Create a Pro Wrestling “Homecoming” results: Vetter’s review of AEW World Champion MJF vs. Leo Sparrow, Bryce Donovan vs. Vargas for the Create A Pro Championship, Angelina Love and Notorious Mimi vs. B3cca and Ava Everett, Bronson vs. TJ Crawford in a Raven’s Rules match


By Chris Vetter, Contributor (@chrisvetter73)

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Create a Pro Wrestling “Homecoming”
Streamed on
May 13, 2023 in Melville, N.Y. at All Sportz

This is a fieldhouse/hockey rink building. The commentary team is really quiet; Max Caster is among the men in the booth. Attendance is maybe 500.

1. The Sweeper defeated Evil Kip in a Mayhem Medal match at 10:43. This is a lumberjack match. Evil Kip came out to Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” song. Super sappy and funny. He has a Kurt Angle-style Olympic medal. The Sweeper wore a lumberjack shirt. Kip tried to bail to the floor at the bell, but the lumberjacks threw him right back in. Sweeper hit Bandido’s 21-Plex suplex out of the ropes. They did a top-rope superplex to the floor on all the lumberjacks at 8:30. Kip applied a Boston Crab but Sweeper reached the ropes. All the lumberjacks began brawling on the floor. In the ring, Sweeper hit a Code Red for the pin. Ok match; these guys are really green.

* The lumberjacks got in the ring and put Sweeper on their shoulders and celebrated like he just hit the game-winning homer to end the World Series. Sweeper won Kip’s medal by winning the match.

2. Bobby Orlando defeated Eric James at 10:02. James sang Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” to the ring, so apparently he’s stuck in 2001; he wore pink trunks and a white jacket and he wrestles with a gold chain on. I think I’ve seen him before. Orlando is the dork who has his stuffed goat on his back, and he recently had an AEW taping match, and I’m more familiar with him. James was the heel, dominated the match and barked at the referee. Orlando hit a Lungblower at 5:00 and they were both down.

James hit a Tiger Bomb for a believable nearfall, then a Jay White-style Blade Runner for a believable nearfall at 7:30. Orlando hit an Athena-style stunner off the ropes for a believable nearfall. James leapt off the top rope, but Orlando caught him and hit a stunner. Orlando hit a top-rope elbow drop for the pin. This was light years better than the opening match.

3. “The Mid-Life Express” CPA & Kevin Tibbs defeated “Vlog Bro University” Jack Tomlinson & Dante Drago and “Even Stevens” Steven Somerset & Steven Azure to retain the CAP tag team titles at 8:51. CPA and Tibbs are the tag champs entering the match; Tibbs is short, bald with a long beard. The Even Stevens wore blue sweaters and are reminiscent of the Mean Street Posse. I admittedly like the humor of CPA, as he removed one button-down shirt to reveal an exact shirt underneath; I’ve seen him before and he’s solid in the ring. Late in the match, CPA hit a Death Valley Driver. CPA and Tibbs hit a team 3D Lungblower move for the pin. Okay match.

4. Leo Sparrow defeated Vic Robles at 1:01. Sparrow has dark hair to his shoulders and he’s a heel, throwing stuff at fans. Vic Robles came out to Baltimora’s “Jungle Life” and he really looks a lot like Jungle Boy, and he’s mimicking his moves. Sparrow hit a top-rope moonsault for the pin. Shockingly short.

* Sparrow got on the miic but it didn’t work and the crowd laughed at him. He got it working and he berated the crowd. He concluded by saying he’s a vegan, “and I’m better than you, and you know it!” That brought out MJF! The crowd popped for his music. MJF talked about starting at Create A Pro. He asked the crowd if they “want to see me beat this vegan’s nuts in.”

5. MJF defeated Leo Sparrow (w/GKN) at 9:18. They locked up and Sparrow claimed his hair was pulled. MJF hit some Atomic Drops. MJF distracted the ref and hit a stomp to the groin at 2:30. MJF rolled to the floor, high-fived some fans. They brawled at ringside. In the ring, Sparrow took charge and hit a top-rope moonsault for a nearfall at 4:30. GKN, Sparrow’s manager, choked MJF in the ropes. The commentators talked about MJF having to wrestle three guys at the upcoming AEW PPV.

Sparrow hit some forearm shots but it just angered MJF. MJF fired back with some hard chops and a bodyslam. MJF hit a standing powerbomb at 7:30. The ref got bumped! Sparrow immediately hit a low blow punt kick. Sparrow got a chair, flipped it at Sparrow and did the ‘Eddie spot,’ collapsing to the mat. In a funny response, MJF put the chair over his head and also collapsed on the mat. The ref yelled at Sparrow, who pleaded innocence. The ref confiscated the chair; MJF hit a low blow! MJF then applied a Crossface and Sparrow tapped out. Fun match.

* MJF got back on the mic and said, “I told you I’d bust his nuts.” He said when he started at the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy, he had a goal of becoming one of the greats. He said it wouldn’t have happened without Pat Buck and Brian Myers. He posed with the AEW heavyweight title.

* Intermission was edited out. As we return, Raven came to ringside and sat in a chair, with three guys dressed in black, and wearing gas masks, standing behind him. Two doors were set up in corners in the ring.

6. Bronson defeated TJ Crawford in a Raven’s Rules match at 14:07. Bronson (from Bear County/Iron Savages) wore a blue jean vest and is reminding me of a bigger, thicker Chris Kanyon. Crawford wore a black bulletproof vest and a metallic skull mask. Raven got on the mic and said his minions would be providing the weapons in this “anything goes” match. They brawled to ringside. In the ring, Bronson cracked a chair across Crawford’s back at 3:30. He then powerbombed Crawford onto two open chairs for a nearfall.

Crawford used a staple gun on Bronson’s back, then he stapled a picture to Bronson’s head at 6:30! Yuck. Crawford hit a shotgun dropkick, sending Bronson through a door in the corner. He hit Bronson over the head with a shard of the door. Crawford dove off the top rope onto Bronson, who was lying on a table at ringside, at 11:00. One of Raven’s minions dumped a bucket of thumbtacks in the ring! They took turns teasing putting the opponent onto the pile of tacks. Bronson hit a second-rope superplex, with them both landing on the tacks at 14:00, and the fans chanted “holy shit!” Bronson made the cover for the pin. I am not a big fan of hardcore matches, but I enjoyed this.

* The Sweeper — the green kid who won the opener — came out to clean up the ring. Funny.

7. Angelina Love and Notorious Mimi defeated “Y2Kuties” B3cca and Ava Everett at 9:42. B3cca is the strawberry blonde who is the ‘international pop star’ and Ava has long dark hair, and her thong is sticking out over the top of her pants, like a young Lita. Mimi looks a lot like Isla Dawn or Becky Lynch with her long, orange hair. I don’t think I’ve seen Ava before, and Mimi just a few times. The commentary team said Mimi is just 20 years old. Love and B3cca started with an intense lockup. Mimi and Ava entered at 3:00. The heels began working Mimi over in their corner.

Mimi hit a series of kneelifts on B3cca and got a nearfall at 5:00, but the heels regained control. They hit simultaneous kicks to the head and got a nearfall at 7:30. B3cca missed a moonsault, and she accidentally kicked Ava. Angelina Love made the hot tag at 9:00. Love hit a mid-ring Mafia Kick to pin B3cca. I think Love was in the ring fewer than two minutes here.

Aaron Rourke hit the ring. He’s really effiminant, and he challenged Effy to a match at the next Create A Pro show on July 30. “I am queer wrestling!” he said.

* The next match is to unite the CAP title and an interim title.

8. Bryce Donovan defeated Vargas (w/Ariel Nix) to become the undisputed (and unified) CAP Champion at 17:33. This is Bryce’s first match since he suffered a broken hand in a match and needed surgery and had several months off. He has long, long straight hair; he looks like Nick Jackson’s long-lost brother. Vargas is a big Samoan with his face painted red, white and blue. “They call him the destroyer for a reason,” a commentator said, adding that Vargas is 300 pounds. He is on par with where Umaga was most of his career.

Ariel distracted Bryce, allowing Vargas to take control early on. They brawled at ringside. In the ring, Vargas whipped Bryce into a corner and got a nearfall at 5:00. He hit a Stinger Splash in the corner and got a nearfall. Bryce finally fired up and hit some punches and a few shoulder tackles but Vargas didn’t go down. Bryce finally hit three consecutive bodyslams at 8:00, then a top-rope elbow drop for a nearfall. Bryce hit a double-arm DDT for a nearfall.

Vargas went for a Stinger Splash in the corner but he hit the ref. Vargas hit a Samoan Drop and Ariel handed him a chair. Bryce hit a Black Hole Slam for a visual pin but the ref was down. Vargas’ heel friend got in the ring and beat up Bryce. A second ref hit the ring and counted a nearfall at 11:30. Vargas choked the ref; he set up for a powerbomb on the ref but Bryce made the save. Bryce hit another Black Hole Slam and a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall, but Ariel pulled the ref from the ring at 13:00.

Brian Myers hit the ring and hit a spear on Vargas’ friend, and they brawled to the back. They traded stiff punches, and Bryce hit a clothesline. He picked up Vargas, but Ariel jumped in the ring and hit a low blow. Vargas hit a standing powerbomb for a believable nearfall at 15:30, and Vargas was shocked. Bryce hit a superkick on Ariel! He then hit some superkicks on Vargas and a TKO Stunner for the pin.

Final Thoughts: Create A Pro pulled out every trick from their bag of goodies for that main event, with the nonstop interference and ref bumps. I enjoyed it, though. Bryce is taller than your average indy wrestler and he has the right look.

MJF’s match was fun, and the crowd was thrilled to see him here, and he wrestled a match you’d expect of him. I would have liked to have seen Angelina Love in the ring a bit more than she was, but the match was fine.

I’ll be blunt — that first match was really rough. I nearly gave up on the show after the first match, fearing that everything would be that green. Luckily, that was not the normal level of matches on this show.


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