Vince Russo on Vince McMahon’s return to WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon starting their own pro wrestling company, what’s next for WWE


By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Vince McMahon’s return to WWE: “ There was no doubt in my mind somehow, somehow there was no doubt Vince was coming back in 2023. And I gotta be honest with you, John, and I am not BS’ing you. I am glad. And the reason why I am glad is because of Russo’s brand, bro, you know, it gives me something to talk about. I can’t talk about these lame shows that I don’t care about. I want to I literally want to kill myself. So when something like this happens, that’s real news. You can imagine the drama going on in the company. You can imagine the talent saying, wait a minute, man, did I put Triple H over? Did I bury Vince? What’s gonna happen? So, I mean, stuff like this I love because it just creates content.”

On Triple H: “Wrestling is so spiteful and so petty. Listen, those guys could come back in. They [wrestlers Paul Levesque rehired] could be doing the best job in the world. The fact that Vince fired them and Triple H rehired them, that is Triple H saying, Vince, you made a mistake. So I hired those people. No, bro, Vince McMahon doesn’t make any mistakes. And, bro, that was a bad look for him. Everybody that Hunter brought back after Vince left was a bad look for Vince. That’s basically saying, Vince, you didn’t know what you were doing. You let this one go, that one go, and the other one go, you made a mistake, Vince, I’m bringing him back. No, bro, Vince doesn’t make any mistakes.”

The WWE stock: “I said, bro, when they sent Vince home, this really hurts stock in the company because when you are negotiating television contracts, when you are negotiating any big deals, bro, these people want to be in business with Vince McMahon. They know Vince’s lineage and Vince’s history and Vince’s expertise. They want to know they’re doing business with Vince McMahon. They’re looking at Triple H like a wrestler, bro. And they’re looking at Stephanie as, well, that’s the daughter of Vince. That’s not Vince McMahon. So, bro, who knows? [Nick] Khan could have had a buyer that was interested and that buyer could have said, you know what, if Vince McMahon isn’t running the company, I’m not interested. I mean that, that very, very well could have happened. Khan could have reported that to Vince. And then, here you go, bro. You know?”

On Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon starting their own company: “ You know what the interesting thing is, bro, think about this. Think about how long Triple H has been doing this. A top guy getting paid millions and millions and millions of dollars every year. Think about Stephanie McMahon. Okay, bro, there’s a real easy solution here. Go start your own wrestling company. You guys definitely have the connections. Vince McMahon does have enemies. Go start your own, go start your own wrestling company. I mean, I could tell you this without a shadow of a doubt, under Steph, under Hunter, it’ll be a billion times better than AEW. I wouldn’t be surprised, bro. Like, honestly, looking at the ratings of AEW and again, bro, yesterday’s show was 15 percent down from the year before. Looking at those ratings for Triple H and Stephanie to approach a TBS and a TNT and saying, listen, man, if you want to continue to have wrestling on your network, we know how to do it. You know what I’m saying? So, bro, I swear, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that happen because again, if there is heat between the two sides and Vince McMahon regains control, where’s Stephanie and Triple H gonna go? And bro, they got a shitload of money. They could start their own promotion freaking tomorrow if they wanted to.”

What’s next for WWE:  ”I said years ago, there are so many camps and so many agendas and then the talent has to roll the dice of which camp do we join. That this is a crapshoot because if we join the camp or the guy in power and the guy in power loses power, there’s such a dynamic going on, and bro, like I said, this is the stuff that is interesting to me and that’s why so many people don’t understand, bro. When I always get the, oh yeah, bro, you are bitter. You are this, you are that, bro, you have no idea. To be a Bruce Prichard right now, to be a Vince McMahon guy right now. And you know, Triple H and Stephanie are running the company and Vince is making these moves and whatnot. You have no idea, bro, what these people are going through, John. It is hell. It is hell. It is psychological. Emotional hell every day of what’s gonna happen today. What is the game plan? Who is going to say what? I swear, especially bro, like people who are my age. [Paul] Heyman is my age. [Michael] Hayes is my age. Bruce is a little younger than me. Not much, you know, for them to be going through something like this, at this point in their. God, bro. It is so stressful. It is so not fun. And it, it will literally, literally take li take, take years off of their lives. That’s why this is the part of it, bro, that I never wanted anything to do with.”

Other topics include the WWE King of the Ring 1997, the events that led up to it, backstage drama at the time, Sid, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Vader, and more.


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  1. Good read. Funny as well

  2. Do you think if you offered Russo a million dollars to not say bro for 5 minutes he could pull it off?

  3. I really wish when Russo did and interview and it was reported on they would just put a disclaimer at the beginning of the article saying, “We are omitting each “bro” that Vince said” so we wouldn’t have to suffer and read them all.

  4. Russo is the greatest creative writer in wrestling history. Wwf 97-99 was the best

  5. Reading this article actually gave me a headache, bro. You know what I mean bro. Bro find someone else to write for you!!!

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