NXT TV viewership for the show headlined by Kushida vs. Kyle O’Reilly

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Tuesday’s NXT television show produced 665,000 viewers for USA Network. The viewership count was down from the 695,000 viewers who watched last week’s show.

Powell’s POV: NXT ran opposite an NBA playoff game that delivered 5.265 million viewers for TNT, and an NHL game that delivered 963,000 million viewers for NBC Sports Network. The NBA numbers continue to increase as they go deeper into the playoffs.


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  1. The nba playoff numbers are INCREASING because there are 4 teams left in the tournament. You don’t have to be a know it all “journalist” like dave meltzer to know that maybe casual and die hard nba fans would like to see which team will win the nba championship.

    Here is a hint: It will not be the minnesota timberwolves.

    Minnesota basketball fans should treasure the wnba championships because the male professional sports teams will not be winning championships any time soon.

    In fact, if the 1991 twins did not have jack morris’s spectacular performance in game 7, the braves would have won that particular world series title.

    • Gee, no kidding on the NBA. As for the Twins, you could just easily say that they would have walked away with game seven had the Braves pitchers not performed so well. And if you’re trying to insult me by bringing up the T-Wolves, try again. They are a terrible franchise and I’m not a big NBA fan to begin with.

      • I was just addressing the fact that MAINSTREAM SPORTS will always supersede pro wrestling. Wrestling fans who grew up in the 1980’s wrestling boom period or the late 1990’s attitude era still act like pro wrestling especially WWE is on the same level as the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB. They expect WWE to draw the same ratings from 20 to 30 years ago. They think that wwe lives and dies with each rating and demo number just because dave meltzer is obsessed with those numbers.

      • You may as well stop being a fan of ALL professional sports teams in MINNESOTA with the exception of the minnesota lynx because the vikings, twins, wild and timberwolves will never win championships in their respective sports in the next decade. You should become a jaguars fan since you love aew and tony khan so much.

        YOu can become an xfl fan since the “people’s champ dwayne johnson owns the league , but it will probably fold without playing one game.

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