They fought on the ropes in the corner, and Blake hit a low blow, then a brainbuster onto the exposed turnbuckle for a believable nearfall and the crowd POPPED for the kickout. Blake immediately hit the Stomp to the head for the pin. That was really good.

10. Mance Warner vs. Allie Katch in a bullrope match went to a no-finish at 25:38. I generally dislike intergender matches anyway, but he is so much bigger than her I just don’t buy this is a being believable, but let’s see how it goes. Mance forced Emil to announce him as “the future GCW heavyweight champion.” Well, that’s new. They placed the bullropes around their wrists; it doesn’t appear it tightens so these will be easy to remove. The rope is maybe 15 feet long with a bell in the middle. Mance got on the mic and berated her. He said the crowd doesn’t care about her, they only cheer for her “because she follows Effy.” She looked teary-eyed. He gave her a chance to walk out of here and not fight. They hugged (and the size difference is SO STARK). But then she kicked him in the groin to start the match!

They immediately brawled to the floor. Fans held Mance’s arms so she could chop him. She pulled on the bullrope so he was slammed face-first into the ring post. In the ring, she dropped him groin-first onto the top of an open chair at 5:00. Mance was bleeding from the forehead. He slammed a chair onto her. She also was now bleeding. He jabbed the edge of the cowbell into her cut at 9:00. She trapped his head in an open chair, and she hit it with another chair. She threw a chair at his head. She abbed cooking skewers into his forehead; he planted one skewer into her head. This is gross. He shoved some skewers into her mouth and pushed it against her cheek. That is even more gross. He pushed a skewer under her fingernail and was booed at 13:00, with fans chanting “you sick f—!”

She whipped him  through a door in the corner, then she hit a piledriver for a nearfall. Mance chokeslammed her across two open chairs at 16:30. He got on the mic and ordered her to stay down. He hit a kneestrike to the jaw for a nearfall. He missed another kneestrike and she got a rollup for a nearfall. He tied her up in the bullrope. Effy finally appeared on the stage at 20:30 (seriously, what took him so long?) He got in the ring. Mance tossed scissors at her and ordered her to use them on Effy. (Why would she do that????) She went to hit Mance but he moved, and she (accidentally?) hit Effy in the forehead with them.

Mance handcuffed Effy into the corner. She hit a butt splash on Mance. He jabbed the scissors into her forehead. Allie’s mom jumped in the ring and yelled at Mance, and she covered up her daughter. He headed to the back. Does this end without a pin? Ugh. Okay he returned to the ring. Mance grabbed the mom and jabbed her in the top of the head with the scissors! “Mance Warner has sunk to a new low!” Prazak shouted. Manders and Sawyer Wreck ran to the ring as the show faded to black with no finish to the match. Well that’s just stupid.

Final Thoughts: I love GCW, but it is so hit-or-miss. Blake-Fuego was really good and earns best of the night. The lucha six-man was great action, even with the silliness of all these guys bumping for Microman, and that takes second. Vif-MonsterSauce takes third. I enjoyed the focus on tag teams tonight, with Prazak and Emil repeatedly telling us about all the great teams in the promotion right now, leading up to the ‘big reveal’ of a four-way tag Punjabi Prison match. That should be fun.

But wow I hated that main event. It wasn’t believable. They both bled too much and it became uncomfortable to watch. And GCW — which has repeatedly said they “don’t do DQs” is suddenly on a bad-WCW-era stretch where main events are ending without a finish to the match. The obvious finish here was Effy, trapped and handcuffed in the corner, screaming for Mance to stop, as Mance forces Allie to tap out. It doesn’t hurt her one bit to lose a match to Mance, so why not do it? Why end a show with such an unsatisfying non-finish?

My criticisms of the main event aside, this was a really good show. Considering Masha and Mike Bailey were at TNA, and Jordan Oliver is back in Europe, promoter Brett Lauderdale continues to impress with his ability to pull in great talent to fill in slots. Max Heights looked decent in his GCW debut, and I noted I already have liked what I’ve seen from Kari Wright. Oh, let’s see more of MurderSauce, too, please! Check out this show at Triller+ with the warning that the main event got too violent for my taste.


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