10/11 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Konnan and Kingston face off before their Concrete Jungle match, Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra, Allie makes a deal with the devil and James Mitchell, and Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh, and Eddie Edwards vs. Austin Aries, Killer Kross, and Moose


By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped September 13-14 from the Frontón México Entertainment Center in Mexico City, Mexico

This week’s Impact Wrestling intro teaser recapped the [not so-] epic events form last week. They started off with the Moose kidnapping Alisha Edwards where Moose was defeated by Alisha throwing water at him. They showed the Aries and John Hennigan encounter (that was actually really good, that and LAX). Ethan Page made his debut last week. Eddie Kingston spit some Tequila blanco in Konnan’s face. Su Yung “Murders” Kiera Hogan. Other stuff happened. The Impact theme aired…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary…

Trevor Lee made his entrance to open the show. The next guy out was Jack Evans. Josh Mathews talked about how he wrestled all over the world including Japan (Dragon Gate), Ring of Honor, and Wrestling Society X. Don Callis said he met Evans when Evans was 16 and wrestled for the “Mat Rats” promotion in Calgary. The cat guy from last week is named Puma King. Don Callis liked the cat themed gear. Captain Canada Petey Williams was the last guy out. Don Callis said that Petey is a pervert (Callis said “prevert”?) because he stuck his head up Scarlett’s special area to teach her the Destroyer…

John’s Thoughts: Oh. So last week’s PG Porn scene with Petey Williams was all to set up a pointless X Division opening match. I’ll give them a bit of (sarcastic) credit, that’s an improvement over what most regimes would do with the X Division because they put in at least a minimal effort to build. Despite all his creative faults, Jeff Jarrett is the only person who booked the X Division right. Look what he did in the early days and last year before he was (justifiably) ostracized from the company, the one thing he truly got right was the push of Low Ki as X Division Champion.

1. Trevor Lee vs. Jack Evans vs. Puma King vs. Petey Williams. Josh Mathews advertised this Saturday’s induction of Abyss to the Impact Hall of Fame at McHale’s Bar and Grill. Trevor Lee didn’t want to join in on the four-way test of strength. Evans showed off some of his cool kicks and hip hop moves. Petey took down Evans with a simple but effective lariat. Puma King plays the gimmick well since he integrates cat movements in his lucha libre. Petey caught Puma with a dropkick to the back. Don Callis said that Petey Williams is a great wrestler, but his weakness is how he constantly falls back on the Canadian Destroyer too often.

John’s Thoughts: Right there! It’s comments like that why Don Callis is a great, and non-overbearing, Heel Color Commentator.

Puma flapjacked Petey and then ripped up some of his fir. Trevor Lee caught Puma with a backbreaker. Trevor Lee tossed Petey like a basketball. Petey tried to play to the crowd but got no reaction positive or negative. Don Callis and Josh Mathews (I’m guessing Don showed up for voiceovers this week) went into a “I Know What You Did Last Summer” ad for Pop TV. Don Callis asked Josh Mathews can get some popcorn, so they can go to Don’s bedroom and watch the movie together. Don also mentioned that he has a jacuzzi.

Trevor Lee tried to go for cheap USA heat, but it didn’t really draw boos. Trevor then tried to beat up on Mr. Canada. Trevor yelled at the fans some more and actually got some of the Mexican fans to chant “Ca-na-da!” complete with an accent. Good for Trevor. Petey shifted his weight to block a suplex. Petey caught Trevor with a Side Russian Legsweep. Petey telegraphed the Canadian Destroyer and failed at it, which Don criticized him for. Petey converted to a sharpshooter. Josh Mathews threw in a reference to Scott D’Amore.

Jack Evans broke the submission and Jack Evans took down Puma with a slicing roundhouse. Jack Evans missed a crane kick but caught Petey with a backflip dropkick. Jack stood on top of Petey to do a standing shooting star but he took too much time which allowed Petey to get his feet up. Don Callis yelled “he’s standing on his testicles!”. Trevor Lee got rid of Petey from the ring. Puma took down Jack with a kick. Puma dropkicked the butt of Trevor. Puma gave Jack a Plancha and hit Trevor Lee with a codebreaker. Trevor Lee kicked out of Puma’s modified backslide.

Jack Evans used the back of Trevor to hit Puma with a Tiger Feint Kick. He then hit Puma with a moonsault dropkick on Puma and Trevor Lee for a nearfall. Jack Evans caught Puma King with a top rope reaching waterfall kick. Jack then hit Puma with Prince Puma’s finisher, the 630 Senton. Lee caught Jack with a stomp. Petey did a tornado Canadian Destroyer on Trevor for the victory.

Petey Williams defeated Trevor Lee, Puma King, and Jack Evans via pinfall in 7:02.

The child referee guy held up Petey’s arm in victory. Josh Mathews said this match was for impressing Scarlett Bordeaux. Josh also reiterated Don’s earlier point of Petey being a bad closer due to his over-reliance of the Canadian Destroyer. Don Callis said that Scarlett’s advice might help take care of that problem…

John’s Thoughts: While this fit the picture of “pointless X-Division spotfest” on the card, since the X Division has been on hiatus due to Brian Cage doing trios things, this was a welcome and pretty fun match. The build was lame, but at least they did a cheap build. As you would know if you’ve read my Lucha Underground reviews over the years you know I’m the biggest supporter of a big company signing Jack Evans who’s an unsung innovator in the pro wrestling business. The only thing that has held him back is his usage of da weed, but WWE currently has Matt Riddle under contract and Impact has Matt Sydal so there is always hope. Anyway, pointless match, but an entertaining pointless match with Puma King and Jack Evans looking good on a big stage. Plus, points to Trevor Lee for getting a Mexican crowd to become pro-Canada for a segment.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis checked in on commentary. Josh Mathews plugged “Comda Presents Bound for Glory” in New York. The camera showed Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and Hernandez entering the Fronton Mexico Entertainment Center… [c]

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Rich Swann about Matt Sydal’s challenge and Sydal’s new tag partner Ethan Page. Rich Swann said Sydal found one person who would buy into his illuminati third eye bullcrap (Amen Rich!). Rich said the two guys hold hands, go into Indian pose, and say Namaste into the sun. Rich said he’s not into that stuff. Rich said he found a partner. Rich said he’s not gonna guide his tag partner. Rich said he’s at the same level with the same raw talent as his partner. Rich said that Sydal and Page (not Dallas Paige) are going to need more than just Yoga. Rich Swann then told the production team to cut to his tag partner’s footage…

The screen had the letters 87 in Lakers Purple and Gold (1987 was during the Showtime era). Hell yeah, Rich’s tag team partner is mah hometown boy “Chocolate Thunder” Willie Mack! They showed clips of Willie Mack from the Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling event (with Shane Strickland walking around in the background)…

John’s Thoughts: Phewww! I was worried last week because I thought that Tommy Dreamer was about to make another “surprise” Impact Wrestling appearance in his home state of New York. So, I just said Impact should sign Jack Evans. Impact should ALSO sign Willie F’n Mack! Sean Waltman has always been a huge flag waver for this guy and I’ll second Sean’s opinion because Mack is one-of-a-kind. Visually, the guy looks like he’s in worse physical shape than Kevin Owens. But in that large frame is a ton of charisma and Lucha Libre moves. I like Impact’s decision to reveal it now because it does give people (and Lucha Underground viewers) someone exciting to look forward to.

Grado made his entrance to a more favorable reaction than last week. Suddenly the generic music Impact gave to La Parka started playing. Instead of Parka showing up, CMLL’s Legendary Excotico Maximo. Apparently, he works for AAA now based off his twitter and ring gear. Don Callis said that Maximo looks like a Mexican Grado. Josh Mathews tried to pimp out some Comda [not so-] free hats. In an actual funny joke, Josh Mathews joked about scamming Comda by buying a bunch of their “free” hats and upselling them at an Impact Wrestling indie show in Vegas…

John’s Notes: For some reason, I feel like I’m ProWrestling.net’s Mike Tenay with my knowledge of Lucha Libre via the research I did covering Lucha Underground for it’s entire run. Anyway, history lesson. Antonio Pena and Konnan were famous for innovating the more “liberal” version of pro wrestling in AAA with a huge focus on women, minis (shorter people), and Exoticos (transsexual). One reason why Maximo is a legend is he wrestled as a transsexual for the more “conservative” company of CMLL and broke boundaries in the oldest pro wrestling company in the world. To use a Paul Heyman reference that Jason Powell used recently: Maximo is like a “blond woman in a room full of brunettes”. It looks like Maximo now works for AAA and his brother “Psycho Clown” is their de facto top babyface.

2. Grado vs. Maximo. Maximo had a shirt with his catchphrase of “Kiss me” on it. Maximo and Grado then had a dance off where the crowd would boo Grado when he danced. The crowd called Grado a “puto” (which is Spanish for bitch or ho). Grado then slapped his chest and said “let’s lucha libre”. Maximo gave Grado a lapdance which creeped out Grado for a bit. Grado then reversed the hold and Maximo did a lap dance to grado’s crotchal region. Maximo showed off some unique chain wrestling. Grado blocked Maximo’s kiss attempts. Grado got a backslide for the two count.

Grado hit Maximo with a body slam and free fall splash. Josh and Don joked about Grado’s cardio. Grado went for the Dusty Bionic Elbow but Maximo countered and his a few of his fun strikes. Maximo caught Grado with a knife edge chop. Maximo almost got a kiss in on Grado by distracting him with a point. Maximo then hit Grado with a series of lariats for a nearfall. The crowd was fully behind Maximo. Maximo then said the Spanish words for “F— your mother” as he did a dangerous but cool looking Tope Suicida to Grado.

Maximo then led a “si se puede” (yes we can) chant. Grado countered and hit Maximo with the Bionic Elbow. Grado pulled down the straps and Don Callis said Grado needs a sports bra. Maximo countered Grado into a kiss. Maximo rolled up Grado for the win.

Maximo defeated Grado via pinfall in 6:25.

Maximo acted a bit disgusted at kissing Grado. Don Callis said you might have to get a few vaccinations after kissing Grado with an open mouth. Maximo fired up the crowd. Grado gave Maximo a handshake and then forced a kiss on Maximo to cause Maximo to fall on his back. Grado then marched to the back…

John’s Thoughts: Let me get this out there first. This segment may rub some people the wrong way based off feedback I hear from the public towards Lucha Underground’s usage of transsexual or LGBT wrestlers. Just note, that this is a different culture and while there is plenty of homophobia and racism in Mexico, pro wrestling’s (in Mexico) acceptance of LGBT behavior as normal is something that I praise. I also know that in 2018 a lot of people in America want to find a reason to let out some fake outrage. To each their own, but this was harmless and kinda fun to me (and I’m a straight man, I shouldn’t have to preface that, but some of my fellow Americans can be unnecessarily judgmental). What I don’t like about this segment is this was a decent plug for AAA, but why in the F’n hell is this on the Go-Home show to Bound for Glory? While a better show so far than the last few weeks this episode is doing less to build up to their “WrestleMania”.

The trio of Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, and Fallah Bahh were backstage. Eddie’s back to acting like he’s kinda crazy again. Johnny said “Eddie!” while Bahh said “Bahh!”. Johnny acted like he thought Bahh said “Boone the Bounty Hunter”. Eddie Edwards cut off Johnny’s cheap movie plug by yelling “Moose!”. Eddie talked about how “Quinn” crossed the line by bringing Alisha Edwards into this situation. Eddie said he was going to give Moose a taste of Bound for Glory (if this were that personal, why not give him the full meal?). Eddie then called out to “Kenny”. Eddie’s behavior caused Bahh to gag. Johnny said Kenny doesn’t taste good. Johnny then did one of his lame Johnny Impact promos by talking about how his trio was going to take the enemy trio to Slam Town. He said slam town three times. Bahh let out an apprehensive “Bahh?” which Johnny thought sounded like Bahh was nervous. Bahh then let out a confident “no no no!”. Bahh kept saying “Bahh”, Eddie kept saying “Moose”, and Johnny did his John Morrison Pose and said, “These guys are crazy!”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: That was a perfect picture there. Out of those three guys, Fallah F’n Bahh is not only the top babyface on the Impact roster but the guy is the best promo out of those three wrestlers and he only says three words “Fallah”, “Bahh”, or “no no no”. In all honesty, one thing Johnny might consider is going to Fallah Bahh for advice on conquering Johnny’s quirky nervousness at times. Johnny really has it in him to be a main eventer, but he falls back into lame humor mode when he gets nervous in front of the camera.

A really well produced trailer aired for the LAX vs. OGz Concrete Jungle Match. They aired clips from the LAX vs. OG parking lot brawl in Toronto (can they call that the Toronto Concrete Jungle due to all the asphalt?). Konnan called Kingston a “motherf—er” before slap jacking him out. They then showed poor little Richie getting run over and Hernandez looking really sad at doing that. Konnan said Kingston doesn’t care about the G-Code. They cut to those Italian mafia dudes booking a Bound for Glory match for some reason. More highlights aired with Konnan and Kingston providing sound bites. Josh Mathews hyped the Concrete Jungle Match for Comda’s Bound For Glory…

John’s Thoughts: As lame as some of the script has been for the LAX vs. OGz saga, LAX continues to be bulletproof in their Impact run on the cinematic end dating back to when they made their debut last year. The LAX Universe seems set in the Lucha Underground Universe which is a good thing because LU’s writing and production is high quality. The OVE universe is similar so they’re fine too. Ever since JB left, the rest of the Impact Cinematic Universe has gone to ass. Can we just call it the TNA Ass Universe? Anyway, great trailer and they should have put together more of those for Bound for Glory rather than show what should be Xplosion Dark Matches…

It was time for the Global Wrestling Network Match of the Week from Bound for Glory 2010 which was Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Tara (a.k.a. Victoria) for the Knockouts Championship. So, it was essentially the Beautiful People vs. Tara. Mickie James was the referee. Tara wore a cat suit for some reason. Tara defeated Velvet Sky via rollup. Tara looked confused as her bootleg version of WWE’s Victoria theme aired (For some reason, WWE paid a mainstream band to do Victoria’s theme)…

John’s Thoughts: I’ll give them a bit more credit here, they are only keeping these segments to under a minute. These still do a bad job a pushing out their bad app, but whatever, it’s harmless now.

A Brian Cage vignette aired showing him destroy cruiserweights and OVE. This was another promo package to hype the OVE Rules Match…

John’s Thoughts: I know it’s just a no-DQ match, but if they would put effort in it what would the rules of an “Ohio Match” be?

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake about losing to La Parka. Eli Drake said that La Parka lost via DQ last week because he used a chair. McKenzie cut Drake off and told Drake that Drake introduced the chair. Drake then tried to stick to his guns on the DQ thing. Drake then said he was going to have an open challenge in New York where you have to be from New York…

John’s Thoughts: Remember my fear about Tommy Dreamer being Rich Swann’s partner earlier. Eli Drake might as well have just set up an Eli Drake vs. Tommy Dreamer match here because Dreamer’s as New York as you can get in TNA. Maybe they bring in Bully Ray? Even then, this will still just be an undercard two or three-minute comedy match most likely made to appease the few loud Impact superfans.

Pro wrestling’s personification of an Ambien pill, a.k.a. Gama Singh, cut one of his boring ass Desi Hit Squad introductions to introduce the implosion of the Desi Hit Squad. Gama said the loser must go back to Punjabi India and not be a part of the Desi Hit Squad (but isn’t Rohit Raju Canadian? Do I have that info wrong?). Don Callis said Gama Singh gets off on these things (that’s usually a statement I expect from Matt Striker)…

3. Rohit Raju vs. Gursinder Singh in a loser must go to Punjabi India and leave the Desi Hit Squad match. Rohit and Gursinder did a lockup and then broke up looking apprehensive. Gursinder then stopped fighting and argued with Gama. Rohit took advantage of this by using his cool striking ability to pummel Gursinder. Gursinder managed to get a flurry of offense but Rohit used his speed to get a face buster on Gursinder. Gursinder countered Rohit into a triangle and into a Cross arm breaker. Gursinder then countered into a Lebell Lock. Rohit escaped and got a two count after a knee. It was Rohit’s turn to argue with Gama.

Gursinder and Rohit had a strong style exchange. Gursinder hit Rohit with a dropkick. Gursinder caught Rohit with a paydirt for a two count. Gama told Gursinder to “go back to India” after Gursinder went back to complain with Gama. Rohit hit his cool roundhouse into a sweep and double stomp for a two count. Rohit hit Gursinder with a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Gursinder hit Rohit with an Angle Slam for a two count. Gursinder went back to protesting with Gama. Rohit caught Gursinder off guard with a jumping high knee and Paydirt for the victory.

Rohit Raju defeated Gursinder Singh via pinfall in a loser leaves the Desi Hit Squad match in 5:05.

Rohit tried to help Rohit to his feet but Gama slapped him and shooed him to the back. Gursinder stood in the ring just walking around…

Josh Mathews hyped a trios match “with Bound for Glory implications” for after the break…

John’s Thoughts: Oh, joy… Rohit Raju now gets Gama as a manager all by himself… Can we throw Rohit Raju in a coffin and bring back Hakim Zane? Rohit Raju is the Trevor Lee of India. The guy is too talented to be an undercard enhancement talent. I feel bad for Gursinder who never got a chance to really do anything other than get his head squashed by all his opponents.

The babyface trio got their individual entrances first. Josh Mathews hyped the “sold out” Bound for Glory show. Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross came out together to Moose’s new heel theme. Moose’s colorful attire of the week was a silken bright red button up…

John’s Thoughts: The heel trio should just keep coming out to Moose’s new heel theme. It’s really good and I like the violin. It’s certainly better than Austin’s individual theme which is a bit of generic rock.

4. Johnny Impact, Fallah Bahh, and Eddie Edwards vs. Austin Aries, Killer Kross, and Moose. Aries teased starting off the match but he tagged in Killer Kross to square off with Johnny. Kross used some of his mat wrestling which Johnny countered with mat wrestling of his own. Kross did a quick snap Fisherman Suplex. Kross looked intimidating with his arms crossed as Fallah Bahh challenged Kross to a Sumo Match with a sumo pose. Kross went for the Doomsday Saito on Bahh but Bahh shifted his weight and said “no no no”. Don Callis noted that Kross has hit Bahh with the Saito before.

Kross pushed Bahh down and then posed over him. Bahh surprised Kross with a hard chest chop. Bahh and Kross then butted heads in a battle of fighting spirit. Bahh had a bit of a rally but Kross showed his fighting spirit with a running lariat. Moose tagged in and called out Eddie. Eddie tagged in and gave Moose a forearm. Moose and Eddie then had a strong style punch exchange. Eddie absorbed Moose’s chops and started acting like Ric Flair for some reason. Moose then gave Moose rapid chops. Moose came back with an elbow. Edwards gave Moose a suplex. Edwards staggered Moose on the top rope and gave him a Frankensteiner.

Don Callis said Moose is a piece of human garbage and you have to watch your wife and daughter around him. Moose caught Edwards with his signature standing dropkick. Aries got some cheap shots on Edwards on the floor. Kross tagged in for the isolation game on Eddie. The crowd chanted “Culero” (Spanish for “Asshole) at the heels. Aries got a cheap shot on Johnny. Bahh tagged in and fired up the crowd with his charismatic offense on Aries. Bahh hit Aries with a belly to belly. Aries pulled the referee over to block a Banzai drop, allowing Moose to trip up Bahh with a pump kick. Kross came at Bahh with aggressive corner clinch strikes. [c]

The heels were dominating back from the break. Josh Mathews threw in another Comda plug for their [not so-] free hats. Bahh fought his way out of the corner but Aries used a drop toehold on Bahh followed by a back rake. The heels traded quick tags to cut the ring in half on Bahh again. Bahh tossed Kross in the ringpost and hit Moose with a Samoan Drop. Johnny and Aries tagged in. Aries and Johnny traded boo-yay punches. Aries landed a clinch knee and thunder clap. Johnny came back with a dropkick and running knee. Johnny set up and hit Aries with his signature sliding German. Johnny missed an Impact elbow. Aries smoothly transitioned a pin into a Last Chancery.

Johnny got to the ropes for the break. Aries walked into two consecutive boots form Johnny. Moose broke up the subsequent pin. Moose took down Edwards with a headbutt. Johnny blocked a Go to Hell from Moose but he ate a Moose discus lariat. Edwards sent Moose outside. Bahh superkick Kross. Edwards hit Moose with a suicide dive. Bahh teased a dive but Aries dropkicked Bahh. Johnny stopped Aries from doing a dive with a Flying Chuck. Johnny hit a clean Starship Pain but Kross hit Johnny with a Doomsday Saito at ringside. Moose hit Edwards with an apron power bomb. Aries hit Johnny with a Brainbuster for the victory.

Austin Aries, Killer Kross, and Moose defeated Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, and Fallah Bahh via pinfall in 13:40 of TV Time.

The heel trio stood tall in the ring while the babyfaces were writhing in pain on the outside. A close-up showed that Johnny was wearing a mechanical brace on his arm… [c]

John’s Thoughts: While I’m not a huge fan of the WWE-style “Teddy Long Classic” Trios match leading into a PPV, this one was done well. By comparison, this was a much better one than the OVE vs. Lucha Underground trios “preview” from last week. The heels going over has me fearing that Johnny Impact is going over at the PPV. I’m fine with Johnny going over as some point, but they had to scramble to put this feud together to the point that I would rather see a feud with a better storyboard.

An ad aired for the Abyss Hall of Fame induction happening at the McHale’s Bar and Grill…

Josh Mathews threw in another “Comda Present” Bound for Glory ad. Josh then ran through the BFG match card…

John’s Thoughts: The way Josh worded that has me wondering. Are the actual PPV tickets cheaper than buying the PPV on TV? It would be such an “only in TNA” moment to have $20 tickets and $40 PPV.

It was time for this week’s [not] Lucha Underground cinematic. They cut to a church where Father James Mitchell was playing a song on a pipe organ titled “The Last March” according to his sheet music. Allie showed up to the church holding a hatchet in front of Mitchell. Mitchell said he’d knew Allie would come by and wanted to know if the darkness consumed Allie yet. Allie was stone-faced. Allie said she needs to go back “to the undead realm” (what?). Mitchell said Allie doesn’t want her soul, which is in “hell”, back right? Mitchell said human beings are body and soul and Allie is currently half a human.

Mitchell said that Allie’s cost for resurrection after Su Yung put her in the coffin was her soul. Mitchell said he doesn’t have the soul because it belongs to “him” (Satan?). Mitchell said the offices (of hell?) would be mad at him if he tried to give Allie her soul back. Allie said she doesn’t want her soul but she wants to go in there to pull Kiera Hogan out. Mitchell said he’s a sucker for a cute face. Mitchell said Allie is willing to do whatever it takes to save her friend. Mitchell said he’ll meet Allie on Sunday with an open coffin where Allie can walk in and go into the “undead realm”. Allie and Mitchell made a handshake deal… [c]

John’s Thoughts: I’m not a fan of Impact continuing to think they’re “Lucha Underground Lite” but unlike last week’s set discount store cinematics, this week’s cinematic was a lot better mostly due to James Mitchell’s surprisingly good acting ability. This “Impact Universe” is still inconsistent to all hell but Mitchell did do an exceptional job with some last-minute exposition. Despite Lucha Underground’s budget cuts this season, LU did a much better job with Fenix’s story of his tainted soul. You can’t help but make the comparison when these stories are happening concurrently.

More Comda Presents Bound for Glory ads aired…

A random luchadora named “Keyra” showed up…

John’s Thoughts: Did James Mitchell accidentally pull “Keyra” instead of “Kiera” out of hell? I’m kidding folks!

Josh Mathews said that Keyra wrestles both men and women (wait? Tessa does too! Tessa wrestled Brian Cage!)

5. Tessa Blanchard vs. Keyra in a non-title match. Josh said Keyra wrestles in intergender matches often. Keyra and Tessa traded strong style elbows. Keyra hit Tessa with a huracanrana. Keyra hit Tessa with a Michinoku Driver and moonsault. Keyra caught Tessa with a nice cross kick on the outside. Tessa ended Keyra’s momentum after Keyra played to the crowd and Tessa hit her with a power bomb on the ringpost. Tessa locked Keyra in an abdominal stretch. Keyra reversed a Pumphandle into a crossbody. The Josh Mathews voiceover did another ad for I Know what you did Last Summer.

Keyra regained momentum and caught Tessa with a facewash dropkick. Josh Mathews then did his weekly Chris Jericho Cruise ad. Tessa caught Keyra with her signature draping Flatliner. Tessa then hit Keyra with the hammerlock DDT for the victory.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Keyra via pinfall in 3:58.

John’s Thoughts: Another match in Mexico for Tessa that was really good but oddly short for some reason. This was very similar to the Faby match. Keyra looked good. I think AAA is trying to polish Lady Shani to become Taya’s centerpiece successor, but they might want to give this Keyra a look. Anyway, good match and I like that Tessa is being built up as a strong champion. Again, as most of these matches tonight, what’s odd is Tessa’s match at BFG got legit NO build since Taya hasn’t been on Impact television for most of 2018 due to Visa issues during non-US tapings.

Josh Mathews hyped Tessa vs. Taya at Comda for Glory…

Konnan, Santana, and Ortiz were shown heading to the ring from the backstage area. Konnan was wearing a Boston Red Sox hat… [c]

Eddie Kingston, Homicide, and Hernandez, The OGz, made their entrance to the Fronton Mexico crowd. They were followed by the entrance of Santana, Ortiz, and Konnan, The Latin American XChange. Kingston yelled to cut LAX’s music. Kingston said he doesn’t care what the fans say because they don’t pay his bills. Kingston said in a few days they step here in the concrete jungle, “my match”. Kingston said in a few days they end the myth and legend of Konnan. Kingston said he’s going to give a history lesson to idiots who don’t watch and don’t pay attention.

Kingston said Konnan put King on the game but held him back. Kingston said he made money for Konnan but Konnan wouldn’t let him be the King. Kingston said Konnan wouldn’t step aside. Kingston said Konnan then leached off of Kingston’s “mentor” Homicide as well as Hernandez. Konnan said now he’s leading some young marks who can’t even pay attention right now. Kingston said it’s Konnan’s fault that all this chaos is happening and that Konnan needs to be put out of his misery like Old Yeller. Kingston said he’s proud at putting the hit on Konnan. Kingston said he’s always a step ahead of Konnan by calling the original LAX back. Kingston said he’s been embarrassing Konnan and showing people that Konnan needs to go. Kingston then told people to order the PPV to see Kingston in his concrete jungle of New York to see him destroy everything Konnan built and worked for. Kingston said Ortiz isn’t going to come home to his new born son after this match. Kingston said OGz 730 will live on forever!

Konnan then fired up the crowd with a well delivered Spanish promo (but since Konnan is such an eloquent speaker, I couldn’t keep up with my high school Spanish). He did diss King’s mother, I did catch that. Konnan then called Kingston “baby nuts” in English. Konnan said all he has to do is say the word so the people can kick all these three asses all over the streets of Mexico City with the help of Konnan. Kingston dared Konnan. Konnan said Homicide and Hernandez were undefeated in street fights but the moment Kingston takes charge they lose their first one in Toronto.

Konnan said Kingston couldn’t live with that L so he upped the ante. Konnan brought up Kingston being very angry and that showed when Kingston invaded the LAX clubhouse trying to instigate LAX. Konnan said Kingston also broke the cardinal luchador rule buy burning a mask. Konnan the got the entire Fronton Mexico center to chant “Konnan” after translating his abridged promo to them. Konnan then confused Kingston with a math equation (1 – 2 = -1 in terms of steps relative to Konnan). Konnan said he raised Kingston as the father he never had. He said he validated all three of the OG hoes. Konnan said the bosses are watching but the things Kingston has been doing in recent weeks are “bitch made moves”. Konnan reminded Kingston of the “G Code” that Kingston violated and has been carried for generations. Konnan said the mob bosses wanted Konnan to send Kingston a message and that the ceasefire was ending “right now”. Konnan and LAX attacked the OGz. Kingston retreated to ringside as the two teams brawled. Josh Mathews closed out the show.

Before the show ended a trailer aired for Bound for Glory where Austin Aries was hyping up the show talking about how they are going to top Slammiversary. The trailer also had pictures of John Hennigan growing up in it. Aries said that the man in Aries isn’t going to allow Johnny to reach his dream. The Impact closing signature closed the show…

John’s Thoughts: I think Impact is aware that their Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact feud is a bit of a disappointing feud to carry Bound for Glory on it’s back. Eddie Kingston and Konnan just did a better job selling the PPV in ten minutes than Impact has done in two months of TV time. That was some verbal ballroom dancing between Konnan and Kingston. Kingston did an amazing job with both exposition and in justifying the Modus Operandi of his heel faction. Konnan built up, tore down, and twisted around Kingston’s words and came up with his own very crisp mission statement. Seriously, what I would do is have Scott D’Amore be a talent relations guy and put Konnan in as executive vice president of creative because Impact needs more of “this” innovative television product on their television.

So, while this was a decent show. If you take away the last ten minutes, you don’t really have a good PPV go home show. They’re imploding the Desi Hit Squad, having random cross-promotion matches, sending Allie to Hell randomly, they had Grado show up in a non-canon segment, and other wastes of time. The trios match was good, but Aries and Johnny needs more time to build before people see Johnny as a credible challenger. As I mentioned earlier, Fallah Bahh is currently the number one babyface on the depth chart in terms of being the complete package. I can’t say I can recommend this PPV to the casual or general wrestling fan at $40 bucks. I will recommend that you go to the GWN in about a month to watch it because the LAX thing will be lit, Tessa vs. Taya should be straight up fire, and Swann and Willie Mack might steal the show. There’s no problem with a delayed recommendation to see if this thing pans out well right? This isn’t a recommendation to the Impact superfans because they’re treating this company like it’s a charity. I’ll be by sometime this weekend with my Bound for Glory predictions article. Jason Powell will be by later today with an Impact Wrestling Hit List and Members Exclusive Audio Review.

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  1. “Puro” is not Spanish for bitch or ho. That’s puta. Puto is a gay slur. See the controversy of the chant in World Cup/FIFA contexts.

  2. They are not “randomly” sending Allie “to hell.” This is a clear continuation of her ongoing feud with Su Yung. In “rescuing” Kiera Hogan on Sunday, I suspect Allie will also find and “rescue” Rosemary. This honestly has been a well-done story over the months, necessitated in part by Rosemary’s knee injury.

    I also think it’s a big simplistic to just assume that Gurdinder Singh is gone, but maybe the recapper also believes the stipulations of retirement matches.

    • Gursinder might be sticking around, who knows given how a lot of people seem to be in and out quickly on Impact these days.

      This also wasn’t a retirement match and “loser leaves town” stipulations tend to stick more often than not. It’s a commonly used meta tool in wrestling

  3. >>It would be such an “only in TNA” moment to have $20 tickets and $40 PPV.<<

    Uh….before the WWE Network there were a lot of tickets for PPV events less than the cost of the PPV on tv.

    ALso,the usual politically correct fawning over the Konnan and gang crap is ridiculous at this point. Making shooting gestures, calling white people in the crowd crackers, ect. is no problem because….well we know why.

    A little less crapping on Impact than usual but still, get someone who actually isn't anti-Impact to review this show, PLEASE.

    • First of all, we’re not talking about 2010, we’re talking about 2018.

      It’s not just you, but I’m surprised at the amount “Reverse racism” feedback that happens when someone praises Konnan’s solid acting ability. As I reiterate, as a man of not one but two minority groups, I understand where Konnan is coming from a lot of times; and the white “plant” in the crowd who Konnan called a cracker was being a bigot by acting all xenophobic when Konnan was cutting a promo about trying to fight for racial equality in America for underrepresented racial minorities (not to mention, Konnan was a heel at the time so is it a bad thing that he gets heat from a portion of the crowd?).

      And the shooting gestures, hip hop culture. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s not forget, Finn F’n Balor created what may be the biggest faction in pro wrestling today off “bullets” and that same shooting gesture.

  4. Konnan has those PUBLIX sunglasses on lock!

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