6/17 WWE Friday Night Smackdown results: Barnett’s review of Mr. McMahon’s appearance, Roman Reigns vs. Riddle for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin in a Last Laugh match, Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler in a Money in the Bank qualifier


By Jake Barnett, ProWrestling.net Co-Senior Staffer (@barnettjake)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Episode 1,191)
Live from Minneapolis, Minnesota at Target Center
Aired June 17, 2022 on Fox

Vince McMahon made his way out in the arena to open the show. He was greeted by cheers, because of course he was. He grabbed a microphone and said it was a privilege to stand in front of the WWE Universe, especially in this ring in Minnesota. He then reminded the audience of the WWE signature “Then, now, forever, together”, and emphasized the last word. He then welcomed the crowd to Smackdown, and walked to the back. The normal Smackdown introduction aired. The announce team remained silent during Vince’s brief speech. 

My Take: If it wasn’t obvious before, Vince is not going to show you he’s rattled by any controversy. He clearly just went out in front of the crowd to get the temperature of the room for the controversy. Unfortunately for him, it’s not WWE fans that are the ones he has to worry about offending, primarily. His corporate partners have far less tolerance for being publicly embarrassed by his conduct. 

Back in the arena, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee welcomed the crowd to the arena in Minneapolis. Riddle then made his ring entrance to start the show. He said before he took Roman Reigns’ undisputed Championship later, he wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and show the story of Roman and himself. Video aired of Roman costing RKBro the Undisputed Tag Team Titles, and the subsequent post match attack on both Riddle and Orton. It then changed focus to Riddle’s crusade to get a match with Roman Reigns. 

A Bro chant started, and Riddle said that he had been waiting for a long time for this opportunity. He said his family, friends, and his best bro Randy was watching at home. He then addressed Randy, and said he knew he had a big operation coming up, and wished him luck. Riddle said he knew he was wondering if something would go wrong, and if he’d be able to get back in the ring, but he wanted him to know that he missed him. He then told Randy that he loved him. 

Riddle ran down some of Randy’s many accomplishments, and said it was sick when he lit The Undertaker on fire. He then thanked Randy for sacrificing his body for the WWE universe. A “Thank You Randy” chant then broke out. He then dedicated the match tonight to Randy Orton, and said he would keep his head up high and strut like a Viper while he gets ready for his match. He then played Randy Orton’s music and fired up the crowd.

A video package was then shown for the Happy Corbin vs. Mad Cap Moss feud, and they have a match up next. Mad Cap Moss made his entrance in the arena, billed from Minneapolis…[c]

My Take: Riddle’s promo was solid, but I couldn’t escape the suspicion that the heavy handed Orton injury talk and tribute is setting up some kind of Angle for the main event. I don’t have any concrete information on Orton’s injury status, but my antenna went up. It was a well received tribute if you take it at face value.

Happy Corbin made his ring entrance as the show returned. This is being called a “Last Laugh” match. 

1. Happy Corbin vs. Mad Cap Moss in a Last Laugh Match: Moss completed a couple of leap frogs and then landed a shoulder block. Corbin replied with some forearm shots and a right hand. Moss climbed to the second rope and landed a flying shoulder tackle. He then whipped Corbin hard into the turnbuckle. Corbin landed some punches and pulled Moss down with a chin lock. 

Corbin missed a clothesline, and Moss hit the ropes with aggression and landed a hard shoulder tackle. He then picked Corbin up for a Fallaway Slam. Moss went for a neckbreaker, but Corbin shoved him into the ring post and out to the floor. Corbin quickly gave chase and clotheslined Moss into the timekeeper’s area…[c]

Both men traded strikes on the apron. Corbin clotheslined Moss back into the ring. Moss landed a sunset flip off the second rope, but only got a two count. Corbin fired back with a deep six for a two count. Corbin shut down a Moss comeback with a chokeslam, and Moss rolled to the floor. Corbin tossed Moss into the post. Moss came back and tossed Corbin into the announce table. Corbin was able to beat the count, but Moss landed the Punchline when he got in the ring. He landed a second one for good measure and got the win. 

Mad Cap Moss defeated Happy Corbin at 11:32

After the match, Moss grabbed a microphone. He started to address Corbin, and then laughed at him hysterically. I guess he got the last laugh or something. Backstage, The Street Profits said they chose a good night to come back to Smackdown. They congratulated Moss on getting the last laugh, and then hyped up the main event. They were pulling for Riddle. They then challenged The Usos for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships at Money in the Bank. They said they wanted their baby’s back. 

Corbin then interrupted Cole and McAfee. He said he had something to say that he wanted the whole world to hear. He told McAfee that they’ve known each other for a long time, and he took offense to McAfee insulting him and coining the phrase bum ass Corbin. Corbin said he didn’t support him when he hit it back, and told him to watch his mouth. He said if he didn’t, he’d drag him over the announce table and into the ring, and then he’d wish he was dead. 

McAfee started a Bum Ass Corbin chant on the house mic. He then encouraged the fans to join him in laughing Corbin out of the arena. He called him a jabroni and told him he sucked. The New Day’s music hit, and Woods and Kingston laughed at Corbin as he got to the stage. They will take on Jinder and Shanky next…[c]

My Take: McAfee was probably the most entertaining part of that segment. I’m glad Moss and Corbin are over, and hopefully they can both move on to better things. The match wasn’t bad, but if you’ve seen their other encounters nothing will surprise you here.

Footage of Hulk Hogan and Edge winning the WWE Tag Team Championships in 2002 was shown as a classic Smackdown moment.

Backstage, Natalya was interviewed by Megan Morant. She promised to beat some respect into Ronda, and that she was in danger when she was begging for mercy in the Sharpshooter. Natalya said she would ask Ronda how it felt, but she was at home licking her wounds. She continued that Ronda has had a little success with her armbar, but the Sharpshooter has a lineage, and Natalya promised to be the first woman in WWE history to make her tap out. 

In the arena, New Day went back to dancing. Jinder and Shanky made their entrance for the next match…[c]

2. New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. Jinder Mahal and Shanky: Mahal and Woods started the match. Woods landed a springboard kick, and then made a tag to Woods. They landed a double team bulldog on Jinder. He quickly escaped and made a tag to Shanky. He entered the match and landed a huge slap, and then a clothesline that turned Kofi inside out. Shanky then tossed Kofi across the ring.

To create a distraction, Woods dropped a beat on his trombone and Shanky couldn’t resist dancing. Mahal tagged himself in and walked into a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi covered for the win. 

New Day defeated Mahal and Shanky at 4:21

After the match, we got a video that hyped the return of the Viking Raiders to Smackdown. We then got Drew McIntyre’s entrance with his giant sword. Adam Pearce will decide whether Sheamus or McIntyre will be in Money in the Bank after the break…[c]

My Take: That was definitely a match. Shanky’s slap sounded really good. That’s about it.

Adam Pearce stood in the ring with Drew McIntyre. Sheamus was shown in the back with Butch and Ridge, and told them to stay in the back. He told Ridge to put a leash on Butch, because this is the first change to bring gold back to the Brawling Brutes. Sheamus then made his ring entrance. 

Pearce said they both failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank match, but they both demanded to be included. He started rambling about Money in the Bank statistics, and McIntyre told him no one cares. He then told Pearce that if he didn’t put him in the match, he’d kick someone’s ass tonight. Sheamus replied that he’s already cashed in once successfully, and Drew has already been cashed in on, so he would be a failure even if he tried. Pearce reminded both of them that Rollins already qualified, and both of them failed in their opportunity last week. 

He then introduced footage of their match last week, and told Sheamus that he was in. For some reason, Sheamus called Drew a pair of hairy bollocks and taunted McIntyre about how he was going to cash in. Drew took exception and cleared Sheamus from the ring. Pearce told Drew he was also in the match, and he started to calm down. Sheamus rushed him from the floor, and Drew landed a Claymore Kick. McIntyre celebrated and they cleared the ring. 

Backstage, Sami Zayn was shown standing outside Roman Reigns locker room. Kayla Braxton walked up before he could knock, and reminded him that he was the reason Roman Reigns has to defend his title. He said he was an honorary Uce, and that there was no ill will. He swore up and down that everything was fine. Kayla gave him a blank stare, and Sami said he had to go to the bathroom. 

In the arena, Raquel Rodriguez made her entrance for a Money in the Bank qualifying match. A Picture in Picture promo was shown where she claimed Money in the Bank would get her to the promised land. Rodriguez will face Shayna Baszler next…[c]

My Take: They decided not to get clever with Sheamus and McIntyre, and just put them in the match. Kind of telling that the roster isn’t deep enough to have them earn their way in against other competition. Sami Zayn continues to be one of the best things about Smackdown.

Lacey Evans joined in on commentary. Shayna Baszler then made her ring entrance. Shayna’s PIP promo was shown during her entrance. She said she would tear Rodriquez apart and ruin her dreams of winning Money in the Bank. 

3. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shayna Baszler in a Money in the Bank qualifier: Raquel tried to use her power early on. She tossed Shayna hard into the turnbuckle. Shayna used some veteran savvy to tie Rodriguez up in the ropes and then kicked at her leg. She then backed up and landed a running inside leg kick to the same left leg. Shayna tried to repeat the process in another corner, but ate a back elbow. Rodriguez followed up with a lariat for a two count. 

Baszler avoided a powerslam and landed a chop block to the injured leg. She then landed a running knee strike for a two count. Baszler tried to apply a rear naked choke, but Rodriguez reversed out into a one arm powerbomb for the win. 

Raquel Rodriguez defeated Shayna Baszler at 3:10 to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match

Lacey Evans and Raquel had a staredown…

Backstage, Nakamura offered Riddle some encouragement…[c]

My Take: That was a dull match. Lacey Evans was also quite dull sitting in on commentary. Her character might work a little better if she was a more dynamic personality.

Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models were supposed to be in the ring, but Max was backstage berating Adam Pearce for not getting him the elite acoustics and sexy lighting that he wanted. He told Pearce that he would not see their beautiful faces and their hard bodies until he gets it right. Dupri said Pearce was denying the people titillation of their juices….of guilty pleasure, and told him to get it right. Footage was then shown of Gunther winning the Intercontinental Title last week. 

Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser were shown backstage. They dismissed Kayla Braxton. Ludwig said the InterContinental Championship was created in South America and won by a French Canadian, and its greatest Champions were International Superstars from Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Kaiser said it had been besmirched by people like Ricochet, and promised the title would never be held by an American again. Gunther then declared himself the new Intercontinental Champion. 

Back in the arena, Riddle made his ring entrance for the Main Event, followed by Roman Reigns with The Bloodline….[c]

My Take: I don’t know if Maximum Male Models got cut, or if this was always the plan, but it seems like a natural fit for Pretty Deadly from NXT. Reigns got a huge reaction, as you’d expect for the biggest star in the company.

Gunther vs. Ricochet in a Championship Rematch was announced for next week on Smackdown. Samantha Irvin gave ring introductions for the Main Event. 

4. Roman Reigns vs. Riddle in an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match: Riddle came out hot and delivered strikes and kicks in the corner. Reigns fired back with a huge uppercut and put down Riddle’s flurry. He then followed up with some right hands. Riddle fired back with a kick, and a Fisherman’s Suplex. Reigns rolled to the floor, but Riddle followed up with a soccer kick from the apron. He then followed up with a springboard splash from the apron to the floor…[c]

Riddle landed some pouches, but Roman asserted control with another uppercut. He then choked Riddle against the bottom rope. Roman rolled to the floor and performed the drive by kick and covered for a two count. Riddle battled back with a series of kicks and a running forearm. He then landed a suplex, and attempted a running senton, but Roman got the knees up. 

They battled in the corner, and Riddle broke free and landed a floating bro for a two count. Roman fired back with a big Uranage and covered for a near fall of his own. Riddle rolled to the floor, and Roman followed. He then taunted Randy Orton by giving Riddle a backdrop on the announce table. He then looked into the camera and told Randy to nurse his back, because he runs the show and he doesn’t want any of him…[c]

Roman prepared for a Superman Punch, but Riddle interrupted it with a knee. Roman then hit the ropes and ran into a powerslam. Riddle attempted to pull Roman through the ropes for a draping DDT, but Roman escaped to the floor. Riddle returned the favor with a backdrop onto the announce table. Reigns fired back and tossed Riddle into the ring steps, and then tossed him back into the ring. 

Riddle fired up and pulled Roman into the ring with a Draping DDT. He then fired up for an RKO, but Reigns stuffed it. Reigns then landed a Superman Punch, and got a very close near fall. Reigns wanted a spear, but Riddle caught him with an RKO for another close near fall. Riddle then went up to the top rope and landed the floating bro. He then fired up for another RKO, but Roman shoved him away. Both men hit the ropes, and Riddle attempted a springboard, but Roman cut him off with a spear. Roman covered and got the win. 

Roman Reigns defeated Riddle to retain his Undisputed Championship at 16:39

After the match, Roman celebrated in the ring with the Usos and all their Championships. Riddle looked dejected at ringside. Paul Heyman handed Roman a microphone. Roman said there is no one left, and The Bloodline agreed. He said two years ago he said he was going to wreck everyone, and then he was leaving, and that’s exactly what he did. He wrecked Riddle, and now he’s leaving. Roman said there was only one thing to do, and then he asked Minneapolis to acknowledge him to a chorus of boos. 

As Roman started to step out of the ring, Brock Lesnar’s music hit and he stood on the stage. He got a huge reaction from his adopted hometown of Minneapolis. McAfee said Brock Lesnar looked bigger. They came face to face in the ring, and Brock smiled and offered his hand for a handshake. Roman initially refused, but then got pulled in for an F5. Brock then delivered F5’s to both Jimmy and Jey Uso. 

My Take: The Riddle stipulation and the Orton injury clearly pushed up the return of Brock Lesnar. Brock was very entertaining on weekly TV during his last run, but I hope this simply sets up a situation where one title can be removed from Reigns as a part of the Money in the Bank PPV to improve the structure of weekly TV. Both shows have been held hostage by Roman holding both belts and having a reduced schedule. I don’t blame Reigns for wanting the reduced schedule, he’s more than earned it, but it hasn’t been the best thing for those watching the weekly TV shows.


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  1. My bet is that the MITB contract is used to split the titles again, as it can only be used for a single title shot. Can’t see any other storyline reason to split them that wouldn’t just feel clunky, unless they go with a two-fall match or something as they have previously.

  2. Vince was accused of rape and sexual assault before, including in 2006 and 2016. Where’s all the self-rigtheous “I WILL NOT SUPPORT ANYONE THAT IS ACCUSED OF SUCH A THING!” hypocrites?

  3. They should have shocked the world and put the title on riddle last night. Would make a rematch at SS a match to see

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