Wrestling Open “Episode 100” results (11/30): Ichiban vs. Brad Hollister for the Wrestling Open Championship, Alec Price vs. Joe Ocasio for the IWTV Title, AEW’s Max Caster in a seven-way match

By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Open “Episode 100”
Streamed on IndependentWrestling.TV
November 30, 2023 in Worcester, Massachusetts at White Eagle

As expected, Wrestling Open has loaded up this lineup for its 100th consecutive Thursday night show. A good crowd probably numbering 300 fans. Paul Crockett and Brother Greatness provided commentary. A show this big has all established names here; no unknown wrestlers making a debut.

1. “Brick City Boyz” J Cruz and Victor Chase defeated “The Love Doctors” Landon Hale and Love, Doug to retain the Eliminator Cup at 7:17. The larger Chase started with the scrawny Doug. Hale and Doug hit a team back suplex. The BCB worked over Landon. Hale hit a missile dropkick. Doug made the hot tag at 6:00, and he hit a Sliced Bread on Cruz for a nearfall. The BCB hit a team Dominator faceplant to pin Doug. Good opener.

Channing Thomas and Sidney Bakabella attacked Hale and Doug! Crockett said that these two had been on social media, saying they had parted ways with Wrestling Open (I had’t seen those remarks), so this was a shocking attack.

* We saw highlights of Miracle Generation vs. Mane Event from Episode 6, which of course, is nearly two years ago. They had a time-limit draw that night.

2. Kennedi Copeland defeated Masha Slamovich at 7:15. Kennedi came out second and was clutching her left elbow, apparently still selling a beating from last week’s show. Masha hit a doublestomp to the chest and a running penalty kick to the chest for a nearfall at 1:30. She applied a Camel Clutch and kept Kennedi grounded. Kennedi hit a top-rope crossbody block for a nearfall at 4:30, then a swinging back suplex for a nearfall. Masha nailed the Air Raid Crash into the corner for a nearfall at 6:00. Masha nailed a Helluva Kick. Kennedi hit a standing powerbomb, made a jackknife cover, and scored the unexpected pin! Good match.

* Footage aired of a steel cage match from a prior show.

3. Brett Ryan Gosselin and “Shook Crew” Bobby Orlando and Bryce Donovan defeated “The Stetson Ranch” Steven Stetson, Danny Miles, and Hammer Tunis via disqualification at 8:46. BRG recently debuted on MLW TV. BRF hit a dropkick on Tunis. Young Buck clone Donovan entered at 2:00 and faced Stetson. The Ranch began working over the dork Orlando in their corner. Tunis hit a Stnger Death Drop at 6:00. BRG made the hot tag and hit a standing neckbreaker on Miles, then a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Tunis got his bullrope and choked BRG with it; the ref saw it and called for the bell to DQ the ranch.

4. Dezmond Cole defeated Marcus Mathers, Tyree Taylor (w/Brother Greatness), Max Caster, RJ Rude, Gabriel Skye and TJ Crawford in a seven-way Open Door War at 18:50. You go through a door, you are eliminated. Rude and Taylor have been feuding for the past two months. Right before the bell to start the six-way, Max Caster came from the back to a huge pop. He said “the best wrestler alive returns to the worst city, Worcester, Massachusetts.” He had (storyline) ran for mayor but no one here voted for him. Max said he’s joining the Church of Greatness, and he hugged Brother Greatness, so we have a seven-way. Caster was kicked to the floor, and everyone else beat on the massive Tyree.

Mathers and Skye traded quick reversals in the ring while everyone else brawled on the floor, and Mathers hit a dropkick. Rude hit a Lionsault on Dezmond at 3:00. Rude hit a flip dive to the floor. Skye hit a springboard splash to the floor. In the ring, Tyree powerbombed Skye through a table in the corner at 6:30 to eliminate Gabriel. Mathers hit a flip dive to the floor and he was fired up. In the ring, Mathers hit a top-rope Spanish Fly on TJ. Max speared Mathers through a table in the corner at 8:30 to eliiminate Marcus. Tyree flipped Max to the floor, and he shoved Brother Greatness out of the ring, too! BG helped Tyree set up a wood board bridge in the ring.

Rude hit a huracanrana that flipped Tyree through the wood board bridge at 11:00 to eliminate Tyree. Rude and TJ traded Mafia Kicks. Max hit Rude with a board. TJ Crawford hit a piledriver through a board bridge on Rude at 13:30 to eliminate Rude. Max hopped in the ring and hugged Crawford. Dezmond jumped in the ring and hit some stunners. Caster and Crawford worked together in beating down Dezmond, but they began arguing, and TJ kicked Caster in the head. Cole slammed TJ through a door at 16:30 to eliminate Crawford, and we’re suddenly down to just Cole vs. Caster! They brawled on the ropes, and Cole tossed Caster through a wood board across the ring to win the match. By winning, Dezmond Cole has earned a title shot.

5. Alec Price defeated Joe Ocasio to retain the IWTV World Title at 11:17. This is Price’s 12th title defense, and he was fired up. Ocasio is much thicker and probably has the overall weight advantage. Ocasio attacked to start the match and hit an overhead release belly-to-belly suplex, then he ripped off Price’s jersey. Price dove to the floor, but Ocasio caught him and rammed him head-first into the ring post at 1:30. Ocasio was in charge in the ring, tossing Price around. Ocasio hit a Bulldog Powerslam for a nearfall at 5:00. In a cool spot, Price leapt onto Ocasio’s shoulders and hit a DDT at 7:00. Price dove over the ropes onto Ocasio on the floor.

In the ring, Price hit a rebound lariat and a half nelson suplex for a nearfall. Price hit his series of running knees in the corner. Ocasio caught Price and suplexed him into the corner, then he hit a swinging uranage for a nearfall at 9:00. Ocasio ripped off a top turnbuckle. Price hit a superkick. Ocasio accidentally went head-first into the exposed turnbuckle; Price immediately hit a Surprise Kick/step-up mule kick for the pin. Good match.

6. “Miracle Generation” Dustin Waller and Kylon King defeated “Swipe Right” Brad Baylor and Ricky Smokes to retain the IWTV Tag Titles, with chairs legal, at 15:06. A video package showed the build-up of this feud. Waller and King charged into the ring and hit crossbody blocks to start the match, and all four brawled on the floor immediately. Kylon hit Baylor over the back with a chair. The heels began beating up the MG in the ring and hitting them with chairs, and Baylor pushed a chair into King’s throat. Waller hit a running Shooting Star Press on Baylor for a nearfall at 7:00.

King hit a top-rope doublestomp on a chair across Baylor’s back. King hit an enzuigiri and a tornado DDT on Baylor. Waller hit a Lethal Injection on Smokes. Multiple chairs were thrown into the ring. Kylon hit a German Suplex onto a pile of chairs at 11:00. Swipe Right suplexed Kylon onto several open chairs for a believable nearfall. Waller jumped in the ring and repeatedly hit Smokes across the back with a chair. He hit Baylor with a chair, too. Waller hit a Mamba Splash/frogsplash onto Smokes, who was lying across several open chairs, for the pin. A really good, energetic brawl.

7. Brad Hollister defeated Ichiban to win the Wrestling Open title at 20:17. We had ring introductions and a full presentation, making this feel like a big-time match. Hollister hit a deep armdrag and a fireman’s carry early on. Ichiban hit his series of punches to the face in the corner at 3:30 with the fans chanting “one!” with each punch. Hollister hit a snap suplex and he took control of the offense. He applied a Boston Crab at 8:30. Ichiban hit a stunner and a handspring-back-elbow, then a second-rope missile dropkick, then a tornado DDT and he was fired up. Ichiban nailed a Poison Rana for a nearfall at 11:00. Hollister hit a Samoa Joe-style Muscle Buster for a nearfall and they were both down. Hollister hit some rolling suplexes.

Ichiban nailed a second-rope superplex at 13:00. They traded punches while on their knees. Hollister nailed a Pounce for a nearfall at 14:30. Ichiban set up for a Code Red but Hollister fought it off. Ichiban hit a second-rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a nearfall at 16:30. He dove through the ropes but Hollister caught him. In the ring, Hollister hit a second-rope suplex for a believable nearfall. Ichiban hit a superkick, and this time, he connected on a dive through the ropes. In the ring, Ichiban nailed his leaping DDT for a believable enarfall at 19:00; that’s usually his finisher. Ichiban nailed a pair of Helluva Kicks. Hollister hit a low blow with the ref out of position. Hollister then hit another second-rope superplex for the pin. New champion! Hollister even looked shocked as the referee handed him the title.

* Hollister’s “Big Business” faction teammates TJ Crawford and Brick City hit the ring to celebrate with him. It appeared TJ was placing a crown on Hollister’s head, but we faded to black to close the show.

Final Thoughts: What a great main event. Hollister and Ichiban really click in the ring. Everything about this was perfect: the build-up of a feud over months, Hollister kicking out of Ichiban’s finisher, but still needing that low blow to take down the champion. From the pre-match ring entrances, everything about this match felt special.

Miracle Generation-Swipe Right earns second place. It was a good brawl without getting bloody or too violent. I’ll take Price-Ocasio ahead of the seven-way for third. Masha-Kennedi had a really good short match, too, with a pleasant surprise outcome. Overall, Wrestling Open has to be proud of not only reaching 100 consecutive weeks of shows, but delivering a top-notch show with most of their top stars on Episode 100.


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