Wrestling Open “Episode 107” results (1/18): Miracle Generation vs. Graceson Kelly and Westfield Kelly for the IWTV Tag Titles, the Jumbo Grand Prix tournament continues


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Open “Episode 107”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
January 18, 2024 in Worcester, Massachusetts at White Eagle

Wrestling Open started the “Jumbo Grand Prix” tournament last week. It features 24 wrestlers in eight separate Blocks. With just three wrestlers per Block, it means each wrestler has just two round-robin Block matches. We had our first five tournament matches last week, and we have six more this week. So, the round-robin portion of the tournament could be done in perhaps five weeks. The crowd is once again in the 200 range. Paul Crockett and Brother Greatness are back on commentary. They reminded us that the tiebreaker is a victory with the shortest match. Worth also pointing out that NONE of the five winners of the Block matches last week are in action this week.

1. Brett Ryan Gosselin (2) defeated Dan Barry (0) in an H Block tournament match at 5:47. This is the first match in H Block. BRG is the clone of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter who has been on MLW TV lately, and Barry is the graying veteran. Standing switches to open, and both are babyfaces. BRG hit a German Suplex for a nearfall at 3:00. Barry hit a belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckles. Barry nailed a dive through the ropes onto BRG, then a slingshot senton, then a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. BRG got an inside cradle out of nowhere for the clean pin. Good for the time given.

2. Brian Milonas (2) defeated RJ Rude (0) in a G Block tournament match at 5:05. Milonas has lost some weight but still has to top 400 pounds. I always compare Rude to a young Chuck Taylor. They immediately traded blows and chops. Rude went to the top rope but Milonas grabbed him and tossed him to the mat. Brian took control of the offense from there and kept RJ on the mat. Rude hit a top-rope crossbody block. However, Milonas hit a Samoan Drop for the pin. More decisive than I would have predicted.

3. Landon Hale (2) defeated Ichiban (0) via count-out in a D Block tournament match at 6:53. Ichiban is suddenly on a three-match losing streak here, and they’ve spun an interesting storyline with that. Both are babyfaces and they opened with some good standing switches; Hale has a noticeable height advantage, and he hit a nice dropkick. Ichiban hit a missile dropkick and he applied a mid-ring Octopus. Hale hit a running knee in the corner and a back suplex for a nearfall at 5:00. Hale hit a Lethal Injection. Ichiban nailed a Canadian Destroyer, but Hale was able to roll to the floor to avoid getting pinned. They brawled on the floor; Hale crawled back in at the nine-count, but Ichiban was counted out! Ichiban is eliminated from the tournament!

* Ichiban climbed in the corner and it appeared he was crying at the loss. Brother Greatness left commentary and helped Ichiban to his feet but Ichiban pushed him away. Crockett speculated that BG is trying to recruit Ichiban to join the Church of Greatness. Ichiban turned and left.

4. Ricky Smokes (2) defeated Pedro Dones (0)  in a B Block tournament match at 8:18. Dones also lost his first tournament match so he’s on the brink of elimination. Smokes came out first and cut a heel promo; he pointed at women in the crowd and said he would “swipe left” on them. Smokes (think Sammy Guevara) hit a shoulder tackle to drop Dones. Dones grabbed one of Smokes’ fingers and twisted it. Smokes stomped on Dones and kept him grounded. Dones dove through the ropes onto Smokes at 5:30 and they were both down on the floor. Back in the ring, Dones hit some punches and a spinning leg lariat. Dones hit a twisting body block for a nearfall, but Smokes put a foot on the ropes. Dones caught Smokes’ legs and hit a powerbomb. Smokes hit a TKO stunner for the pin. At 0-2, Dones also is eliminated!

5. Ray Jaz (2) defeated Love, Doug (0) in an E Block tournament match at 5:58. The crowd chanted “Doug is gonna hug you!” Jersey muscular meathead is much taller and thicker. Doug hit a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog. Jaz snapped Doug’s arm over the top rope and he took control. He shoved Doug shoulder-first into the corner at 3:30. Doug hit a dropkick to the back, then a springboard-back-elbow, and they were both down. Doug hit his Rebound Lariat, but Jaz rolled to the ropes. Jaz got a backslide out of nowhere for the clean pin. The crowd booed the finish.

6. Shannon Levangie and Zayda Steel (w/Paris Van Dale) defeated Kennedi Copeland and Gabby Forza at 8:29. The heels wore identical shiny, purple/pink outfits and they are calling themselves “the Brats.” Kennedi, who just had an AEW TV match, hit a senton. The strong Gabby (think Rachael Ellering or Dani Luna for strength) entered and hit some chops. Gabby hit a double suplex at 2:00  and she was fired up. The heels began working over Kennedi in their corner. Kennedi finally hit a second-rope crossbody block on both heels at 7:00. She went to make the hot tag, but Paris pulled Gabby off the ring apron. Gabby hit a spear on Zayda, then an impressive Gorilla Press on Shannon. Shannon hit a Trash Compactor piledriver along her back for the pin on Kennedi, as the other heels held Gabby’s foot so she couldn’t break up the pin.

7. Bobby Orlando (2) defeated Bryce Donovan (0) in an A Block tournament match at 14:58. These two are regular teammates but they ‘randomly’ wound up in the same Block. Bryce lost his first tournament match so he needs a win here. They traded rollups, then had an AEW “Best Friends”-style hug in the center of the ring. Bryce avoided a Lungblower; he went for a chokeslam but Orlando rotated and landed on his feet at 4:00. Bobby accidentally poked Bryce in the eye, and it angered Bryce, who shoved Bobby away! Bobby hit a shoulder tackle that dropped Bryce.

Orlando did a back flip and tweaked an a knee and he collapsed in the corner. As per usual, the ref checked on him but didn’t stop the match. Orlando insisted the match continue, so Bryce got a rollup for a nearfall at 6:30. He hit a bodyslam for a nearfall; Orlando kicked out but he writhed in pain on the mat. Bryce tried an Irishi Whip, but Bobby collapsed crossing the ring. Bryce hit a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Bryce was torn on what to do. Orlando hit a superkick and a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall.

Orlando came off the ropes but re-injured his knee. Bryce hit a Black Hole Slam for a believable nearfall at 11:00: I thought that was it. Bobby hit a powerbomb out of the corner, then a top-rope elbow drop for a believable nearfall! Bryce hit another Black Hole Slam, then a chokeslam, for a believable nearfall. “I don’t know where Bobby Orlando is getting this from,” Crockett said. Donovan hit another chokeslam for a nearfall, and we’re approaching the 15-minute time limit. The 14-minute call is right-on. Bryce hit a diving forearm and some punches. Bryce appeared to be going for a half-crab but he paused, unsure of what to do. However, Bobby rolled him up for the flash pin! This was so intriguing and gripping. They hugged afterward. Donovan, like Ichiban and Dones, is eliminated.

Jermaine Marbury and his life-sized mascot, Benny the Ball, hit the ring. Marbury is the unlikely No. 1 contender. However, last week he legit caught champion Brad Hollister with a kick to the jaw that required a dental visit, and Hollister is out of action. In his basketball gear, it’s just hard to take Marbury seriously. TJ Crawford, Hollister’s teammate, hit the ring. Crawford challenged Marbury for a six-man tag match next week.

8. “Miracle Generation” Dustin Waller and Kylon King defeated Graceson Kelly and Westfield Kelly to retain the IWTV Tag Team Titles at 12:12. I have compared the identical twin Kellys to NBA star James Harden; they have great physiques and I think they could vault to a major promotion based on their size and overall look alone. Kylon opened for his team. Crockett said MG had Westfield isolated (but seriously, how can you tell it’s Westfield?) Westfield hit a uranage on Waller at 4:30, and the Kellys began working over Waller. Kylon made the hot tag at 8:30 and he hit a tornado DDT and he was fired up. He nailed a Swanton Bomb for a nearfall. Kylon hit a dropkick in the corner at 11:30. The MG hit a team top-rope superplex. Kylon nailed a top-rope moonsault, and Waller immediately hit a top-rope Mamba Splash for the pin. Good action.

Steven Stetson & Hammer Tunis walked to the ring! Stetson showed off a contract that gives them a title match whenever they want. Crockett wondered if they were going to cash it in. (They weren’t dressed to wrestle so I presumed not.) Stetson got on the mic and said they weren’t going to turn it in tonight, but “the gold is coming home to the ranch!” We faded to black to close the show.

Final Thoughts: I really do think these Wrestling Open shows are a blast. I never thought I’d write this, but Bobby Orlando-Bryce Donovan stole the show, and I’m not a fan of Orlando’s dorky Colt Cabana-style juvenile humor. They started so friendly, then Bryce got angrier. And Orlando hurt his knee and I kept waiting to see if either was going to turn heel; either Orlando was faking it or Bryce was going to get vicious and attack the damaged limb. Neither happened. It was so compelling to watch play out though. The tag title match earns second place, and the compelling Ichiban-Hale match takes third. This tournament is off to a great start. If they were truly ambitious and wanted to do another 24-man round-robin tournament, I’d push for just FOUR Blocks of six wrestlers each, but obviously that would take much longer. I’m looking forward to which tournament matches will take place next week.


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