Wrestling Revolver “Tales From the Ring” results: Vetter’s review of Abadon vs. Matthew Palmer in a casket match, The Rascalz vs. Alpha Sigma Sigma for the Impact Tag Titles


By Chris Vetter, ProWrestling.net Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Wrestling Revolver “Tales From the Ring”
Streamed on FITE+
October 14, 2023 in Grand Prairie, Texas at The Epic

This is their second time running a show in this building, located just southwest of Fort Worth. It is also their second consecutive weekend in action. This is a large gym, so the ceiling isn’t an issue. The crowd is large, maybe 600-800. It’s dark in the building, but lighting is good. Walker Stewart and Cody Cox provided commentary. Last week, sound quality was really poor, but it is crystal clear tonight.

1. Alan Angels defeated Dante Leon at 8:22. The multi-colored-haired Leon has been competing in NOAH in Japan; I haven’t seen much of him in 2023. Mat reversals and a standoff in the first minute. Leon hit a superkick that sent Angels to the floor at 2:00. Angels dove through the ropes onto Leon. In the ring, Angels hit a half-nelson suplex for a nearfall. Leon hit a Swanton Bomb on the back for a nearfall at 5:00.

Angels hit a dropkick to the head in the corner, then his spin kick to the head for a believable nearfall at 6:30. Leon blocked the Angels Wings and got a jackknife cover for a nearfall. Leon hit a flipping stunner out of the corner for a nearfall. He missed a 450 splash, landed on his feet, and his knee buckled at 8:00. Angels immediately hit the Angels Wings, then a frogsplash for the pin. A very good opener, but the winner was never in doubt.

2. Vert Vixen defeated Killa Kate to retain the Defy Women’s Title at 6:37. Again, this is not NWA’s Missa Kate. Killa Kate is white, with orange hair all the way down her back, and she’s of average size, and this is her Revolver debut. Blue-haired Vert has developed into a top-five women’s indy talent, and the commentators said this is her 13th defense of the Defy title. Standing reversals early on, and Vert hit an axe kick to the back of the head for a nearfall at 2:00. Vert hit a Helluva Kick, then a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Kate hit a running knee to the chest for a nearfall at 4:30, and she applied a modified Muta Lock, but Vert reached the ropes. Vert hit a slingshot doublestomp to the back. It got really smoky in the building, like dry ice going off; that was bizarre. Vert hit a German Suplex for the pin. Good while it lasted.

3. “Purple Haze” Stevie Hendrix and Chris Alexander defeated “The Scorn” Tommy Prince and Gabe Wilder to win the MPX Tag Titles at 8:43. These are all locals and both are fan favorites. Purple Haze both remind me of Velveteen Dream, and they got the ‘dry ice’ treatment that probably caused that smoky appearance at the end of Vert Vixen’s match. The Scorn are dressed like Sami Callihan in their Hot Topic gear; they lost to Ace Austin and Chris Bey in Revolver’s Texas debut a few months ago. . Prince, a scrawny white guy, opened against Hendrix. Prince hit a standing moonsault. The rotund Wilder hit a frogsplash for a nearfall at 2:00. Hendrix hit a tornado DDT. PH began working over Wilder. PH hit a backbreaker over their knee on Prince at 6:00. Wilder made the hot tag and hit some German Suplexes at 7:00. Wilder hit a stunner. Prince hit a top-rope stomp for a nearfall. Purple Haze hit a team Flatliner move for the pin! New champions!

4. Rich Swann defeated Laredo Kid at 8:47. This was supposed to be a three-way, but they said Rey Fenix was injured in AEW and is off the show. They shook hands to open and traded some mat reversals and had a standoff. Laredo hit a huracanrana, sending Swann to the floor. Laredo hit a plancha onto Swann at 2:00. In the ring, Laredo hit a frogsplash for a nearfall. Swann hit a rolling clothesline. Swann hit a summersault dive off the apron onto Laredo on the floor at 4:30. In the ring, Laredo hit a bodyslam and a corkscrew senton, then a second-rope corkscrew senton for a nearfall. Swann hit an enzuigiri and a stunner for a nearfall at 6:30. They got up and traded punches. Swann hit a superkick and they were both down. Laredo hit a Poison Rana for a nearfall, but he missed a top-rope corkscrew splash. Swann nailed a superkick and a second-rope 450 Splash for the pin. Good match.

5. Steve Maclin defeated Lance Archer and Brick Savage in a three-way at 9:16. I’ve seen Brick Savage once before; he has similar size and facial features to Bronson Reed, but not as round. Maclin rolled to the floor at the bell, so Savage and Archer traded punches. Maclin got a garbage can and hit them with it. Maclin slammed Savage into the ring post at 1:30, and Archer dove onto both of them on the floor, getting a pop, and the announcers were stunned by Archer’s dive. They immediately brawled over the guardrail and into the crowd. It was definitely hard to see away from the ring, but Archer whipped Maclin into rows of chairs at 4:00.

They returned to ringside, where Maclin shoved Archer face-first into the ring post. Boards were set up in the corners of the ring as they all got back in. Archer sent Savage through a door, but Maclin immediately speared Archer threw another door at 7:00. Savage missed a moonsault. Archer nailed the Blackout flipping slam on Maclin, but Savage immediately grabbed Archer and hit a powerbomb. However, Maclin hit a double-arm DDT onto a folded chair to pin Savage. Good brawling match, but it felt like Savage was there to eat the pin.

* Intermission. A replay aired from last Sunday with Billie Starkz beating Marina Shafir to win the eight-woman single-elimination tournament. If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it.

6. Exodus Prime defeated Damian Chambers, Tommy Becker, Izzy James, Barrett Brown, The Pledge, Tatum Manning and Kari Wright in a scramble at 12:31. Most of these guys are locals. Prime is a talented Black man; he beat Rich Swann here the first time Revolver was in Texas. I just watched a match with Izzy earlier today, and he reminds me of Enzo Amore. Manning has short blond hair and made me think of Shane Haste. Izzy and Damian fought early on. Becker hit a snap huracanrana on Tatum. Chambers hit a Flatliner for a nearfall at 6:00. Chambers hit a dive through the ropes onto everyone. Izzy hit a flip dive onto everyone. Exodus Prime hit a flip dive. Barrett Brown hit a top-rope moonsault onto everyone at 7:30.

We had double tower spots in the ring. Barrett Brown hit a brainbuster on Chambers and suddenly everyone was down at 9:30. Kari Wright hit a slam on Becker. Izzy hit a spin kick to the back. The Pledge hit a mid-ring DDT. Barrett hit a twisting neckbreaker. Chambers hit a neckbreaker over his knee. Exodus Prime hit a Death Valley Driver on Manning, sending him through a door in the corner. Exodus then nailed a Jay Driller on Manning for the pin.

7. “The Rascalz” Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz defeated “Alpha Sigma Sigma” KC Jacobs and Brent Oakley to retain the Impact Tag Titles at 11:55. The ASS guys are scrawny frat guys who always remind of Shane McMahon’s friends in the Mean Street Posse. Oakley wore a red shirt. Zachary opened. The Rascalz hit some quick team offense. Wentz hit a slingshot senton for a nearfall at 3:00. The ASS began working over Wentz in their corner. Wentz finally hit a handspring-back-kneestrike at 8:00. Miguel finally made the hot tag and he hit a double Flatliner. Wentz hit a doublestomp for a nearfall. Miguel and Jacobs traded punches and Miguel hit an enzuigiri, then a superkick. The Rascalz hit stereo dives to the floor at 11:30. In the ring, the Rascalz hit their team standing moonsault move for the pin. Okay action.

8. Ace Austin defeated JD Griffey at 11:50. Griffey is the thin Black man who has appeared with Shane Taylor a handful of times in AEW/ROH and he always wears his ‘shoot fighter gloves.’ Standing switches to open. JD applied a rear-naked choke but Ace reached the ropes at 2:00. Ace hit a runnign kick while on the ring apron. The commentators talked about how angry JD has been since he lost to Mike Bailey on the last show here. JD kept Ace tied up on the mat. Griffey took off his gloves at 6:30 and he choked Ace with one. Ace hit a Hogan Legdrop across the throat.

Ace hit his jumping Pedigree move for a nearfall. JD applied a Triangle Choke at 8:30. JD hit a German Suplex and a kneestrike to the chest for a believable nearfall, and he jawed at the referee. JD hit a fisherman’s neckbreaker over his knee, then a diving forearm for a believable nearfall, and he went back to a rear-naked choke, but Ace powered out. Ace nailed a spin kick to the head, then another leaping Pedigree, then The Fold/flipping faceplant for the pin. Good match.

9. “The Monster Hunter” Matthew Palmer defeated Abadon in a casket match at 15:28. I truly don’t think I’ve seen Abadon wrestle once this year. The casket was brought to the ring first. Palmer is the cheesy 1800s era carnival alchemist with vials of potions on his belt. Abadon’s hair is green and her facepaint is white, making her look like a female Joker. Palmer looked hesitant as he headed to the ring. The ring announcer called Palmer “her victim” not “her opponent.” Palmer looks terrified as everyone is shaking his hand as if giving him his Last Rites. She hit a clothesline and a Stinger Splash to open the match.

He hit some punches to her jaw that had no impact and she looked demonic; she hit her own punch that leveled him. Palmer drank an elixir. They fought to the floor, where she hit a suplex at 3:00. He whipped Abadon into the barricade, then he dropped her throat-first on the guardrail. He made a bridge with a board between the ring and the guardrail. In the ring, he caught her and hit a bodyslam at 5:30. He got chairs and a garbage can from under the ring and he tossed them into the ring. He hit some punches to the forehead and was in charge. He hit a backbreaker across an open steel chair at 7:30.

Palmer hit her in the head with the garbage can and they headed toward the casket, but she held onto the ropes. She hit a powerbomb. The casket was moved into the ring! Palmer picked her up and slammed her back-first into a board in the corner at 10:30. He opened the casket, but then he hit a series of short-arm clotheslines in the corner. He missed a dive to the floor but landed on his feet. He powerbombed her onto the ring apron at 12:00. He placed her on the door bridge, and he climbed onto a platform; he dove but she moved, and he crashed through the boards at 13:30.

Abadon punched the referee! Palmer hit a uranage onto the top of the casket. He reopened the casket and put her in it, but she got a hand out before it closed. He reopened the casket and she grabbed him by the throat. He lanted skewers in the top of her head, pushed her down into the casket, and shut it to win the match! That was fun.

Final Thoughts: An entertaining show, and the production was just so much better than a week ago. I’ll go with Swann-Laredo Kid for best match, as that really is my preferred style of action. Maclin-Archer-Savage was a fun big-man match and earns second, ahead of the main event. JD Griffey and Ace Austin deserve honorable mention. The ASS guys still aren’t doing much for me, and that scramble was a bit messier than usual, as we had some guys who aren’t quite as good in it, but Exodus Prime continues to shine in the handful of times I’ve seen him.


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