9/6 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Moose reveals the reason he betrayed Eddie Edwards, Tessa Blanchard vs. Su Yung for the Knockouts Championship, Konnan and Kingston have a meeting, Petey Williams vs. Rich Swann


By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped August 12-13, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario at The Rebel Complex

A highlight video package aired which showed clips from the ReDefined themed show followed by the Impact Wrestling theme…

Josh Mathews and Don Callis were on commentary. Rich Swann made his entrance and was followed by Petey Williams. Matt Sydal made his entrance to join the commentary table. There was a rough audio edit where a Josh Mathews audio clip talked about how Matt Sydal wants to open Rich Swann’s third eye…

1. Petey Williams vs. Rich Swann. Matt Sydal talked about how he really wants to open Rich Swann’s third eye. Matt Sydal and Don Callis argued about not seeing an eye on Swann’s forehead. Williams went for a rollup when Swann tried to dance. Josh Mathews mocked Sydal for complaining about commercialism while wearing a corporately sold t-shirt. Petey Williams tried to sing “O’Canada” over Swann in the Tree of Woe but Swann gave Williams a German Suplex to escape. Swann hit a rolling thunder on Williams for a nearfall.

Williams came back with a huracanrana and codebreaker on Swann. Both men traded counters until Petey attacked Swann with a pop up flatliner. Swann reversed a Destroyer with a rollup and kick. Swann caught Williams with a back hook kick and then hit Williams with a Lethal Injection for the nearfall. Sydal talked about auras, chi, forces and stuff. Petey Williams locked Swann in the Sharpshooter but Swann broke it up with a rope break.

John’s Thoughts: Unintentional humor here. The crowd is fairly quiet for this match. I’m wondering if they’re just not into seeing Swann and Williams have a match again with no stakes. This is so boring that every time they cut the camera to Josh Mathews and Don Callis, you can see a bored man and woman just looking at their phones rather than watch the match.

Don Callis and Josh Mathews continued to act sarcastic to Sydal’s transcendental comments. Swann caught Williams with a huracanrana. Swann escaped another huracanrana. Swann hit Williams with a standing shooting star and didn’t pick up the win this time. Swann then hit Williams with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Don Callis and Matt Sydal were chatting about being a part of the collective mind and stuff. Swann caught Petey with a back hook kick at ringside. Swann hit a sick 450 from the apron to the floor. Sydal left the commentary table to point at his third eye and distract Rich Swann. Rich Swann ate dirt after missing a Phoenix Splash. Petey Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer for the win. Josh Mathews pointed out that Sydal’s distraction caused Swann to take too much time.

Petey Williams defeated Rich Swann via pinfall in 7:50.

Josh Mathews continued to argue that Sydal’s “advise” was ineffective. Don Callis just kept joking about Sydal’s transcendental speech…

Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross were shown entering the Rebel Complex from the parking lot area… [c]

John’s Thoughts: What an odd sight. The match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Just a bunch of spots and cheap Canada pops for Petey doing Canadian things like O Canada and sharpshooters. You also have the lead commentator and head of creative essentially pointing out how ineffective and dumb Matt Sydal’s “third eye” gimmick is on commentary. Since Callis is in charge of creative and is pointing out how low rent this is with his sarcasm, why isn’t he putting a stop to this because if you take that bad gimmick away from Sydal, he’s a really good talker right now.

Rich Swann slapped a wall backstage because he was angry at his loss. Matt Sydal confronted Rich Swann backstage and started talking about spiritual things and telepathy. Rich Swann yelled at Sydal that he doesn’t care about “your damn third eye and I don’t care about your enlightenment”. Swann told Sydal to stay the hell away from him…

Don Callis and Josh Mathews checked in on commentary (and suddenly there was a crowd of men, women, and children behind them when a few minutes ago it was a bored man and woman on their cell phones). Josh Mathews ran through the card while Don Callis continued to joke about the “third eye”. Josh Mathews joked that he tried that with Sydal before and it just didn’t work. Josh Mathews advertised King and Konnan having a meeting “in an undisclosed location”…

Gama Singh was in the ring as he cut one of his bored introductions for Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh. Joe Hendry produced one of his custom entrance themes. The theme called the Desi Hit Squad the “Super S*it Squad” because they aren’t wearing matching gear (See even Joe Hendry is aware that the Desi Hit Squad sucks! And not in a heel-babyface way either). Hendry sung about how he’s talking about “Platonic Love” with Katarina. Hendry ended the song by saying he’s in love with his best friend’s girl with the asterisk of only loving her as a friend…

1. “The Desi Hit Squad” Rohit Raju and Gursinder Singh (w/Gama Singh) vs. Grado and Joe Hendry. For some reason, the bell rang when the heels attacked the face team before the bell. Grado managed to ground both Desi Hit Squad guys with his bionic elbow. Hendry tagged in, danced with Grado, and the two hit a double elbow drop. Hendry and Raju traded some quick chain wrestling. Raju did a tilt a whirl into a Guillotine Choke. Hendry countered it into a suplex. Grado tagged in and hit Raju with a headbutt. Raju countered and hit Grado with a neckbreaker.

Gursinder and Raju landed a high-low backstabber on Grado. Josh Mathews hyped the ROH vs. Impact matches at the Chris Jericho Cruise. Grado fended off both HS members. Hendry tagged in and caught Raju with a high knee. Hendry caught a flying Gursinder but his showboating allowed him to get reversed by both Gursinder and Raju. Hendry then lifted both opponents, so he could yell “Joe Hendry!” without interruption. Hendry whipped Grado into Gursinder Singh. Gursinder dodged a Grado cannonball. Raju pulled Hendry off the apron so he and Gursinder could catch Grado with a high knee Sky High combo for the win.

The Desi Hit Squad defeated Grado and Joe Hendry via pinfall in 5:02.

Katarina berated Grado after the match. She grabbed a microphone and talked about how Grado keeps losing every week. She called Grado a clumsy oaf. Katarina said since Grado likes surprises she has one for him. Katarina said she doesn’t love Grado and she’s in love with his best friend Joe. Katarina said Joe loves her too. Katarina forced a kiss on Hendry. Hendry spit at the kiss and asked Katrina what part of platonic love does Katarina not understand. Hendry said Grado’s his best friend. Hendry said he’s not angry, just disappointed. Hendry said Grado’s not the embarrassment, Katarina is. Katarina slapped Joe Hendry and stormed out of the arena. Josh Mathews used this to do a cheap plug to the Syndicated Young and the Restless on PopTV. Joe Hendry went over to Grado to console him as Grado’s theme played… [c]

John’s Thoughts: More odd stuff from this episode. The match was fine and an afterthought. The parts involving Rohit Raju were awesome as usual, but the Desi Hit Squad continues to come off as the Indian Cult of Lee. I felt like Impact just didn’t know exactly how to end this Joe Hendry and Katarina storyline in a smooth way. I like that Hendry is staying babyface because the guy is a natural in that role and the thing ended in a good way as far as substance. The acting in the end maybe took things down to the point where Josh Mathews compared it to cheesy soap operas. Were the commentators straight up just calling out the last two segments for being odd just like I am?

Josh Mathews recapped the segment where Katarina slapped Joe Hendry…

Joe Hendry and Grado were shown strolling backstage while we could see Su Yung and the Undead Bridesmaids making their entrance on the outside. Joe Hendry told Grado backstage that he was mortified, and he wasn’t aware that Katarina was coming on to him. Joe Hendry said he thought Katarina was calling him late at night because she wanted to put together a surprise party for Grado. Grado and Hendry then said a few sentences that I couldn’t comprehend due to their heavy Scottish accents (I rewound it a few times). Hendry and Grado then apologized with each other. Grado said he knows he can trust Hendry. Hendry and Grado then walked happily to the back…

Josh Mathews did his weekly advertisement for the Chris Jericho Cruise…

Josh Mathews cut to the Global Wrestling Network Flashback Match of the Week. It was Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray for the TNA Championship inside of a steel cage. Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan were at ringside since I think Bully was kayfabe married to Brooke at this point. This was where Bully joined Aces and Eights. I fast forwarded two or three minutes, so it wasn’t long.

John’s Thoughts: Random aside, I’m curious to know how Hulk Hogan would have reacted if Brooke Hogan kayfabe married Brotha D-von? I kid, and I’m Black/Blasian so I can make these jokes at Hogan’s expense.

An ad aired for the Impact Wrestling vs. “The UK” show in Twitch…

A Tessa Blanchard and Su Yung highlight package aired. The package ended with Su Yung saying “your time has come” while showing that she has a coffin with the name “Tessa” painted on top of it… [c]

Bobo was shown on his knees and singing a song to Scarlett Bordeaux. Bobo called his song “#BoBordeaux”. Fallah Bahh and KM cut into the scene. KM thanked Scarlett for her advice which made his and Bahh’s tag team finally click. Scarlett said they need something else. Scarlett said she needs a man with confidence, power, and is able to take what he wants. KM stuck his chest out. KM said she would do anything for a man like that because it was simply intoxicating. Scarlett called over Bobo and walked away. KM said that there might be something to that as they walked off…

Eli Drake made his entrance as Josh Mathews hyped the “Night of the Dummies” One Night Only PPV. Eli Drake came out to do essentially the same promo that he did last time. Eli Drake made an open challenge. Some random guy wearing Indiana Jones cosplay made his entrance. Josh Mathews said that we were supposed to know who this guy is from his Twitch show and that his name is “Stone Rockwell”.

John’s Thoughts: Is someone ribbing Eli Drake now that he has a contract? Maybe he should have gone to the NXT undercard. Trevor Lee sure as well should.

The crowd were chanting something, so they were familiar with this guy. Drake asked the guy for his name. Stone Rockwell cut a cheesy jobber promo. He talked about being an action adventure superstar. Eli Drake went back into Rock mode as he cut a promo on Rockwell. The crowd gave Drake the “What” treatment. Drake asked Rockwell what adventures he goes on. Rockwell said he was on a train in Budapest last week. He then said more random generic Indiana Jones stuff. Drake said since Rockwell went on a train it was time to go on the Gravy Train. Drake called a referee to the ring…

2. Eli Drake vs. Stone Rockwell. Josh Mathews said Drake is wrestling in workout clothes (but Rockwell is dressed up in dress shirt cosplay!). Drake hit the Gravy Train for the win. That was it.

Eli Drake defeated Stone Rockwell via pinfall in 0:10.

Josh Mathews called this an Eli Drake Open Challenge…

John’s Thoughts: Seriously, what happened today? It hurts worse now since I go into these shows these days expecting something really good. Instead I’m feeling like I’m reviewing a John Gaburick written TNA episode from 2015. Not as bad as a 2017 Scott D’Amore episode at least. But seriously, Eli Drake re-signs with Impact Wrestling, shows up fresh to a new set of tapings where they could find a way to put him in a prominent position, and they have him playing around with undercard comedy figures?

A Bound for Glory ad aired…

It was time for a Lucha Brothers promo. Fenix spoke in English while Pentagon spoke in Spanish. Fenix said they are the Lucha Brothers and since they were kids they always took care of each other. Fenix said they fight together. Pentagon directly addressed Cage. Pentagon said that if Cage wants to really know how to deliver pain, break arms, and shave other people’s hair. Then they have to team with the Lucha Brothers. Pentagon said it’s no problem if Cage doesn’t want to team with them because the Lucha Brothers can beat OVE on their own. Fenix said “No problem bro!”. Pentagon called the Crist Brothers a couple of “Niñas” (little girls). “Por que nosotros Los Lucha Brothers, El Cero Miedo” (which is a modified version of his catchphrase). Fenix said “Animo” (spirit)… [c]

John’s Thoughts: This is a strange episode because we even got a subpar Pentagon promo. Pentagon’s really good but this wasn’t one of his best. On last night’s Lucha Underground episode, Pentagon Jr cut a great promo and it was essentially his version of a Stone Cold Steve Austin promo. This was just not special and he usually excels at special. I also feel that it’s a waste using Pentagon and Fenix as a tag team since both men are bigger stars as singles wrestlers. This is not just Impact’s fault because a lot of other companies have them team too. I like LU’s approach of not even acknowledging they are brothers and having them hate each other’s guts.

Austin Aries was eating a banana while chatting with Moose on a couch. Killer Kross was sitting on a folding chair. Aries said he thinks they should call Moose “The Million Dollar Moose Man” or “Moose Money”. Alicia [Atout] randomly barged into their room and tried to ask interview question. Aries pointed out that Alicia just barged into their room without knocking (He’s right). Aries said Alicia can’t get the exclusive and will find out when everyone finds out. Alisha Edwards then barges in and starts yelling at Moose. Aries said he understands that Alisha is upset and he’s just going to take him Moose, and Kross out of the room while Alisha worries about Eddie. Kross left saying “see ya around” to Alisha while laughing. I think Alisha threw a banana at the door…

Su Yung made her entrance by herself. Josh Mathews noted that the coffin and the Undead Bridesmaids weren’t around…

3. Tessa Blanchard vs. Su Yung for the Impact Knockouts Championship. Don Callis said that Su Yung is the toughest wrestler to prepare for due to her being unorthodox. Tessa tried to start the match with a rollup which Su Yung quickly kicked out of. Blanchard escaped a Panic Switch attempt and she dropkicked Yung. Tessa gloated to the crowd which allowed Su Yung to get her bloody glove on her hand. Su Yung put the boots to Tessa and then did a screech into the ears of Tessa. Su Yung locked in a modified Rings of Saturn for a sequence but Tessa countered into a modified Indian Deathlock.

From the position, Yung managed to get a few fingers in Tessa’s mouth but Tessa reversed into a double underhook pin attempt. Tessa hit Su Yung with a short-arm lariat and Saito Suplex. Tessa followed up with a single leg dropkick. Tessa kicked Su Yung into her signature hanging Flatliner in the corner. Josh Mathews said his attention was drawn to the missing Undead Bridesmaids. Tessa took her time getting a chair which allowed Su Yung to recover and pummel Tessa. Su Yung took off her shirt and then hit Tessa with a cannon ball while she was on a chair. Su barely hit the move. Su dominated Tessa and the two women brawled to the top rope. Tessa hit a Super Neckbreaker on Su Yung. Su Yung was convulsing on the mat. Su Yung kicked out at two. [c]

Su and Tessa traded forearms. Tessa dared Su Yung for strikes and Yung responded with darting palm strikes to the face. Su Yung did a spider walk on the corner into a headscissors. Tessa escaped a Panic Switch and hit Su Yung with her finisher which Don Callis calls “The Buzzsaw” (The Hammerlock DDT).

Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung via pinfall in 8:27 of TV Time to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship.

Su Yung’s entrance theme interrupted Tessa Blanchard’s celebration. The Undead Bridesmaids were carrying a casket to the ring (which I think was the scene we saw during the Joe Hendry and Grado segment earlier). The Bridesmaids opened the coffin on the entrance ramp. A few mic’d up fans were chanting “Screw you Su” to Su Yung after she hit Tessa with the Panic Switch. Su Yung put the title belt on her shoulder and tried to put Tessa in the coffin. Su Yung closed the bottom but before she could close the top, Allie and Kiera Hogan ran out for the save. Allie kicked Su Yung off the stage. Allie opened the coffin and Tessa yelled at Allie that she doesn’t need Allie’s help…

John’s Thoughts: The match was good, but I question the decision to edit out a portion of the match for the commercial break since they match immediately ended after they came back from commercial. They could have just not aired one of the random video packages earlier and air it later in the show. The way they are treating Su Yung also reminds me of how they treated Taya Valkyrie where they build her up strong only to have her lose convincingly in subsequent weeks after being built up.

An Impact Wrestling in Mexico ad aired…

A Brian Cage vignette aired. Cage said he saved Pentagon and Fenix because he could. Cage said Callihan and OVE are comparing themselves to him the measuring stick. Technical difficulties? Suddenly, Jackie Chan? I think we just saw a clip of The Jaden Smith Karate Kid? They cut back to Impact and Cage said his Lucha Underground catchphrase “I’m not a man, I’m a Machine!!!”… [c]

John’s Thoughts: Are they purposely stuffing all of their bad material on the first week of the NFL season? What was with the PopTV technical difficulty?

Eddie Kingston entered a room to sit next to Konnan on a couch and in front of a bunch of random dudes dressed up in Italian Mafia cosplay. Kingston wanted a shot of Jameson but the mob boss told Kingston to sit down. The boss said “the commission” called this get together because they can’t afford all the heat coming from a child getting involved. Konnan reiterated his point that he made to Santana and Ortiz last week about Kingston breaking the G-Code (gangsta code). Kingston complained about how everyone is playing him and keeping him down because he’s making the most money.

Kingston yelled that other people are stabbing and scraping by while the younger and hungrier man gets the job done. Kingston said that they all raised a snake and it’s the kid’s mother’s fault for letting him hang with Konnan. The generic mob guys had a discussion. They said that the ceasefire will continue until Bound for Glory. The mob guys then turned into a Bound for Glory commercial where they talked about booking a BFG trios match between Kingston, Homicide, and Hernandez vs. Konnan, Santana, and Ortiz. Kingston laughed when he heard that Konnan will be wrestling. Konnan said this is the final war. Konnan said he should have took Kingston out a long time ago and at BFG he isn’t going to miss. Kingston walked off and refused a handshake with Konnan…

John’s Thoughts: So Impact Wrestling is run by the generic Italian Mafia? Is Scott D’Amore secretly involved in the drug trade? LAX has been the best part of Impact over the last two years and they have built an amazing “LAX universe” with a lot of attention to detail. With the random mafia cosplay troupe and dying Richie, what the hell has happened? This is a weird ass episode of Impact. Did creative just decide to phone it in and blame the presumed bad rating on the NFL game?

Josh Mathews said that the first match for Bound for Glory was set between the OGz and LAX with Konnan returning to the ring…

The show cut to the commentators. Josh Mathews said this was an upside-down episode of Impact Wrestling…

John’s (NSFW) Thoughts: No shit, Josh! (and I don’t usually curse)

Josh Mathews hyped Lucha Brothers vs. Cult of Lee next week as well as Kongo Kong vs. Brian Cage… [c]

4. “OVE” Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Dave Crist vs. Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel. The Crist Brothers hit stereo dives on Austin and Miguel. Wentz blocked a suplex with a high knee. Wentz hit everyone on the outside with a flying dive. Miguel turned a tiger feint kick into a huracanrana on Jake. Austin gave Dave a cross kick and hit OVE with a dive to the outside. Sami took down Zachary with a pump kick and strong lariat. Sami and Jake yelled “Everything” and tossed Zachary. Trey Miguel caught Jake with a scorpion kick while Jake reversed with his savate kicks.

Jake hit Miguel with a twisting DDT. Dave then hit Ace Austin with a reverse Go To Sleep. Ace Austin fended all three OVE members with kicks and took down Callihan with a leg lariat. OVE then hit a double kick into a swinging DDT on Austin. OVE hit a triple team All Seeing Eye on Ace Austin for the easy win.

OVE defeated Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel via pinfall in 3:45.

Sami Callihan pulled back Ace Austin for a pile driver. Dave gave Sami the mic. Sami said he said it once and he’ll say it again. He said without a shadow of the doubt that OVE is the best trio walking the planet. Sami kept yelling “OVE” several times. Callihan said this thing with Pentagon and Fenix will never ever end. Sami said they will do this forever. Sami Callihan then called out Brian Cage. Callihan said they are from Ohio and therefore hold grudges. Callihan then said they are for Ohio, by Ohio, and will take over Everything… Everything… Everything…

Josh Mathews hyped Moose revealing “why” after the break… [c]

John’s Thoughts: This was actually a really positive thing for the OVE trio. The Crist Brothers have been made to look like Sami’s meat shields for the most of 2018 so it was good to see them look dominant as a team for once. I don’t remember seeing the All Seeing Eye finisher in a long time. Impact should do this more often since they have access to D’Amore’s students. Why not bring in enhancement wrestlers?

Austin Aries, Moose, and Killer Kross made their entrance. Moose came out wearing a silken button up shirt and slacks. Aries hyped up Moose explaining “why?”. The crowd started a “you sold out” chant. Moose said that Eddie Edwards has everyone fooled. Moose said that Edwards is a fraud for acting like he’s crazy (Hey, not bad logic. Heel Moose is way smarter than dumbass babyface Moose). Moose said that Edwards called Moose when Eddie was having wife problems. Moose said that Edwards called Moose when Edwards was stuck in the hospital when Callihan kicked his ass. Moose said that he had the back of Edwards when Edwards was against Tommy Dreamer. Moose said that Eddie Edwards was nowhere to be found when Moose was stuck in the hospital with his career at stake.

Moose said the only person who came to the hospital was Killer Kross. Moose said Kross asked Moose how does it feel to be abandoned? Moose said he got a phone call later from Aries, not Eddie. Moose said that Aries called him a five-star athlete and Mr. Impact Wrestling, but not the number one guy unless he stops catering to all these idiots. Moose thanked Aries for being the greatest man who ever lived. Aries then thanked Moose back for listening to reason. Aries talked about how Eddie Edwards failed. Aries said that Moose and Kross now has a mastermind in Aries helping them execute their plans.

Johnny Impact randomly made his appearance. For some reason, Johnny wore a shirt where a Moose was riding Johnny Impact. The animal Moose. Johnny said that Aries was crazy for thinking that nobody was going to interrupt Aries. Aries said that’s not true since a nobody did interrupt Aries. Johnny said he had higher hopes for Killer Kross rather than Kross being somebody’s bodyguard (those are my words from my review last week). Johnny talked about how Johnny looks fancy and has the abs. Aries said Johnny looks the part but Aries is the part. Johnny randomly announced that at Bound for Glory it was Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact for the Impact Championship at Bound for Glory. Aries said that Johnny wasn’t a matchmaker. Johnny said he agrees it is weird but the people in charge allowed him to sign the contract since his name is Johnny Impact. Aries said they don’t have to wait to Bound for Glory. Aries told Kross and Moose to step aside so they can fight now.

Johnny said he saw this movie before where Moose, Aries, and Kross attack him at the same time. Johnny somehow turned this into a Boone the Bounty Hunter plug (a movie which I reviewed HERE). Aries said Johnny isn’t going to use this time to plug Johnny’s crappy movie. Johnny said if Aries is tired of people tweeting that Aries is a “turd cutter” then he should fight Johnny on the ramp. Johnny then said that Aries has a small “banana”. Saying he had a small dick pissed off Aries. Johnny did land kicks on Aries, Kross, and Moose but the numbers game caught up to Johnny. Kross locked Johnny in the Kross Jacket while Aries locked in the Figure Four. Independent wrestling security guards ran out and were fended off by Moose. They kinda fell before entering the ring. Moose put a chair around the neck of Johnny so Aries could spike the chair into his throat just like they did to Eddie Edwards. The heel trio celebrated to close the show…

John’s Thoughts: I’ll separate this analysis into two parts. The Moose explanation was actually well done. Everything Moose said was logical. Morally flawed, but logical. In fact, this was the exact same promo Angelina Love cut about Eddie Edwards for Eddie not checking up on Davey Richards while Davey’s career was at stake in the hospital. The problem then was Eddie never refuted Angelina which made Eddie look bad. The Austin Aries promo was solid too. Where everything fell apart was Johnny Impact showing up all of a sudden. I know the feud with Kongo Kong sucked but they blowoff was throwing Kong into a pool? Okay. Not to mention, why does Johnny kept getting random Bound for Glory matches for the world title? Last year it was randomly Garza Jr. vs. Johnny Impact for the match at Bound for Glory. Johnny has also regressed to his really fake “Dirt Sheet” persona. I don’t want to keep making LU allusions but Johnny Impact over the past few weeks has done some really good babyface work on Lucha Underground and that’s because it seems like he’s acting more like himself. Johnny really needs to watch his babyface work in LU season 4 and try to replicate that.

This was a bad episode of Impact with some redeeming factors to it. There was some good in there. The women’s match was good. The Moose explanation was good. OVE looking strong was good. The rest of the show was just so odd that even the commentators were pointing out how odd it was. I’ll give Josh credit, him not trying to sell the bad segments as good does help build his credibility and he’s been a great commentator since being paired up with Don Callis. I hope that this episode was just the bad cuts from their last set of tapings and they go back to the good stuff next week. Maybe this show rubbed me the wrong way, or you might even get one of Jason’s NSFW audios. Maybe he thought the show was good. Find out in Jason Powell’s Impact Wrestling Hit List and members exclusive audio review later today.


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  1. I don’t know what’s worse, the Desi “Shit” Squad, or them attempting to call the Hammerlock DDT the “Buzzsaw”. There’s nothing Buzzsaw about it!

  2. Brian Cage and Pentagon are overrated. Get these crappy Lucha Underground jabronis off my show.

    They are making Impact bad to watch. Bring back Nick Aldiis or James Storm

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