Jay Lethal says he thought the pandemic might be the end of pro wrestling, comments on the ROH Pure Wrestling Championship tournament, the first ROH show following the pandemic break

By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Lethal on his reaction to the pandemic shutdown back in March: When I landed in Las Vegas for that pay-per-view, I got in the day before, some of the guys had gotten word that the show was going to get cancelled before they left. When I landed, I didn’t hear a word about the show being cancelled until I got to the hotel, that’s when I started looking at the internet and saw things were shutting down and I thought this could end wrestling for the foreseeable future. I really thought this could end professional wrestling as we knew it. Then later that night, some of the guys who did make it in for the event wanted to just put on the show anyway, just to have a sense of normalcy so people could rely on a feel good wrestling show, but unfortunately we got ruled out on that one. I was fearful COVID could end wrestling as we knew.

Lethal’s thoughts on the Pure Wrestling tournament and matches: …One of the focuses is the actual wrestling. With no fans, it’s hard to do traditional wrestling with no fans in attendance. I think we were able to hit a home run with this Pure tournament. I love the Pure Wrestling tournament and rules, it’s something we did a long time ago and I’m not sure why we did away with it, but i’m glad it’s back and bringing focus to the actual wrestling.

Lethal on ROH’s first show back: That first show back was one of the toughest shows I ever had to do. Let’s say your match number four or five and, leading up to that match, you’re getting amped up because of the crowd reaction and you want to outdo it. You want your match to be even better. In mid-match, sometimes we can look at the crowd and get a second burst of energy, and now without that it’s even harder now.


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