Hulk Hogan officially advertised for WWE Crown Jewel

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

WWE is officially advertising Hulk Hogan for Friday’s Crown Jewel event. Hogan has been added to the list of advertised talent on the live events page.

Powell’s POV: Hogan told the Orlando Sentinel last week that he was looking forward to going to Saudi Arabia, so it’s not entirely a surprise. Still, given all of the negative attention that running in Saudi Arabia is generating for the company, I’m surprised they are doing something that is sure to create added controversy on the same event.

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  1. Fan from germany October 31, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

    WWE should stop all their events in the usa. Because the US is still running Guantanamo and have Trump as president and so on. All the Superstars should take a knee when the next time the national anthem is played or even America the great. Could you please stop this bs?

    • I don’t even know what this response is… A United States business should stop operating in the United States besides of an offshore military base and an elected politician? Did Murkel write your comment for you?
      Anywho, figured eventually the politically correct BS would blow over and Hulkster would come back at the first opportunity poised to him, kind of sh*tty this is that opp though. Either way he’s back, no publicity is bad publicity, and the show must go on…

  2. Fan from germany October 31, 2018 @ 5:55 pm

    I should have wrote *irony* in front of my post. For me would these demands be as ridiculous as the demand that WWE should not go to Saudi Arabia. It’s no more a pure US business, it’s global business. It would be stupid for WWE not to go. I also can’t stand this pc-bs. But, “offshore military base” is a nice way to describe a “torture camp”, no offence.

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