10/25 WWE 205 Live results: Anish V’s review of WWE Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush vs. Oney Lorcan in a non-title match, Shane Strickland vs. Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese vs. Raul Mendoza


By Anish Vishwakoti, ProWrestling.net Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

WWE 205 Live on WWE Network
Streamed live on October 25, 2019 from Kansas City, Missouri at Sprint Center

The show started with a recap of the triple threat main event from last week. After the promo, the show started with Lio rush entering the ring as well as a recap of NXT from this week where Angel Garza indicated that he wants a Cruiserweight title shot… The broadcast team was Tom Phillips and Aiden English…

1. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush vs. Oney Lorcan in a non-title match. The champion kicked off the show in a non-title match against Oney Lorcan. The two started with a test of strength, which Lorcan dominated. Rush gave up on winning that and used his speed to cartwheel out of Lorcan’s clutches and force a series of headlock takeover exchanges.

Lorcan and Rush went back and forth bouncing off the ropes until eventually Lorcan tried for a blockbuster from the top rope. Rush dodged but eventually Lorcan hit the champion with a knee and went for a body scissors to wear down Rush. The champion used his speed to break out and goaded Lorcan to the apron, where Rush then hit him with a handspring kick.

Rush then tried for a frog splash after rolling Lorcan into the ring, however Lorcan reversed it and hit a blockbuster. Rush was then propped on the top rope as Lorcan tried for a super back-plex. Rush pushed him off and managed to hit a DDT from Rana position to buy some space. Rush then hit a series of fast whips and forearms to stun Lorcan enough to hit a springboard cutter. Rush followed up with his Final Hour Splash and got the pinfall victory…

Lio Rush defeated Oney Lorcan.

Anish’s Thoughts: A quick match that almost acted as a very quick squash for Rush, although I don’t say that in a bad way, as Rush got a strong win that he had to fight for. The length of the match did make it seem like Lorcan was an afterthought, and I feel like it could have gone longer, or even been in the main event of a show.

Tony Nese came out and talked about his victory last week. Nese then invited Rush to sit ringside while Nese had his match to see what a “real champion” looks like…

2. Tony Nese vs. Raul Mendoza. The match started with Nese flexing and taunting the crowd. He then locked up with Mendoza and tried to take the back before the two went back and forth trying to grab control of the other’s head. Nese rammed Mendoza with a shoulder block, but Mendoza kipped up and brought it to Nese with a flurry, ending in an arm drag and a springboard seated senton.

Mendoza headed to the top rope to try to end the match, but Nese rolled to the outside. Nese took advantage of Mendoza hesitating for a second and hit him with a running elbow and some ground and pound. Nese then grabbed a chin lock and stared down Rush as he wore down Mendoza.

Mendoza eventually tried to break free, but was met with a roll through kick to the face by Nese, who grabbed the chin lock again, while arguing with Rush. Nese then took the time to hit Mendoza with a running hotshot to the outside before attempting a moonsault. Mendoza rolled out of the way and used the time to recover and slog Nese with strikes and a dropkick.

Mendoza followed up with a missile dropkick but only got a two count. Mendoza then hit a spinning suplex and a Lionsault. He went for the cover, but Nese was able to kick out. Mendoza then headed to the top rope to try for a Phoenix Splash. Nese rolled out of the way however and forced a grappling exchange which ended in Nese stomping on the chest of Mendoza.

Nese and Mendoza brawled to their feet, with the crowd getting behind Mendoza. This didn’t help Mendoza as he was knocked to the outside where Nese hit him with a Fosbury Flop dive. Nese rolled Mendoza into the ring and got distracted by Rush on the outside. This took his mind off things and when he got back into the ring, Mendoza rolled him up to get the pinfall victory…

Raul Mendoza defeated Tony Nese pinfall.

Anish’s Thoughts: A fun match that really helped Raul Mendoza get over. Mendoza sold well and Nese did his part to make Mendoza look good. However, Nese looks like an idiot because of this. He invited Rush to watch him at ringside and as such, Rush made fun of him for the whole match, eventually leading to Nese losing in clumsy fashion.

The Singh Brothers cut a promo with the 24/7 Championship. Brian Kendrick come to ringside where he stood on the announce table and cut a promo about being a ‘Professional Wrestler.’ The crowd chanted for him to shut up. He also called out Drake Maverick for being too busy chasing the 24/7 Title to give Kendrick what he wants on 205 Live…

A recap aired of Isaiah Swerve Scott’s match on NXT two days ago where he teamed with Breezango in a six-man tag against the Forgotten Sons…

3. Ariya Daivari vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. The two men got in each other’s faces to start the match. Daivari kicked Scott in the gut and whipped him across the ring, but Scott backflipped to get in better position and hit Daivari with some quick strikes out of the ring, before following up with a kick on the outside.

Scott rolled Daivari back into the ring, but Daivari tossed him out on the other side and rammed him into the stairs and barricade. Daivari then rammed Scott’s head into the bottom turnbuckle. Daivari then chased him to the opposite turnbuckle and hit an Avalanche belly-to-belly suplex. Daivari only got a two count and chased Scott to the outside.

Scott and Daivari got to their feet and exchanged strikes. Scott hit Daivari with a snapmare and a back elbow to the head followed by a quick German suplex and a jawbreaker.

Scott tried to capitalize but Daivari countered a back hold with an Uranage. Daivari picked Scott up, only for Scott to smack him with chops. Daivari managed to hold his own however, hitting a superkick on Scott to stun him. Daivari tried to follow up with the Devil Lock Lariat, but Scott reversed this into a running boot to a seated Daivari to get the pinfall victory…

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott defeated Ariya Daivari.

Anish’s Thoughts: As much as I hate WWE taking away people’s first names, it now seems strange that the commentators seem compelled to enunciate the entirety of Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott whenever they talk about him. Aside from this, Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott and Daivari had a pretty fun match here. It didn’t last too long and I think given more time they could do something better, but for what it was, they kept the crowd into it and capped off a very fast paced 205 Live show to send the crowd home happy.

With three matches and a bunch of extras, the pacing of this show was a little off, with both the opener and the main event feeling like they could have had more time, but overall the show was fun and moved the title picture forward in a couple of interesting ways, so it was a good day’s work on 205 Live in my book.


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