Silver King dead at age 51 after collapsing during a match in London

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Pro wrestler Silver King (Cesar Barron) died on Saturday at age 51. He was wrestling a match with Juventud Guerrera at a lucha libre event in East London at Camden Roundhouse when he collapsed in the ring. The Twitter page of the reported this afternoon that Silver King died. also added more details and noted that there was a team of standby medics at the venue.

Powell’s POV: I saw the match footage, which I believe has now been pulled from the internet. Silver King threw a running clothesline and covered Guerrera for a two count. Silver King remained on the mat and after some confusion, Guerrera rolled Silver King over and covered him. The referee counted to two, hesitated, and then counted to three. Guerrera celebrated and left the ring, then returned with a Mexican flag to celebrate more while Silver King remained lying on his back in the ring. Eventually, the referee checked on Silver King after Guerrera left the ring again, then others, including Guerrera, entered the ring. Silver King remained motionless as he was rolled onto his side, then later onto a stretcher. The ring announcer told the crowd that they would be taking a short break, though reports indicate that the show was cancelled once they realized the severity of the situation. Obviously, my condolences go out to Silver King’s family, friends, and fans.


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