NWA USA TV taping spoilers: Full results of the tapings for the new NWA online show


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Atlanta, Georgia at GPB Studios
Report by Bill Rahffey

Attendance about 60-70 (90 max allowed) due to covid. Masks were required due to GPB falling under government regs. Everyone was seated on chairs on the floor. The bleachers were not pulled out. The “next episode” listing is a rough estimate of when they started new episodes.

Commentary: Joe Galli, Austin Idol, Velvet Sky

1. Colby Corino defeated CW Anderson (w/George South).

Nick Aldis and NWA National Champion Chris Adonis had separate interview segments.

2. Luke Hawx defeated PJ Hawx.

There was a redo of Interview with George South. He spoke about Colby Corino. South Interrupted and was attacked by The Fixers (Jay Bradley and Wrecking Ball Legursky). Tim Storm made the save.

There was an interview with Managing Director of NWA USA Tim Storm, who said he asked for more opportunity with NWA. He was given Managing Director Job for the new show. He said he’s not done with in-ring competition. Storm was Interrupted by Black Jeez, who announced Marshe Rockett as a member of Church is Money in association with Idol Mania sports management.

Raven walked out and confronted Storm, calling him a buffoon. He said Storm is not qualified for the job. Storm said they could have a discussion, but this was not the time nor place.

3. Ariya Daivari defeated Jay Spade.

4. Marshe Rockett (w/BLK Jeez) defeated Anthony “Crimson” Mayweather (w/Sean Mims).

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There was an interview with Ricky Morton and Kerry Morton. Jamie Stanley interrupts and set up a match for later.

1. Darius Lockhart defeated Sal Rinauro (w/Danny Deals). Sal acted more serious sitting in corner. Sal wrestled more heelish, even biting his opponent’s fingers. He kept yelling “no” after loss.

2. Natalia Marchova defeated Kenzie Page via DQ. The DQ occurred because Page wouldn’t stop beating on Natalia. Tim Storm helped break it up with a referee. Raven confronted Storm and asked what he was doing.

3. Kerry Morton (w/Ricky Morton) defeated Jamie Stanley.

Interview: Nick Aldis (in British Invasion attire) spoke about Doug Williams and facing Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis. Aldis called out Anthony Mayweather and gave him a great pep talk, telling him to get his head the game. He said this is the NWA and you have to win to be here. Aldis said it’s no place for folks who can’t close (the deal i.e. win).

4. Wrecking Ball Lagursky vs. George South in an Empty Arena Match. The match was pre-taped and not shown in building.

There was an interview with Raven and Natalia Marchova. Tim Storm had suspended Kenzie Page for her actions. Natalia put down Page. Raven said Storm made the wrong decisions, said Storm should be in a halfway house or jail.

There was an interview with Luke & PJ Hawx, and they spoke about Austin Aires. Colby Corino interrupted them and put down PJ and Kerry Morton. George South attacked Corino with a chair. The Fixers came in attacked the Hawx. There was a brawl to the back. Raven and Storm mouthed off at one another. Corino complained to both.

5. “British Invasion” Doug Williams and Nick Aldis defeated “Strictly Business” Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis). No Kamille at ringside. Aldis pinned Latimer.

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Commentary: Galli, Velvet, Raven

1. Marshe Rockett (w/BLK Jeez) defeated Miguel Robles.

2. Semi final nwa jr heavyweight champ tournament: Darius Lockhart defeated Ariya Daivari to advance in the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title tournament.

There was an interview with Colby Corino and The Fixers facing off with the Mortons. “Ricky the only reason you’re here is cuz your kid can’t get over without you,” Corino said. They spoke about semifinals of the tournament.

3. Austin Aires defeated Luke Hawx to advance in the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title tournament.

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Commentary: Joe Galli, Austin Idol, Velvet Sky

1. Colby Corino (w/The Fixers) defeated Kerry Morton (w/Ricky Morton) to advance to the finals of the NWA Jr. Heavyweight Title tournament.

Anthony Mayweather was interviewed. BLK Jeez and Marshe Rockett interrupted. Mayweather walked away. away.

2. Natalia Marchova defeated Kenzie Page in a match that was billed as much having a winner. Tim Storm and Kamille came to ringside. Marchova grabbed chair. Storm took it away from her. Raven and May Valentine came out. Marchova hit Camille from behind. Camille, Storm, and Raven headed to the back, Marchova got the pin.

3. Jay Spade defeated Sal Rinauro (w/Danny Deals), CW Anderson (w/George South), and Jamie Stanley to win a four-way. Spade pinned Sal, who worked full heel during the match and once again yelled “no” repeatedly after he was pinned. The crowd chanted “Why Sal, why?”

Thom Lattimer and Camille were interviewed. Camille spoke about conflict with Marchova. Thom called Camille his sexy goodness. Storm came out. Raven came out and confronted Storm. Storm said Raven is undercutting Storm and told him to talk to the NWA if he wanted the job. Madusa came to the podium and announced that the NWA had just named her co-managing director of NWA USA.

4. Chris Adonis defeated Fable Jay to retain the NWA National Championship.

Tim Storm came out after and told the ref to ring the bell. Marshe Rockett entered and a non-title match was made. If Rockett wins, he gets a title shot.

5. NWA National Champion Chris Adonis defeated Marshe Rockett (w/BLK Jeez) in a non-title match. The crowd behind Rockett during the match.

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Commentary: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, Velvet Sky

There was an interview with Natalia Marchova, who challenged Camille. May Valentine came out and slapped Natalia. Raven came out and complains. Madusa told Raven to get out of studio before she has him arrested.

1. Homicide defeated Alex Taylor.

Nick Aldis, Austin Idol, and Trevor Murdoch were interviewed. Idol invited Nick back to Idol Mania Sports Management. Nick offered to start a go fund me to help Idol Mania and get phone books for BLK Jeez to stand on. Fun interview.

2. Doug Williams defeated Jay Bradley (w/Wrecking Ball Legursky).

Commentary: Joe Galli, Tim Storm, Velvet Sky

There was an interview with May Valentine, who was making her debut in the ring.

3. May Valentine fought Natalia Marchova to either no-contest or a DQ. Kamille clotheslined Marchova to end the match. Tim Storm made a new match since Kamille interfered.

4. NWA Women’s Champion Kamille fought Natalia Marchova to a no-contest. Kenzie attacked Marchova. Madusa suspended Kenzie before the pay-per-view.

5. Austin Aries defeated Ricky Morton (with Kerry Morton).

It seemed as though four or five shows were taped. No intermissions were held within the five hours of tapings.


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