6/6 Impact Wrestling TV Taping spoilers: Full results of the first night of New York tapings (spoilers)


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

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Impact Wrestling TV Taping
New York, New York at Melrose Ballroom
Report by Dot Net reader Mr. Eddy G

Dark Match: Rohit Raju (w/Gama Singh) beat Shawn Donovan. Surprisingly no more pre-match promo from Gama. Donovan is from NYC and was playing the face. Raju with lots of choking in the ropes and did a snap mare using Donovan’s long goatee (ouch!). Rohit got the victory-decent opener.

1. Michael Elgin defeated Wille Mack (w/Rich Swann). Another solid hard hitting match from two of the best guys that can do it all: power, agility, and highflying. Elgin finally won with the Elgin Bomb. Excellent match! Elgin was about to give Wille another powerbomb, but Swann fought him off. Johnny Impact arrived to help and took out Swann. Elgin and Johnny shook hands, but Elgin nailed Johnny with a German suplex; then he gets a hold of Mack again and gave him another Elgin Bomb at ringside. Elgin returned to the ring and put on Johnny’s shades before leaving.

2. “The North” Josh Alexander and Ethan Page beat Rob Van Dam and Sabu (w/Super Genie). RVD was unable to tag out for a very long time. Apparently it was a No DQ match, as Sabu eventually tagged in and threw chairs at Ethan and Josh. A table was set up. Sabu got a chair and hits a top rope legdrop with a chair on Page. Moose came down and pulled RVD outside. The North used this distraction to hit a Double Neutralizer on Sabu to win. Moose celebrated on the ramp on the ramp afterward, but Tommy Dreamer appeared and threw him back into the ring. Sabu got a chair and put it in front of Moose’s face. RVD was about to do the Van-Terminator, but Moose managed to escape just in time.

3. Havok (w/Father James Mitchell and Su Yung) defeated an unnamed wrestler. Jessica dominated (as expected) and won with a Tombstone Pile driver. Mitchell got the microphone and blamed Rosemary for everything that’s happened to Allie and for stealing Su. As for Taya Valkyrie, she was collateral damage. James says nothing will stop Havok from becoming the champion of the Knockouts Division.

4. Raj Singh (w/Gama Singh, Rohit Raju) defeated Cody Deaner (w/Cousin Jake). Gama got the mic and trashed NYC by saying there were no apple trees or anything else here. Lots of interference from Rohit, and Raj got the surprising victory. It appears the Desi Hit Squad are getting a bit of a push.

5. Madison Rayne defeated Jordynne Grace. Kiera Hogan came out to sit in on commentary and she had a new, much better theme song. Jordynne hit a huge Muscle Buster for a very close near fall, but Madison reversed a fire woman’s carry into a Roll The Dice type move for another surprising win tonight.

6. Killer Kross defeated The Sandman in a No DQ match. Sandman used the kendo stick on Kross early, but Kross applied the Kross Jacket for the quick submission win. He refused to let go of the hold, and Eddie Edwards make the save. He handed Sandman his kendo stick and they celebrated with beers, poured a few to some fans after, and even the ref had some.

7. Wentz and Dez defeated Trey in a Triple Threat. They held nothing back. The ending was a bit odd with Wentz and Dez pinning Trey. They all hugged and headed backstage together.

8. Tessa Blanchard defeated Jake Crist (w/Sami Callihan). Jake with a lot of offense including a big Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Tessa won with a rope Code Breaker. The rest of OVE appeared after the match and Sami was furious and smacked Jake around. Eddie Edwards arrived for some reason and fought with everyone, though mostly with Madman Fulton. Fulton performed a big urange on the edge of the ring and then threw Eddie inside the ring, which led to a match.

9. Madman Fulton defeated Eddie Edwards. Fulton performed a massive chokeslam early. Eddie fought back with a German suplex and gets a long two count with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Eddie grabbed a kendo stick and was about to use it. Killer Kross appeared on the screen and had The Sandman kidnapped with a hood over him. Kross poured a jug of water onto Sandman. The distraction allowed Fulton to sneak behind Eddie and hit his finisher to win.

10. Moose defeated Tommy Dreamer. Moose wore a beautiful gold and green robe. Moose won a quick, but good match with Go To Hell. Moose grabbed a chair and put in front of Dreamer’s face. Moose was about to do a Van-Terminator, but RVD came out and stopped him.

11. Taya Valkyrie defeated Su Yung (w/Father James Mitchell, Havok) by DQ in a Knockouts Title match. A good match until Havok interfered and got Su disqualified. Su was a bit upset at first. Mitchell got them go after Taya, but Rosemary pulled Taya outside. James grabbed a mic and proposed a four-way Monsters Ball match.

Ace Austin came out and plugged his t-shirts in the back, and noted that he’s still unbeaten. He said he’s the future and will be the X Division Champion soon. Austin issued an open challenge and out came the returning TJP (TJ Perkins).

12. TJP defeated Ace Austin. TJP won a very quick match in his homecoming.

13. Rich Swann defeated Johnny Impact and Micheal Elgin. Elgin performed a huge double German suplex early on. Swann hit a tope rope huracanrana on Johnny and then landed on Elgin. Swann won with a 450 on Johnny from the middle rope. As Rich was celebrating, Elgin tried a sneak attack, but Swann superkicked him. John E Bravo came down and had the Ultimate X. Bravo jabbed Swann in the stomach. Johnny got the X, and Elgin tried to take it, but Brian Cage’s music hit. Cage nailed a big powerbomb on Elgin and posed with the Impact World Title.

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