Matt Hardy says it’s time for him to go home from WWE

By Jason Powell, Editor (@prowrestlingnet)

Matt Hardy released a video in which he announced that he had worked his final scheduled live event date for WWE on Saturday. Hardy said that while he’ll “never say never”, it was “most likely” the last time “Woken” Matt Hardy appears in a WWE ring. Hardy wrapped up the video by saying it was time to go home. Watch the video below or at

Powell’s POV: Only time will tell whether this is Hardy legitimately walking away or simply shifting out of the “Woken” persona. WWE ran a story on their main page that includes the video.



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  1. If he could work some tag matches safely, with minimal risk- I hope he retires after one more short run with Jeff, as a tag team. He did seem to leave the door open for possibilities.

    If he is really hanging them up though, props for a great career for one of the best minds the business has seen. He’s right up there with Raven and Jericho, I think, in terms of guys who could take and develop a character that’s very unique, and continue to evolve it.

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