Jeanie Clarke (a/k/a Lady Blossom) on ex-husbands Steve Austin and Chris Adams, plus Dusty Rhodes, why she left the business, and addiction Issues


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On Chris Adams: “If I hadn’t gone that day by a pure accident, I probably would not have met Chris. But I did meet Chris and basically, he asked for my phone number and we’re going back to like when I was 19, so I’m 64, so it’s a long, long time ago. And, he actually asked me to meet up with him, but my mom, because back then we only had landlines and my mom was getting annoyed because he kept calling and calling and calling and calling. And eventually she told me, you know, he’s annoying me. You need to call him back. And I did. And he invited me to the Birmingham Motor Show and I thought, oh, that sounds like fun because I’ve ever been to anything like that before. And that was the start of my relationship with Chris. And we started the journey to the states together when I was a kid, really, 19.”

On Steve Austin: “Steve had a very good idea of what he wanted to be when he saw the show The Iceman, you know, kind of coldblooded, emotionless. He wanted something like a coldhearted character, so he knew what he wanted. He just couldn’t get the name to go with it. When I said that with the tea, I went, oh my God, there you go. Stone Cold. And he was like, yeah, yeah, that, that serial killer, whatever his name was. He was a hit man for a mafia or something. He knew that that was the concept he wanted. So it was kind of a 50/50 thing and I came up with the, uh, Stone Cold, but it is an expression that the English use quite often.”

On Dusty Rhodes: “I accidentally just went and answered my own phone and Magnum (TA) is on the phone. He is like, ‘I Steve there?’ And I’m like, no, not just now, would you like me to give him a message? And he just sort of got in a conversation with me really, and he was like, oh, where are you from? Probably cuz I had a British accent and what do you do and, and et cetera. And I said, well, I did work with Steve at the Sportatorium and an angle before they folded, and he goes, oh, really? So can I see a tape of you and Steve? And they had partnered him up with a, a girl, Veronica, but I don’t think they were happy with that. So Magnum says to me, oh, perhaps you could go meet Dusty in Houston on Tuesday, because they had a show. I mean it went boom, boom, boom. So quick. And I went, because I was in a relationship with Steve at that time and went to Houston and I spoke to Dusty for like five, ten minutes and then they said, ‘Be at TV.'”

Why she left the business: “I had my daughter when I was 36, I think. I didn’t think I was young enough maybe anymore to do anything in it. And yeah, I was like a four-time mom and I was happy with that, you know, because I really adore my children unconditionally and love them so much. And sadly, you know, we are divided and I learned something, that you’re really powerless over people who choose not to have a relationship with you… you can’t force it.”

Addiction issues: “Addiction or a really bad progressive addiction, ends in three ways, which is death, jail or hospital. And I think that, if you get to where you’re brave enough to say, you know, I have an issue, and you go into a treatment, then you always have hope to make amends. And so, you know, I still have hope to make amends, but it takes two people.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, USWA, WCCW, Chris Adams, Dark Side of the Ring, her book, addiction issues, Billy Jack Haynes, Stone Cold Steve Austin, what she is up to today, and more.


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