Jon Moxley on working with Vince McMahon and Dusty Rhodes, unintentional symbolism in his post WWE video

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Jon Moxley spoke with and looked back fondly on his time working with Dusty Rhodes in Florida Championship Wrestling. “I was privileged enough to be able to work for Vince McMahon and also work with Dusty Rhodes, who was the head of creative at FCW when I was there,” Ambrose recalled. “I had a very great and fulfilling time there. I would sit in the office with Dusty in the afternoons and just shoot the shit, in between training sessions. We would talk creative and ideas and he was still able at that point in his life to get excited about an idea just the same way he did at his apex in the late ’80s. I was privileged enough to work for arguably the two biggest creative driving forces in our industry.

“I’ll never get to main event WrestleMania but I got to main event Starrcade in my hometown of Cincinnati and that’s right up there, the top for me. Even though it was WWE’s version, still, it was my hometown and Dusty created Starrcade. I didn’t look at Dusty as a mentor. There are no peers to Dusty Rhodes but he treated me like one. He had this vision of me, of how I was going to take over WWE. These vignettes would be in a smokey bar, the camera zooms in on my back, Dean Ambrose leather jacket, in the Viper Club. He called it the Viper Club but he meant the Viper Room. He had this vision of me as a Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, “you’re James Dean baby”. He literally saw me as the coolest person in the world; that’s how he pictured these vignettes and pitched them to me. Dusty saw me as the coolest person in the world and Vince saw me as an idiot. That’s the difference between the two.”

“Flash forward to my first promo I released after leaving WWE, the prison one and I knew we were filming in LA. I kept thinking about the leather jacket and the Viper Club and I insisted on getting a shot at the Viper Room, just for me. There was deep, deep meaning to that. What I didn’t know is that the dice on the wall were on a two and five, double or nothing but the conspiracy theorists out there noticed it. The other conspiracy theory I heard was that the dog represented Roman Reigns, the hound of justice. The dog was just a good boy doing his job, but hey, art is subjective and it can mean whatever you want it to.”

Powell’s POV: That’s quite the cool fluke regarding the dice on the wall pointing to the date of the Double Or Nothing event. Moxley spoke highly of his friendship with Roman Reigns during his interview with Wade Keller, so there’s no reason to think that he’s lying about any symbolism regarding the dog in the video. Moxley also spoke about working outside All Elite Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, having a good relationship with Paul Levesque, and his belief that Levesque should take over as the head of WWE creative sooner rather than later.

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