Anish Vishwakoti’s interview with Famous B who recalls being part of the first Lucha Underground match, what working for LU has brought out of him

By Anish Vishwakoti, Staffer, (@AVX_9001)

At the Season 4 tapings of Lucha Underground, I interviewed Lucha Underground manager Famous B. We discussed the evolution of the Famous B character, as well as his aspirations for Lucha Underground as a promotion.

Anish: Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have with me, the one and only Mr. ‘423-Get Fame’ Famous B.

Famous B: Famous B, ‘423 GETFAME,’ What’s going on? How you guys doing?

Anish: So Mr. Famous B what is it that drew you to Lucha Underground?

Famous B: So, I actually started off in Season 1, I was the first match on Lucha Underground.

Anish: Oh, no way.

Famous B: Yeah, I was the first match in Lucha Underground history, Season 1.

Anish: And I think that the Famous B character came a little bit later, with all the ads and stuff?

Famous B: Correct, correct! My character from professional wrestler, transitioned in Season 2. To where my character retired, as a wrestler. And then I was rebranded into the character you see in me now that has the number ‘423-GETFAME’

Anish: You’re going to hear that a lot in Lucha Underground. People are going to chant it and it’s going to be awesome. Speaking of that, what is your favorite chant that people do here in the temple?

Famous B: Oh ‘423-GETFAME’ You’ve got to, that’s an easy one right there!

Anish: And your character, he’s not very ‘Lucha Libre’ so did Lucha Libre influence you when growing up?

Famous B: Absolutely, absolutely. It’s definitely something that I’m very fond of, and that actually is a part of my style. You just don’t see it on the show a lot because of who my character is, and the role I play on the show. Yeah, I’ve always been influenced by Lucha.

Anish: Okay, we don’t want to spoil too much but what sort of things does Famous B get up to this season?

Famous B: Oh, oh, a lot of mischief (laughs), a lot of recruiting, a lot of new clients and things like that. A lot of wacky stuff.

Anish: He’s the manager here, the most famous manager.

Famous B: Yeah he is, he is. He’s definitely the most famous manager here!

Anish: Do you have a specific moment, or match that you’ve had here in Lucha Underground that you really find special?

Famous B: Oh, absolutely, my ‘Believers Backlash’ match. Season 3, episode 10.

Anish: That’s when the believers, they brought their own weapons.

Famous B: Yeah, correct, correct.

Anish: So, if you come to Lucha Underground, you too can aid in the beating in some of these wrestlers sometimes.

Famous B: (Laughs) Just as long as it’s not me. But yeah, that would definitely be one of those fondest memories I’ve had here.

Anish: Okay, and what has Lucha Underground given you that you can take back to other promotions?

Famous B: A voice.

Anish: That’s very important.

Famous B: Yeah that is very important, a voice. I think that the thing Lucha Underground brought out of me was the fact that I do have a voice and I am able to speak and I am able to project. I am able to do more than just wrestle.

Anish: Yeah, I get that.

Famous B: I can ring announce, I can commentate, I’ve done all those things here on the show. And you know, it’s important to be on a stage like this and just show the world what you can do. That way when I do go to other promotions, like I said that’s what I can take back with me.

Anish: Alright, awesome and what sort of clients do you want to get to Lucha Underground? Is there anyone outside of Lucha that you would love to get on the ‘423-GETFAME’ bandwagon?

Famous B: You know what, there’s a lot of great talent everywhere. There’s a lot of great talent all around the world you know. I just want to work with great people. As a professional, I just want to work with great people who are professional that can learn together, grow, learn off each other. In an effort overall to just make Lucha Underground the best product that it can possibly be.

Anish: And here’s the thing. Lucha Underground’s a really unique product, we’re here in this Ice Temple where it’s sort of small, sort of grungy. Does that affect the way you entertain? What does the arena here make different about Lucha Underground?

Famous B: Oh, the arena, it’s the authenticity. The authenticity is what makes it different. It’s very special, it doesn’t affect the way we perform so to speak. You know it just adds to the overall presentation of the show. It’s the way that the Lucha Underground universe works. Everything’s filmed in different places here in the temple. It all adds to the uniqueness of the show.

Anish: Of course.

Famous B: It’s definitely a fun place to be in, a fun environment that’s very cool. It’s home for us. It’s home. It’s original.

Anish: So you’d definitely say that whatever people are into they’ll find it here at Lucha Underground?

Famous B: Oh absolutely, there’s something here for everybody.

Anish: Okay, so in a few hours you’re going to be out there entertaining the fans. But say in a few years, where do you see Lucha Underground?

Famous B: Lucha Underground is growing every day. It’s growing every day and we’re generating new fans season after season… So there’s no limit to where this promotion, or this company, or this television show can go. There is not a limit, I’m excited to see where we’ll be in a few years.

Anish: And one last quick question, what’s your favorite sports team?

Famous B: My favorite sports team? The (Los Angeles) Lakers.

Anish: The Lakers, dope, dope. Awesome, and how can people watch Lucha Underground?

Famous B: El Rey Network, they can catch Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix. There’s also Amazon and it’s also overseas as well in different markets.

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