Flash Flanagan on trying out for WWE, Jim Cornette going after a rival promoter, and wrestling in Puerto Rico


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast with Flash Flanagan
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Twitter: @TwoManPowerTrip
Website: www.tmptempire.com
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On trying out for the WWF: “I had to try out again and they’re down watching this. And the whole thing was, you’re watching all these guys and they want you to get in the ring, do something, have a match, and then cut a promo. So I started doing my Flash Mania stuff. And then I did Raw and Smackdown. At Raw they had me as a waiter for the John Cena segment in the motel room where he beat up David Otunga. And there’s Bray Wyatt and I can’t remember if there’s anyone else there. I know Triple H was there. And so we did that. And if you go back and you can watch that, you can hear the crowd. They go, ‘Hey, it’s Flash’. Then the next night we were in Columbus, Ohio, and, (John) Laurinaitis, he just started ripping me a new one because ‘you wanted to try out and you just try out and you go out there and do that Hulk Hogan crap.’ I’m like, yeah, but I’m sitting there watching everyone do their interviews and it was always the same thing. My name is so and so I’ve always wanted to be a professional wrestler, blah, blah, blah. I just started cutting the wrestling promo. And I was like, all right, whatever. And there were these guys that were there for the tryout or they were already signed, but there were like five or six guys there. They were having (a) workout in the ring. He was like, ‘you see these guys, look at them’ and none of them made it.”

On Jim Cornette: “ When you listen to Cornette’s podcast, everything he’s saying is correct. I mean, when you watch it, it’s like, yeah, I can’t argue with him. He’s telling me stuff he’s telling you like, yeah, all right. Yeah. Say what you want about him, but he’s telling you how it is. I was there the night he tried to run over Terry Landell. I remember, we were in Knoxville and we were in the locker room and Mark Henry came in and he goes, ‘Hey, there’s a show down the road. It’s some car lot. It was, I think I saw the Rock and Roll Express down there.’ And Cornette was like Terry Landell. He was, I’m going to kill him. He took off in his car and went down there. I didn’t witness any of it, but all we ever heard was how he says his wife got maced and Cornette got back to the building and said, Flash, make sure you grab the belts, bring them back to Louisville. I gotta get out of here. The cops are after me’.”

On Puerto Rico: “Cornette called Dutch [Mantell] and in Puerto Rico and they got me booked down there. Dutch was booking for [Víctor] Quinones. So they brought me in and Victor, I mean, it was great. I mean, Savio [Vega] was great to me, Miguel. And so. I already knew these guys from doing the shows in WWE, so they were good to me, and Victor was cool. I mean, he told me, you know, you got a job here as long as you want. It was, I’ll keep you around, have you, where you got work. It’s great. Okay, I’m living here by the beach. I’m working almost every night. I can’t complain. And then Victor passed away, business was kind of a little bad, but, I had fun down there. Everyone talks bad about Puerto Rico and all this and this and this. I loved it. It was great. And I’ve got nothing bad to say about these guys down there.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, WWE, Vince McMahon, WWC, ROH, and more.


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