Ricochet on which moves he won’t perform again, the moves that hurt the most, his first impression of WWE SummerSlam opponent Logan Paul


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Insight With Chris Van Vliet with guest Ricochet
Host: Chris Van Vliet
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On which move Ricochet won’t do again: “Honestly, probably only the Double Moonsault maybe, and that’s not even, honestly, I probably could still do it if I wanted to do it. But I don’t want to, I don’t want to. I did it off the cage. I would have to actually take some time to like practice, really practice, because it’s just one that’s [not used often]. I was just asked the other day, when was the last time I even did it. And I couldn’t tell you the last time that I did the Double Moonsault, I don’t know. Other than the one off the cage at NXT, before that even like in the ring. Man, I couldn’t tell you.”

On first impressions of Logan Paul: “I mean, I’ve never had any preconceived notions, I just think, you know, like, we have people come in all the time. So that was nothing new to me. But I’m seeing like, he was actually at the PC training with Shawn [Michaels] and some of the people down there. And then he was like, putting the work in for the match with like, the tag match with The Miz and the other matches with The Miz, and like he’s putting the work in. So, when he initially came in, I mean, I was curious to see what happened, but then to see actually what he has done since it’s been, I mean, actually pretty cool.”

On building the courage to do high-flying moves: “You don’t build the courage up, you just gotta go. You can’t stop and think about it. Because if you stop and you think about it for a second, the courage is gonna go down. You know what I mean? Courage comes from when you’re not thinking, you know what I mean, you gotta use, I never do anything that I don’t think is beyond my abilities. I tried to stay within my capabilities. But when I’m in there, it’s literally like a split-second decision, do it on the spot, because the more you sit there and think about it, the more the courage is going to go down, at least in my experience.”

On which high-flying move hurts the most: “I mean the 630, every single time, the 630. Whether it’s my neck or my back or something? It’s usually, I mean it’s a painful move for both people in the ring, absolutely. Anything where you are landing on someone, I mean, it doesn’t feel good when you’re coming down. Like, I’m sure you’ve seen Montez [Ford] do his Frog Splash from the rafters. Like that hurts both of us. Or when I’m doing my Shooting Star, that’s gonna hurt both people a little bit at least.”


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