WWE talent relations shakeup and the Mickie James trash bag controversy triggers additional firings

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

-WWE has reportedly fired former head of talent relations Mark Carrano, who had been the senior director of the department, according to WrestlingInc.com.

-WWE also fired director of talent relations Nicole Zeoli and senior manager of talent relations John Cone, according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com. Johnson also reported the firings of Joe Villa from the position of Manager Publicity and Corporate Communications, and Mead Rust, Vice President of Communications. Cone will continue to work as a referee.

Powell’s POV: John Laurinaitis was recently brought back as the head of talent relations. Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon publicly apologized to Mickie James for having some of her belongings shipped in a trash bag after she was released by the company last week. Levesque and McMahon stated that the person responsible had been fired, but they did not identify the person by name. It really was a bad look for the company and they handled it publicly about as well as they could have.


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  1. OMG! A woman who has a net worth of 4 million dollars received her belongings in a trash bag!! THE HORROR!!!! Seriously, this is so 2021.

    • Like it or not, it’s a bad look for the company and they know it, which is why Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon issued the public apology and took action.

      • In all honesty, I would like to see HHH do the smart thing and try to bring mickie james back to wwe and use her in NXT.

        I know that mickie is almost 42 years old but she still has name value since mickie is her REAL name.

        HHH could use mickie in a tv role like MERCEDES MARTINEZ.

        It would be foolish to let mickie wind up in AEW because AEW would use her in a heart beat. AEW HAS guys in their 50s and 60s on tv anyway..

      • You’re right; With all the awful things currently going on around the country and the globe, this is the topper. My bad.

        • I’ve called them on doing business with the Saudi government, etc. They are willing to take whatever heat they get over the Saudi deal because they get the the big paydays. The James thing makes them look like a low budget company. They obviously don’t like that perception.

          • Actually Jason, wwe is willing to take the “heat” for having a business relationship with saudi arabia because hundreds of US businesses and the USA GOVERNMENT itself engages in business transactions with Saudi Arabia.

            WWE would be really stupid to give up millions of dollars from saudi arabia just to please some left wing liberals.

            NEWsflash: tony and his dad SHAHID KHAN are middle eastern muslims. If wwe ever cut ties with saudi arabia, you better believe that TONY KHAN would jump right into business with saudi arabia especially since he and his father have business dealings in the MIDDLE EAST anyway.

          • It’s for the money, not because other companies do it. Rather, WWE does it for the same reason that other companies do business with the Saudis – money. And if AEW were to do business with that regime, they’d face the same criticism.

            As for the liberal line, are you suggesting that good conservatives have no problem with companies or even the country doing business with a prince who had a journalist beheaded? Stop. Not everything is WWE vs. AEW, nor is everything right vs. left.

          • WWE put mickie’s ring gear in a trash bag and shipped it in a box.

            Some stupid fans think that wwe sent mickie a trash bag via the postal service.

            I would like to see HHH and Stephanie rehire mickie and use her in NXT.

            I could see wwe not giving a damn if mickie goes to work for NWA only since her husband Nick is champion there.

            I think mickie could be a pickup for AEW and that could hurt wwe to some degree since she has name value on the level of a trish stratus or amy dumas.

          • Of course wwe does business with saudi arabia for the MONEY. WWe is a business.

            It would be more offensive for wwe to have a business relationship with saudi arabia for ZERO MONEY.

            The fact that hundreds of companies as well as the USA GOVERNMENT itself has relationships with saudi arabia makes it FINE for wwe to do business with saudi arabia.

            Vince mcmahon is a business man who runs a public corporation. shareholders want to see revenue and they could care less if the money comes from a business deal with saudi arabia as long as it is a LEGAL relationship.

            If the US government forbid USA businesses from doing business with SAUDI ARABIA, WWE would cut the deal immediately, but then wwe would have to release more talent under the guise of budget cuts just to maintain the profit margin.

          • Using your logic that it’s okay because other companies do it, then I guess the beheading of the journalist must be okay too because there have been lots of other beheadings over the years? There’s a reason the old “two wrongs don’t make a right” saying caught on.

            And for what it’s worth, not every company takes their money. They may again someday, but the story below shows that companies can say no.


      • WWE has a ten year deal with saudi arabia for wrestling shows.

        WWe could try to dissolve the agreement and face a financial penalty, but it would only hurt wwe in the long term from a business standpoint.

        The pandemic affected millions of business entities including wwe.

        The pandemic wiped out vince mcmahon’s XFLbecause it could not survive with zero fans.

        and zero games.

        The mcmahons can run wwe as they see fit because even if they put “morals” and “ethics” above profit, the journalist will still be dead.

        The US government is not going to “punish” saudi arabia for its heinous actions against the poor journalist. Hell, The US government NEVER punished saudi arabia for the horrific 9/11 tragedy which took place 20 years ago even though most of the dead terrorists came from saudi arabia and were probably funded by the saudi arabian government itself.

        You and the dave meltzers aka the holier than thou beacons of morality and integrity of the pro wrestling industry can push your opinions of how the mcmahons should run THEIR multi billion dollar company, but they do not have to answer to you because GOD did not make you their judge, jury or executioner.

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