Powell’s Impact Wrestling Hit List: Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross for the Impact World Championship, Rich Swann vs. Hijo del Vikingo, Taya Valkyrie vs. Keyra in a non-title match, Trey Miguel vs. Ethan Page, Scarlett Bordeaux training for her in-ring debut


By Jason Powell, ProWrestling.net Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Impact Wrestling Hits

X Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Hijo del Vikingo in a non-title match: A fun match with lots of big spots. It was an impressive first appearance for Vikingo on Impact and hopefully we see more of him during these shows from Mexico. Given that there are no real differences between the X Division and the heavyweight division despite the empty “no limits” explanation, how about the X Division Champion defends his title whenever he works a singles match? Swann beat Trey Miguel and now Vikingo in non-title matches over the last two weeks. Had the title been on the line in those matches then Swann would have come off as a fighting champions and the matches would have felt a bit more dramatic. I’m all for wrestlers earning title shots in the storyline sense, but this could be a simple way to make the X Division feel different.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Keyra in a non-title match: Another quality match between an Impact wrestler and a AAA talent. Valkyrie picked up a nice win and then delivered a solid promo. She came off likable, but I agree with John Moore stating in his weekly review of the show that it would be helpful if Impact put in some production work to help tell her story. She went from ice queen to Wera Loca and unfortunately Impact viewers were not shown the transition.

Scarlett Bordeaux: A simple teaser video that started the countdown to her in-ring debut in a few weeks. I like that they are building up to her first Impact match and I suspect that it will generate interest. Plus, we got the return of Scarlett’s smitten sidekick Bobo, who is usually good for a laugh.

Impact Wrestling Misses

Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross for the Impact World Championship: Where was the intensity from Impact to start the match? The storyline is that Kross threw Impact’s wife off the stage and into the crowd at the Homecoming pay-per-view. We saw Johnny get awkwardly emotional while talking about his wife in a pre-match promo, but he didn’t show any fire during the promo and the match started off as if it were any other match. Heck, he even struck one of his poses for the crowd after performing an early move. The situation called for a bloodthirsty Impact who was hellbent on avenging his wife. So while the match was well worked and Impact did show more fire as it progressed, the tone that Impact set just didn’t match the intensity of the storyline. On a positive note, Brian Cage interfering to end the match was logical from a storyline standpoint because his character is still bitter that he hasn’t been granted his rematch.

The Rascalz’ smoke circle: They are good in the ring and I enjoyed Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz’s tag win over Desi Hit Squad. But the bad “That ’70s Show” smoke circle with the obnoxious laugh track continues to be a turnoff. I like the general idea of establishing their personalities. I just wish these segments were even half as funny as the laugh track made them out to be.

Trey Miguel vs. Ethan Page: A minor Miss for a fairly random match that didn’t hold my interest. Miguel’s character is still being established and viewers don’t have much of an idea of what Page is about. He went from being Matt Sydal’s follower to flying solo and the company hasn’t invested any time in establishing what his “All Ego” persona is all about. Obviously, it implies that he’s an egomaniac, but we just haven’t seen him play that up on the mic or in backstage segments yet.

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