Jackie Fulton on wrestling Andre The Giant, his history with Johnny Ace, working in Smoky Mountain Wrestling for Jim Cornette, teaming with his brother Bobby Fulton

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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On Smoky Mountain Wrestling: “ I wanted Smokey Mountain to do well. Because, you know, my brother and Jim Cornette go way back and the boys need places to work. But II was focused on Japan, it was way better money. Like I said, you didn’t have to drive your car all over the mountains and back. That’s kind of why they finished me and my brother up because Jimmy Cornette would have this angle with the Heavenly Bodies, Stan Lane and Tom Prichard, all of a sudden, I’d say, Jimmy, I gotta go to Japan the whole month of July. So one or two, one time they acted like I blew my knee out. They worked the angle, like I blew my knee out. Right? And then I, and I came back with a knee brace on, but after missing, screwing his angles up over and over, they finished us up, plus they were ready for Rock-n-Roll Express to come in as well.”

Wrestling Andre The Giant: “ I ended up wrestling Andre three times. It was six men, they would put him with two young Japanese boys, he wasn’t moving around that well, we worked around him. He stood in the middle and we bumped our behinds off and he got in a little bit and did his few things and then got out. He did not leave his feet, no. Actually that one, the one time he beat me toward the end, he went and sat on your chest like he used to do because he was older and he couldn’t stand up, you know. So what he did with me is, he just put his boot on my chest. 1, 2, 3. It was still an honor though.”

On his history with Johnny Ace:  ”Johnny got more and more and more powerful over there, where when I went back as George Hines, I just kept my mouth shut. If Johnny would say something to me when he got in with Mr. Baba and Mrs. Baba, I thought he just got lucky. Then he gets in with WCW. I’m like, wow, that might not be lucky. Then he gets in with Vince in WWE. I’m like, that guy’s a master at selling himself. He was a bit cutthroat, no doubt about it. One thing about it, even after wrestling with all of us, all those tours, he never really tried to get any of us into WCW or WWE.”

On teaming with his brother Bobby Fulton: “ He was hard on me, which was good. It was good for me. I’d get out there and think, man, I did good tonight. And then on the way home, ‘you did this wrong, you did this wrong, you did that wrong’. But that’s how you learn. My brother’s never been known to sugarcoat things and that’s how I learned, working with him. And eventually I wanted to go to Japan and it took a little while to get booked over there. The Lord James Blears, I sent him a tape of me and my brother working at the school. We went hard for about 15 minutes Japanese style and sent it to Lord Blears, and he took them to Baba and they ended up booking me later on.”

Other topics include breaking into the business, the territories, AWA, OVW, WCW, NWA, SMW, Jim Cornette, Heavenly Bodies, The Fantastic’s, his Brother Bobby Fulton, AJPW, Giant Baba, Johnny Ace, The Eagle, World Classic Professional Big Time Wrestling’s big show on March 11th in Chillicothe Ohio, and more.


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