ROH Final Battle results: Robinson’s live review of Athena vs. Billie Starkz for the ROH Women’s Title, Mark Briscoe and FTR vs. Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and Claudio Castagnoli


By Sam Robinson, Contributor (@altaine)

Ring of Honor Final Battle
Streamed live December 15, 2023 on HonorClub
Garland, Texas at Curtis Culwell Center

ROH Final Battle Zero Hour pre-show results: Taya Valkyrie beat Jazmin Allure, Marshall Von Erich and Ross Von Erich beat “The Outrunners” Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum, Bryan Keith defeated Jack Cartwheel to earn a spot in the Four Corner Survival match for the vacant ROH TV Title, and Daniel Garcia beat Blake Christian…

*Unless otherwise noted, all matches started and ended with the Code of Honor handshake.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman checked in on commentary and ran through the lineup. Bobby Cruise was the ring announcer.,.

1. El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Black Taurus for the AAA Mega Championship. Taurus slapped away the Code of Honor handshake (did they need one in a AAA Championship match?). Taurus slapped Vikingo and tossed him across the ring into the turnbuckle. Vikingo tried a head scissors but got caught and thrown off. Vikingo tried a springboard move, but ate a shoulder block instead. Taurus  and Vikingo traded corner strikes and Taurus got dumped to ringside. Vikingo hit a simple dive but got caught and powerbomb thrown on the outside by Taurus. Taurus pressed and threw Vikingo back into the ring. Taurus hit a ripcord snap powerslam for a two count.

Taurus threw Vikingo over the top rope to the outside with a chokeslam like move. Taurus hit a spinning dive through the ropes and splattered Vikingo on the outside. Vikingo hit a bulldog and a running crucifix driver and a popup Samoan drop that got a two count. Taurus went to the top but missed his turning senton off the top. Vikingo hit a spinning kick to the face and a step up enzuigiri. Vikingo hit a inverse shooting star press into a huracanrana. Vikingo hit a spinning head-scissors and dumped Taurus to ringside.

Vikingo tried a running move twice and didn’t like his footing so recalibrated and then did it as a springboard moonsault press. Back in the ring, Vikingo went to the top and hit a shotgun dropkick but Taurus came back with a huge pushing spear move. Taurus went to the top and brought Vikingo with him. They fought on top and Vikingo performed a Frankensteiner while both men were standing on the ropes. Vikingo tried to suplex Taurus into the ring but they both ended up on the apron. Vikingo hit an escalator powerbomb on the apron. “This is awesome” said the crowd. Vikingo executed an inside out twisting 450 splash but only got a two count.

Vikingo did a running dropkick from the post to the turnbuckle. Taurus threw a running Vikingo into the turnbuckle with a suplex-like throw. Taurus went up top again and pulled Vikingo up too, and he hit a huge press slam off the top that got him a two count. The wrestlers traded strikes and kicks before Vikingo hit a crucifix driver and Taurus came back with a spear for a double down. “Fight Forever,” chanted the crowd.

Taurus hit a huge headbutt and posed. Vikingo hit some kicks and Taurus tried a money flip but Vikingo threw him out to the floor. Vikingo hit a rope walking 720 to the back of Taurus. Back in the ring, Taurus hit a backbreaker and a nasty looking powerbomb backbreaker and a discus lariat for a two count. Taurus tried his move again but got countered by a crucifix driver. Vikingo hit a running meteora in the corner and then a top rope 630 splash for the pinfall.  

El Hijo del Vikingo defeated Black Taurus by pinfall to retain the AAA Mega Championship.

Robinson’s Ruminations: This was my first time seeing Taurus and that is a scary looking mask. What a crazy opener of a match. Those two work so well together. Vikingo is crazy strong, and Taurus is crazy agile for his size. These two work regularly together in Mexico and it showed. 

The broadcast team ran through the lineup…

2. “Mogul Embassy” Brian Cage, Toa Liona, and Bishop Kaun (w/Prince Nana) vs. “TMDK” Shane Haste, Bad Dude Tito, and Kosei Fujita for the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles. During entrances, they showed a few clips of TMDK getting a tag team match win over Gates of Agony in New Japan that set up this title match.  Brian Cage got a separate entrance from Gates of Agony, which is unusual. 

Fujita and Kaun traded arm work to start. Kaun hit a big running elbow that got him a one count on Fujita. Liona tagged in and worked over Fujita in the corner with punches and a foot choke. Liona and Kaun worked over Fujita in the corner, but Fujita came back with a running boot. Tito tagged in and performed a suplex on Kaun for a one count. Kaun and Tito traded chops.

Tito executed a T-bone suplex that got him a two count. Haste came in and hit a snapmare dropkick combo. Fujita came in and got tossed on Kaun by Haste for a one count. Kaun ran through Fujita with a clothesline and Cage tagged in. Cage worked over Fujita with forearms. Cage hit a press powerslam that got him a two count. Cage hit a nasty Saito suplex on Fujita for a two count. Cage curled Fujita for a whole set of ten and then threw him over his head. Fujita tried to fight back but Cage hit him with a knee.

Fujita executed a desperation German suplex on Cage. Tito and Liona in as Tito suplexed Cage onto Liona and then dove onto Kaun on the outside. Tito hit a crossbody from the top on Liona. Tito hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Haste tagged in and threw a dropkick as Tito hit a popup powerbomb on Cage. Haste hit a cannonball and a running knee strike on Liona for a two count. The crowd chanted for “Nana” as Liona hit a huge uranage on Haste. Liona hit a spear on Haste that got a two count. Tito hit a DVD on Cage. TMDK hit Kaun in the corner in succession.

Fujita executed a springboard dropkick on Kaun and got a two count. Fujita and Kaun traded forearms in the middle. Kaun hit a shotgun dropkick and Cage did his deadlift suplex on Fujita for a two count that Tito broke up. Cage hit a pumphandle drive on Tito. Haste came in and got hit by a double clothesline from Gates. Fujita fought off all three champions for a moment before all three men hit big running moves on him and then Gates tossed Fujita to Cage for the sit-out powerbomb and the pinfall.

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun, and Toa Liona defeated “TMDK” Shane Haste, Kosei Fujita, and Bad Dude Tito to retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A fun match. There was no mystery regarding the outcome simply because of who works where. All six men were impressive, but Tito was the one who stood out to me, probably because I’ve never seen him before. Tito looks a lot like Hercules Hernandez and that’s not a bad thing.  

A video package set up the Tony Nese and Ethan Page “I Quit” match…

3. Ethan Page vs. Tony Nese (w/Mark Sterling) in an I Quit match. The ref tried to handcuff Sterling to the ring post, but he argued. Mark Henry came out and got in Sterling’s face for about two seconds before Sterling relented. While that was all going down Nese blindsided Page and beat him down with punches and kicks. Page came right back with a running elbow. Page did some mounted punches in the corner. Page threw Nese to ringside. Page slowly stalked Sterling in his corner, but Nese dove onto Page to protect Sterling. Nese ran Page into the barricades. The men traded blows on the outside for a bit and then Nese rolled Page in the ring.

Back in the ring, Nese did his Savage hotshot. Sterling got out a huge bottle of protein powder and tried to throw it in Page’s eyes, but he got Nese instead. Page stalked Sterling again but Nese cut him off and Sterling grabbed his leg and Nese kneed Page into the ring steps. Nese asked Page to quit, but of course he said no. Nese kneed Page’s head into the ring steps. Page came up bleeding, and Nese asked Page to quit again, “No!” Nese said he’s as dumb as the crowd. 

Nese was asking Bobby Cruise for the key, but Page caught up to him and punched him. Page ran Nese into the barricade and he flew into the crowd. Nese raked the eyes of Page and hit an elbow drop off the barricade. Nese grabbeda 45lb weight from under the ring and tried to slam it on Page’s hands on the steps but missed. Back in the ring, Nese whipped Page with a jump rope. Page fired up and fought back with punches and then returned the whips with the jump rope.

Nese grabbed the mic and said “Cut it out, I can’t take it anymore.” Nese used that distraction to hit Page in the throat with the mic. Nese dumped Page to ringside and hit a dive on him. Nese jumped rope after the dive. Nese pulled two tables out from under the ring and set it up on the floor at ringside. “Sterling Sucks” chanted the crowd, and Sterling argued with them. 

Page slammed Nese’s face onto the table and hit him with a superkick that laid Nese out on the table. Page went up top and Nese got up and caught him. The men fought their way down and Page hit his slingshot stunner the “Killshot” and then hit a cutter off the apron through the tables. The ref checked in with Nese who said “No.” Page grabbed a pair of chairs from under the ring and threw them inside. He then threw Nese inside and into the turnbuckle. Page put Nese up on the top and set up the chairs in the middle. Page tried a powerslam, but Nese fought out and hit a Frankenstiener off the top that sent Page past the chairs. Nese asked Page to quit, but he said “No.”

Nese finally got the handcuff key from Cruise. The ref tried to stop him, but Nese pushed him down.  Sterling and Nese stomped on Page in the middle of the ring. Sterling asked Page to quit, he said “No.” Sterling said they are going to handcuff him, and Nese is going to smash his head in with a 45lb weight and they would send the table to his daughter. Scorpio Sky came down to the ring and put Sterling down and cheered on Page. Nese tried to hit Page with the weight, but when he came down with it his fingers got trapped underneath. Page stomped on them and hit him in the head with it. Page hit Sterling with the weight and hit Ego’s Edge on Sterling and tossed him to Sky who walked him up the ramp. 

Page tried for Ego’s Edge on Nese but he slid out and hit Page with a chair. Nese handcuffed Page’s hands behind his back. Nese grabbed the mic and a chair and said he was giving him one last chance to quit, “Fuck You!” Nese missed with a chair shot and ate a big boot. Page back body dropped Nese and then dropped him with a shoulder block. The ref unlocked Page to the delight of the crowd. Page hit some punches but Nese came back with some spin kicks. Page plastered Nese with a nasty chairshot to the head and then choked him with the handcuff chain and Nese quit.

Ethan Page defeated Tony Nese in an “I Quit” match.

Page and Sky celebrated the win in the ring and walked up the ramp together. Mark Henry met them at the top of the ramp and raised their hands. Page and Sky hugged and then Sky said “We’re Back” into the camera…

Robinson’s Ruminations: I was really digging this match until that big chair shot to the head at the end. It was like a baseball swing and I couldn’t quite tell if Nese got his hands up. Either way, there was no need for it. The shots to the head with the weight were plenty protected. This was a really fun “I quit” match before that spot. It really worked in the same mood as the rest of the feud in that it was a little silly and a little serious.

A video package on Sting’s last match at AEW Revolution aired…

4. Nyla Rose vs. Vert Vixen. Rose beat down Vert Vixen with some forearms and a knee lift. Rose Biel tossed her across the ring and then splashed her. Rose tried for Beast Bomb but Vert Vixen fought out. Rose cut her off with a throat punch. Vert Vixen hit an outside in stomp. Rose stopped a springboard move with a chokeslam and got a one count nearfall and picked Vert Vixen up. Vert Vixen tried a springboard move but ate a forearm. Rose hit a knee from the top and followed up with a Beast Bomb for the pinfall.

Nyla Rose defeated Vert Vixen by pinfall.

Robinson’s Ruminations: A buffer squash match to reset our expectations after that “I quit” match. Both ladies looked fine here in the two or three minutes we saw them.

A video package set up the Survival of the Fittest match for the vacant ROH TV Title…

5. Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Kyle Fletcher vs. Lee Johnson vs. Komander vs. Bryan Keith in a six-way Survival of the Fittest Match for the vacant ROH TV Title. The crowd chanted for Keith at the top of the match. Castle and Moriarty tried a feeling out process but Fletcher tagged in with a big shot to Castle’s back. Fletcher and Moriarty traded arm wringers before a headlock takeover. Castle charged back into the ring only to get tossed back out by Fletcher. Johnson and Moriarty did some running reversals until Johnson hit a big dropkick. Castle charged in again, only to be thrown out by Johnson.

Komander tagged in and locked an abdominal stretch on Johnson and then hit a head scissors. Castle tried to charge in again only to be dumped out by Komander. Komander tried for a dive but Keith cut him off. Keith and Komander traded punches in the middle until Keith hit a big boot on a high speed Komander. Castle came in again, paused, and then charged at Keith who threw him into the front row. Fletcher came in and hit a big boot on Keith. Fletcher worked over Keith for a bit while punching down anyone that tried to pop up.

Fletcher cut off a comeback from Keith with a back elbow. Castle ame back into the ring, fired up  and tossed Fletcher out of the ring after a few reversals to a huge ovation from the crowd. Moriarty hit a big boot that sent Castle to the outside and then hit a running dive on a pile of guys. Johnson followed with a flop dive on the pile too. Fletcher and Komander stood up on opposite turnbuckles.

Komander ran at Fletcher who ducked and Komander dove on the pile at ringside. Komander then hit a super hurancanrana on Fletcher off the top. Keith and Castle traded strikes before Johnson hit a DVD and a standing moonsaault on Keith. Moriarty hit some strikes on Johnson and then did the finger break spot. Moriarty hit a flatliner move and then locked in the border city stretch for the submission.

 Lee Johnson was eliminated by Lee Moriarty by Submission.

The Boys gave Castle a pat down massage and then he picked the ankle of Moriarty. Moritarty hit a palm thrust to the throat. Castle suplexed everyone with his big T-bones. On the outside, Johnny TV was superkicking The Boys while Castle was suplexing Moriarty. Castle finally noticed TV and tried to go after him. TV threw one of the Boys into the ring, but the Boy rolled right out the other side. Moriarty hit his flatliner move on Castle for a pinfall.

Dalton Castle was eliminated by Lee Moriarty by pinfall.

Moriarty danced in the ring to celebrate. Keith and Moriaty traded chops in the middle of the ring before Fletcher came in and joined and then Komander too. Keith and Komander put boots to Fletcher and Moriarty and then did a dosi-do spot. Komander hit a springboard tornado DDT on Keith. Komander went up top  but Fletcher pushed him off, out to ringside. Keith caught Fletcher on the top, and Moriarty joined and Komander did too for a tower of doom spot.  The crowd chanted “ROH”. Komander rolled up Moriarty twice for two counts.

Moriartry came back with big boots. Keith hit a big running enzugiri and then hit an ushigoroshi on Moriarty for a two count. Keith hit a headbutt and hit a Tiger Driver Powerbomb for the pinfall.

Lee Moriarty was eliminated by Bryan Keith by pinfall.

Fletcher jumped all over Keith right after the pinfall with punches. He took too long to set up a running boot and ate a suplex for it. Keith hit a running knee and tried his tiger driver again, but Fletcher countered into his hammerlock tombstone for the pinfall.

Bryan Keith was eliminated by Kyle Fletcher by pinfall.

Fletcher knocked Komander down with a forearm. Komander tried to chop Fletcher but it wasn’t enough. Komander hit a superkick, and then the men traded running strikes. Komander hit a low dropkick  and hit a springboard Poison Rana that sent Fletcher to the outside. Komander tried to dive on him but Fletcher caught him. Komander fought out but Fletcher hit a tombstone piledriver on the apron and both men fell to the floor. The ref started the count out as Abrahantes tried to get Komander moving. 

Komander answered the count at 19 (it’s a 20-count in ROH). Fletcher hit him with a big boot and a brainbuster for a two count. Fletcher put Komander on the top and tried a super brainbuster, but Komander fought out, hit a 619 on Fletcher’s legs and then hit a springboard destroyer for a two count. “This is awesome” the crowd chanted. Komander hit a slingshot into the bottom rope and a slingshot stomp out onto the apron.

Komander went to the top and did a rope walk 450 onto Fletcher on the apron. “Holy shit,” chanted the crowd. Komander went up top and hit a 450 off the top and got a two count! Komander went back to the top as the crowd chanted his name but Fletcher popped up and kicked out Komander’s leg. Fletcher hit a brainbuster on the turnbuckle and got a two count! Fletcher hit his hammerlock tombstone for the three count.

Kyle Fletcher defeated Komander, Lee Moriarty, Dalton Castle, Bryan Keith, and Lee Johnson in a Survival of the Fittest match to win the vacant ROH TV Championship.

Robinson’s Ruminations: That was a crazy sprint at the top and a heck of a back end in the Komander Fletcher match. Fletcher being TV Champion means I hope we get to see plenty of Fletcher on ROH TV because I really dig him and he can only get better from here.

A video touted the All In pay-per-view for August 25, 2024…

6. Wheeler Yuta vs. Tom Lawler for the ROH Pure Championship. Bobby Cruise ran through the pure rules match before the entrances. The judges were Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, and Jerry Lynn. The crowd chanted “Holy shit” after Lawler took off his daisy duke shorts to show his trunks. The men traded some chain wrestling before they slid away from each other. Lawlor tried for a Kimura, but Yuta pushed him off. Lawlor locked in a cross arm breaker and made Yuta use his first rope break. Yuta hit a dropkick and then stomped on Lawlor. Yuta got a two count on a splash. The men traded chops in the middle. Yuta used a closed fist behind the refs back, and Lawlor returned the closed fist, but the ref caught him and gave him his warning.

Yuta hit chop blocked and then locked in a leg grapevine and begged Lawlor to fire at him with forearms. Yuta transitioned into a half crab and Lawlor used his first rope break. Yuta worked on the knee with kicks and a key lock on the ankle. Lawlor fought out with kicks. The men traded chops and forearms in the middle again until Yuta grabbed a waistlock. Lawlor eventually hit a spear. Lawlor hit a high knee and then hit a flying spear in the corner. Lawlor hit a suplex for a two count. Yuta hit a dragon screw and then locked in a sitting octopus hold. Lawlor stood up but Yuta switched to an abdominal stretch and then fell down with a rollup for a two count.

Lawlor hit a huge stalling back suplex that got him a two count. Yuta got a roll up for a one count and then transitioned right into another half crab. Yuta drug Lawlor back into the middle of the ring, and Lawlor rolled out and hit a monkey flip. Lawlor hit an arm wringer and then kicked out Yuta’s elbow. Lawler hit a hammerlock tombstone for a two count. Lawlor locked in a double wrist lock and Yuta used his second rope break. Yuta used his closed fist and got his warning for it. Yuta went to the top but Lawlor cut him off. Lawlor ate a bunch of elbows and then locked in a double wrist lock and hit a superplex with the wristlock applied and kept it.

Yuta struggled and got to the ropes and used his last rope break. Lawlor locked in a Fujiwara armbar, but Yuta slid out and grabbed an ankle lock. Lawlor stood up but Yuta hit a German suplex. Lawlor locked in a crossface chicken wing, but Yuta laid down and got a two count. There was some jockeying and then Yuta got a rollup that bumped the ref out of the way and got a three count. The broadcast team noted that Lawlor’s foot hit the rope during during the pin.

Wheeler Yuta defeated Tom Lawler by pinfall to retain the ROH Pure Championship.

After the match, Yuta kicked Lawlor in the junk and was going to DDT him on the title belt. Hook came out and Yuta bailed out. As Hook checked on Lawlor, Yuta slid back inside the ring and low blowed Hook and then DDT’d him…

Robinson’s Ruminations: Pretty good match. There was some strong style in the beginning and then plenty of hold trading down the stretch. Yuta outsmarting Hook at the end wasn’t really the best storytelling because he made the babyface look like an idiot. Is Yuta going to become a double champion by winning the FTW Championship? That could be fun. A holder of two titles that are diametrically opposed.  

We got a video recap of the Keith Lee and Shane Taylor feud…

7. Shane Taylor vs. Keith Lee. There was no Code of Honor handshake. There were fractured attempts at a “Bask in his glory” chant from the crowd. Taylor and lee did a knuckle lock and test of strength. Taylor got a quick jab in as the knuckle lock ended. The men did a lock up and Taylor grabbed a headlock. Lee tried to lift him but Taylor used the headlock to stay down. Taylor tried a shoulder block but Lee stuffed it. Taylor told Lee to try one and he tried to back fist him but Lee saw it coming and then hit the shoulder block and knocked Taylor down. “Lee is Awesome” chanted the crowd.

Lee used a knuckle lock to back Taylor into a corner and then chopped his chest. Lee charged in but Taylor tipped onto the apron. Lee hit a crossbody over the top rope and got a one count. Lee tried it again but Taylor hit the tower of london as a counter and a splash got him a two count. Taylor used a boot choke and taunted the crowd. Taylor hit a running leg drop on the apron. Back in the ring, Taylor got a two count nearfall. Taylor locked in a chinlock and Lee stood up and fought out with punches. Taylor fired back with a clothesline that didn’t take Lee down. The men traded strikes until Taylor hit a knee lift for a two count.

Taylor threw some punches but Lee got a block and hit an elbow. Lee hit an avalanche in the corner but Taylor fired back with a headbutt and his uranage. Taylor went to the middle turnbuckle and hit a splash for a two count. Taylor set up for his package piledriver but Lee blocked and hit some clotheslines and a spinebuster for a two count. Lee did another double chop in the corner and the crowd begged “one more time”. Lee instead called for a moonsault.

Lee Moriarty popped up on the apron and was Biel tossed around the ring by Keith Lee, who hit a sit-out powerbomb on him. Taylor hit a knee to the back of the head and got a two count. Taylor went to the top turnbuckle and Lee cut him off. Taylor fought him off and Taylor hit a destroyer from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Taylor tried his knock out punch but Lee got his hand up and Taylor only got a two count. Taylor went for the knock out again but Lee picked him up for Big Bang Catastrophe and got the pinfall.

Keith Lee defeated Shane Taylor by pinfall.

After the match, Lee pulled Taylor to his feet and raised his hand…

Robinson’s Ruminations: The wrong man won here in my book. This wasn’t the match I was hoping it would be. Lee has never quite been the same after his illness. Neither of these guys can create the movement in a match and this match desperately needed some. The kickout on the Super Destroyer by two giant men was unneeded. Don’t do it or don’t kick out of it. 

Backstage Tony Schiavone asked Brian Keith what was next for him. Keith said he’s to collect gold. Orange Cassidy came into frame and said he’s got some gold, “Come collect it, see you tomorrow.” They made a title match for tomorrow night on Collision…

A video package aired on the upcoming “Fight to honor Jay Briscoe” match…

8. Mark Briscoe and “FTR” Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood vs. “Blackpool Combat Club” Claudio Castangoli, Brian Danielson, and Jon Moxley. Harwood backed Moxley into a corner and Moxley begged Harwood to hit him and Harwood obliged. Claudio tagged in and pushed Harwood into a corner and then gave him an uppercut. Harwood and Claudio traded strikes in the middle until Harwood tried to pick an ankle and Claudio gave him an elbow drop.

Danielson tagged in and chopped Harwood and kicked him in the corner. Harwood fought back with chops of his own. Wheeler tagged in  and worked over Danielson with uppercuts. Danielson traded some uppercuts back. Wheeler hit a couple of shoulder blocks before Danielson hit a basement dropkick to the knee. Moxley hit a dragon screw leg whip and locked in a leg bar. Claudio came in and scoop slammed Wheeler. Claudio performed a double leg takedown and tried the giant swing, but he was rolled up by Wheeler for a one count.

Briscoe tagged in and stomped Claudio in the corner. Briscoe threw a drop kick that led to a one count. Briscoe hit a back elbow for a two count. Harwood came in and Claudio threw him into the ring post. Moxley threw Harwood into the barricade on the outside and then locked in a double wrist lock. Back in the ring, Moxley and Claudio boot choked Harwood. Danielson performed some arm wringers and then did the elbow stomp. Moxley grabbed a hammerlock and did a shoulder pull spot and then bit Harwood’s arm. Harwood’s arm was bleeding. Claudio performed the giant swing on Harwood for just four rotations and then Moxley got a two count off of it.

Moxley continued to bite Harwood’s shoulder but then ran into the ring post himself. Harwood fought out of the corner and hit a German suplex on Claudio. Danielson tried to hold onto the foot, but Harwood got the tag to Briscoe who unloaded chops on Danielson and Claudio. Danielson cut him off with a headbutt, but Briscoe put him down with a uranage suplex. Briscoe and Wheeler hit Redneck Boogie for a two count on Danielson. Wheeler got tossed outside and held his knee.

Danielson hit his kick combo on Harwood for a two count. Danielson went to the top rope but Harwood cut him off and hit a superplex, Wheeler hit his splash and Briscoe hit Froggy-bow for a two count. Briscoe and Harwood tried for Doomsday Device, but Danielson slid out and tossed Harwood outside and Wheeler came in and tried to help with Doomsday Device but Claudio broke it up with an uppercut. Things broke down and everyone hit a big move on the last man until everyone was down. 

Moxley was bleeding, Harwood was bleeding from his head too. All six men stood up and had a stand off and then a hockey fight. FTR tried shatter machine, but Danielson broke it up with the Busaiku knee. Briscoe fought off Moxley and Danielson with chops but ran into a pop up uppercut from Claudio. Claudio hit Neutralizer for a two count. Briscoe tossed Moxley and Danielson outside but Claudio assaulted him the corner with forearms. Claudio hit some arm held clotheslines but ran right into a three man shatter machine that only got a two count. 

Briscoe went for Jay Driller but Moxley and Danielson pulled FTR out and stomped all over Briscoe. Moxley bit Briscoe as Danielson punched him in the face. Briscoe  was bleeding from the head. FTR came in for the save and all the action spilled to ringside. Moxley threw Harwood into the steps. Briscoe bit Claudio and spit out his skin. Claudio back suplexed Briscoe on the ramp. Claudio hit a double stomp on the ramp. The ref was doing a count out the whole time and got to 20 for the double count out as the action continued.

The (temporarily) match ended in a double count-out.

More referees came out to try and break up the action. Some of the locker room came out too. Bobby Cruise was trying to announce the finish, but Briscoe grabbed a mic and cut him off. Briscoe said let’s restart, anything goes. The bell rung and Briscoe dove onto the pile of wrestlers at ringside. The announcers told us that Tony Khan said that is now a Fight Without Honor. Harwood threw coffee in the eyes of Moxley, who then bit at Wheeler’s eyes.

In the ring, Claudio slammed Briscoes head into the turnbuckle over and over. FTR hit a double suplex on the outside. Claudio slammed Briscoe onto a chair. Briscoe was bleeding from the head. Briscoe set up a chair and hit a triple jump dive on to Claudio on the outside. Harwood set up a table on the outside. Briscoe grabbed a bucket full of barbed wire and tacks and sprinkled the contents on the table. Wheeler threw Moxley into the ring steps. Briscoe came back out from the back with a barbwire wrapped ladder.

Moxely was pushing a fork into Harwood’s eye and ear. Briscoe hit Claudio with a chair. Briscoe set Claudio up on the barbedwire ladder and went up top. Moxley cut him off with a chair to the back and pushed him onto the ladder at ringside. Danielson was shown again for the first time in a while and his eye patch was falling off. Moxley hit Harwood with a chair a few times and the stomped Harwood’s face onto it. Moxley forked the face of Wheeler, who was bleeding like crazy. Danielson hit Harwood on the back with a chair. Anytime FTR tried to get up BCC put them down with a chair shot.

Moxley wrapped barbed wire on the face of Wheeler as Danielson locked in a LeBell lock. Briscoe came in and raked the eyes of Moxley but Moxley locked in a sleeper as FTR got held back in sleepers of their own. FTR fought through the sleepers and broke up the sleeper on Briscoe. FTR got taken back to ringside and ran into barricades as Moxley threw more chairs in the ring.

Claudio set up another table at ringside and Moxley worked over Briscoe and gave him a kiss. Wheeler speared Claudio into the table at ringside. Harwood hit a piledriver through the tack covered table at ringside. Danielson kicked Briscoe in the ring until Bricoe gave him the middle fingers. Danielson kept the kicks coming and hit the head kick. Danielson tried his knee but Briscoe hit the Jay Driller on a pile of chairs in the ring for the three count. 

Mark Briscoe and “FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler defeated “Blackpool Combat Club” Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Claudio Castagnoli in a Fight Without Honor. 

After the match, FTR and Briscoe hugged and celebrated in the ring as a few streamers flew…

Robinson’s Ruminations: I expected a war, but I didn’t expect all that. Moxley biting people open and then stabbing people with forks was a bit too much for me. I’m not shy about death matches either, but that went a little too far. As for the result, it was the right one given the story they were telling. I would hate to have to follow that match. That one burned through all my emotions for sure.

The All In video package was replayed. Riccaboni and Coleman hyped up All In, presumably while the crew were changing the ring mat and sweeping up the tacks and other debris. The announcers then ran down some of what we’ve seen tonight and some of what’s to come. They also discussed the Continental Classic leaderboards and hyped the tournament matches for Saturday’s AEW Collision…

9. ROH and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston vs. Anthony Henry in a Proving Ground match. There was an early feeling out process with kicks and jabs until Kingston caught Henry with a palm strike under the chin. They did it again and Kingston put Henry down with a body shot. Henry dumped Kinston to ringside and hit him with a big running knee against the barricade. Henry hit a double stomp off the top onto Kinston’s back for a two count. Henry hit a running sliding elbow for a two count. Henry did his neck twist a couple of times. Henry stomped on Kingston’s feet and then kicked him in the chest.

Kingston took the kicks and stood up and fired back with chops. They traded chops and kicks until Kingston drove Henry into the corner and did his rapid chops. Kingston tried his backfist and Henry hit a enzuigiri and a german suplex for a two count. Henry hit some elbows and kicks to Kinston’s head. Henry hit a piledriver and got a two count. Henry went to the top rope and tried a double stomp but Kingston rolled out of the way and hit a backfist. Kingston hit a half nelson suplex and locked in his arm stretch hold for the submission.

ROH and NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Eddie Kinston defeated Anthony Henry by submission in a Proving Ground match.

After the match, Daniel Garcia came out and tried to stare down Kingston, who just walked right past him. They will meet in a Continental Classic match on Collision…

Robinson’s Ruminations: That’s the ROH match I’m used to with the crowd sitting on their hands lightly chanting for “Eddie”. That was a fine match to give the crowd a chance to catch their breath. Henry looked just OK in defeat here, but I don’t think he was given the opportunity to really show everything he has.

A video recapped the Athena and Billie Starkz feud. It had a new line with Athena saying, “If you beat me, I’ll leave ROH forever”…

Billie Starkz came out wearing a weird rabbit head that didn’t even stay on for the walk down the ramp. Athena came out wearing a Bane mask with Venom gauntlets too! When she took off the Bane mask, she had a protective mask on because she had a deviated septum. Lexi Nair was the ring announcer and conducted in-ring introductions for the title match. Athena received a nice ovation for being from Garland, Texas…

10. Athena vs. Billie Starkz for the ROH Women’s Championship. The referee called for the code of honor but neither woman moved and the ref just rang the bell. Starkz started hard with a big forearm. Starkz tried a head scissors but Athena cartwheeled out of it but ate a drop kick. “This is wrestling” chanted the crowd. Starkz got a roll up for two and Starkz got a head kick in right after the kick out. Starkz tried to dive on Athena at ringside, but Athena caught her and ran her into the barricades all around ringside.  Athena ran Starkz head into the barricade over and over. Athena rolled into the ring to break the count and then hit a big knee to the back of the head against the barricade.

Athena ran Starkz into the post. Athena rolled into the ring and soaked up the crowd chants for her. Starkz came up bleeding and Athena ran her head first into the announce table. Back in the ring Athena stomped on Starkz’ back and choked her on the ropes. Starkz tried to fight back but Athena cut her off with knees to the face. Athena hit a running forearm in the corner. Athena hit double knees to the gut and then argued with the ref a bit. Athena locked in some fish hooks in the mouth and then some in the nose and hit a nasty forearm to the chest. “One more time,” chanted the crowd. Starkz got a roll up, but Athena cut her off with some more clubbing blows to the back. 

Athena hit a drop down drop kick on the apron to Strakz’ face. Athena dumped Strakz to ringside. Athena pulled on Starkz’ shoulder and bit her hand. Athena raked the back of Starkz, who fought back with some forearms but got cut off by a uranage on the apron. Athena got a two count. Athena hung Starkz in the tree of woe, but Starkz flipped out and kicked her. Starkz suplexed Athena into the turnbuckle. Starkz got a one count off a roll up. Athena got a rollup for one of her own. The women traded missed kicks and Starkz hit a dragon suplex that got a two count.

Athena hit a headbutt but she had to hold her face for a bit because of the broken nose. Starkz fought out of the corner with a rewind kick. Starkz hit a flipping spear for a two count. Starkz pulled off the mask of Athena and mounted her and punched her face. Starkz argued with the ref and then hit a pair of clotheslines. Starkz hit a knee to the nose and a roundhouse kick. Starkz went to the top for her swan dive and hit it for a two count.

The crowd chanted “this is awesome” as Athena rolled to ringside. Starkz dove onto Athena at ringside and drove her into the barricade. Starkz threw Athena into the barricades. Starkz tried to knee Athena but Athena rolled out and Starkz hit the barricade. Athena shotgun drop kicked Starkz into the barricade, Nasty! Athena cleared the announce table and broke the ref’s count. Athena grabbed Starkz and put her on the table and screamed in her face that “You’ll never defeat me”. Starkz blocked a suplex attempt and Starkz superplexed Athena onto the floor off of the announce table. Starkz suplexed Athena outside again and then rolled her into the ring. Starkz got a two count nearfall. “This is wrestling” chanted the crowd.

Starkz stomped on Athena who rolled to ringside. Starkz followed her and slammed her onto the floor on the outside. Starkz threw Athena into the ring and Athena rolled all the way back out again. Starkz followed and pushed Athean into the crowd. Starkz took off the padding on the top of the barricade. Athena slammed Starkz’ head into that exposed barricade. Athena pulled Starkz up onto the barricade and hit a slamming bulldog onto the floor. Athena through Strakz into the ring and put her up in the electric chair. Athena climbed the turnbuckles with Starkz on her shoulders and then she hit a huge german suplex from the top for a two count. A “Fight Forever” chant broke out.

Billie kicked Athena off of her but Athena knocked the ref down. Athena hit her Bayonet forearm for a visual pinfall. Athena called for Lexi to bring her the belt. Lexi and Athena argued and Lexi held onto the belt long enough for Starkz to hit a dropkick  and then Starkz hit Star 10 for a two count. The women fought onto the apron and Starkz got run into the turnbuckle. Athena went to the middle turnbuckle and Strakz caught her and hit an electric chair driver onto the apron and Athena fell to ringside. The ref started his count as Starkz tried to get Athean into the ring but she was dead weight.

Starkz went to the top for the swan dive but Athena rolled out of the way. Athena hit her knockout forearm for a double down. The crowd chanted “ROH” while Athena got to her knees and said bring it on. The women traded forearms as they stood up and then traded chops until Starkz hit a palm strike. Athena hit her Despicable Knee and only got a one count! “Billie” chanted the crowd finally. Athena kicked Strakz a few times and went up for O-Face but Starkz stuffed it and rolled up Athena for a two count. Starkz hit a PK and tried Star 10 but Athena powered out and tried Star 10 too. Starkz dropped down and got a two count. Athena rolled Starkz up like a pretzel but the crowd was behind Starkz, but unfortunately Strakz submitted.

Athena defeated Billie Starkz to retain the ROH Women’s Championship by submission.

After the match, Lexi checked on Athena and then checked on Starkz. Athena celebrated her win as Starkz stood up behind her and stared her down. Starkz shoulder bumped Athena and tried to walk away. Athena pulled her back and they shouted at each other. Strakz offered a handshake, but Athena declined it. Starkz screamed, “What do you want from me?” Athena said, “I want you to be my minion.” Starkz hugged Athena. Athena raised her hand and then all three women raised hands and hugged in the middle of the ring.

Robinson’s Ruminations: What a match. It was really good down the stretch and had me on the edge of my seat. But what the hell was that after the match? Was that a storyline reset? Billie’s back to being a minion? Why have the match if you’re not going to forward the story and just reset it? Now I’m left with mixed feelings about all of it. 

As for the overall show, it was a long one at just over five hours if you include the Zero Hour pre-show, so it was a typical Tony Khan PPV. That said there was plenty of good action. The main event was great, the Fight Without Honor was an exhausting marathon of a war. Even the “I Quit” match had really fun moments. I’d give this show a B grade, but I don’t know that I’d recommend anyone watch the whole thing through. I will have more to say in my audio review for Dot Net Members (including our Patreon patrons). Let us know what you thought of Final Battle by grading it below.

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  1. Athena is doing the best work of her career and Billie Starkz is a pro in the making, I’d swap this for some of the stuff on AEW, but then their time would probably get cut sadly

  2. Im over long over Mox trying to be this messiah of violence. He’s so phoney

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