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Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the Best Match

Dot Net Awards 2018: Vote for the Best Match

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  1. Not really a fair listing. Impact wrestling fans can’t vote. You’ve neglected any Impact choices. For example, why isn’t LAX vs Lucha Brothers from BFG on the list? In order for your poll to mean anything, all fans should have the same chance to vote & not via e-mail either.

    • Cast your vote in Other. Nothing from Impact topped the other 20 matches on the list in my opinion. I threw the list out to the staffers and none of them lobbied to add that particular match to the lineup. I love LAX, Penta, and Fenix, but I just didn’t think this particular match warranted a spot in the top 20. Again, though, that’s why the “other” is there. You can submit your vote and if you and others feel strongly enough about it then it will make a difference. Personally, I wouldn’t vote based on the company that ran the match, which your comments imply you are doing. You can be a fan of Impact and still find other matches better, just like I’m a fan of the Vikings and find non-Vikings players better than we have at many positions.

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