Shawn Daivari on the role of a WWE producer, dealing with Vince McMahon, making it in WWE

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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The role of a WWE producer/agent: I’ll speak specifically about TV days. We get there well before call time and have a big production meeting with Vince (McMahon) and all the writers. They go over the entire show and tell you what they are looking for. The producer’s job is for the segments that are involved with the talent that are assigned to you that day are executed how creative wants it to be executed. Our job is to make that piece of paper come to reality with the wrestlers executing it. It should be as close to the script as we can make it, or are capable of doing it, or are able to do. That may entail rehearsing stuff with the talent, getting into the ring with them to work on some things, and could be working on blocking for the cameras.

Dealing with Vince McMahon: He can definitely be intimidating, but that’s just his communication style. He may communicate sometimes by yelling or screaming, but that’s just how he is. He definitely doesn’t yell or scream in production meetings or anything like that, but during the live show he will be more animated. That’s just the atmosphere of dealing with a live show. With him it’s almost like a classroom, he’s the teacher and you are the student. I’ve had him yell at me as a talent once, but never as a producer or agent. It’s really just the way of him trying to get through to you.

Making it in the WWE: I did not have very much exposure when I came to WWE. I did some stuff with Ring of Honor right before I got signed but that was the only national exposure I had for the most part and nobody knew what I did. When people see my old stuff, they are blown away from who they saw on TV to the guy who said I want to be a pro wrestler. I love the guy but think of someone like Spike Dudley and you think that Spike Dudley is ten times the wrestling superstar of this Shawn Daivari kid and that is how unlikely I was to ever make it. I never put it past anyone because something could click and this guy could be someone someday.

Other topics include working for Vince McMahon, his entire WWE run as a wrestler as well as a road agent/producer, working with Muhammad Hassan, feuding with Hulk Hogan, The insane pop Hulk Hogan got as MSG, The Undertaker, and more.

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